70+ Water Affirmations That Can Transform Your Life

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Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about water affirmations and some water affirmations you may use in various situations.

The technique of saying good words into you’re drinking or bathing water before using it is known as water affirmation. It is often assumed that doing so will make your affirmations come true. In many traditions and religions, water is used for healing, blessing, and baptism.

Water is also said to be able to carry your message to every area of your body since it comes into contact with your physical body and internal organs. This supports the claim that water can be used to speak positive affirmations about your health, love, job, business, and every other part of your life.

How Can You Use Water for Affirmation

The first step is to fill a cup or water bottle with water. This practice may be done with almost any cup or bottle. However, if possible, use a glass cup or bottle; they are believed to be more effective.

After that, write some positive affirmations on paper; feel free to write as many as you wish. Then, cut out your affirmations and glue them to your water bottle or glass cup. Instead of paper, sticky notes can be used.

Place one hand over your water; if you’re using a glass cup, you will cover your water with your hands. Your other hands should hold the water from beneath. So, once you’ve finished, repeat those affirmations aloud and believe every word. When you’re done, go ahead and drink.

Water Affirmation Success Story

According to Dr. Emoto, author of “The Hidden Messages in Water,” water will change a life when it is subjected to human words, noises, ideas, and intentions. There have been many testimonies regarding the success of water affirmations that support his point of view.

Many believe that pouring water into a glass and telling the universe what you desire works wonders—according to this school of thought, saying each affirmation three to four times before drinking makes your affirmation more powerful.

Some believe leaving the water overnight before drinking is the most effective way.

Some practitioners of water affirmation report that practicing these affirmations cured them while they were ill.

Others claim that they used water affirmations on their sick loved ones and recovered. However, they claim to have backed up their affirmations with specific acts.

70+ Water Affirmations That Can Transform Your Life

Water affirmation for weight loss

  • I’m pleased with myself.
  • My health is my number one priority.
  • My favorite time of day is when I drink water.
  • By losing weight, I am enhancing my life.
  • I love drinking water
  • It’s enjoyable to drink water.
  • I hydrate myself enough to maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • I love eating small amounts of food and drinking plenty of water.
  • Losing weight comes naturally to me.
  • I am on a weight loss journey because I want to.

Moon Water Affirmations

  • I let go of anything that no longer benefits me.
  • I rejoice in new beginnings.
  • My light shines brightly.
  • This water purifies everything it comes into contact with.
  • My wishes are being granted.
  • May the moon’s healing power cure me.
  • I am good at what I do.
  • My every need has been met.
  • I am deserving of love.
  • I am pleased with my accomplishments.

Drinking water affirmation


  •    Water replenishes and restores me.
  •    My body receives enough water every day.
  •    Water keeps my skin looking young and healthy.
  •    I love water.
  •    I renew and rejuvenate myself by drinking water.
  •    I enjoy drinking water.
  •    I drink water daily to keep my mind and body hydrated.
  •    I drink plenty of water every day.
  •    I drink water to keep my mind and body clean.
  •    My number one priority is to drink sufficient water.

Water Bottle Affirmations

Water Bottle Affirmations

Here are some affirmations you can have on your water bottle;

  • I am hopeful
  • I am creative
  • I am blessed
  • I am patient
  • Creativity flows in me
  • I am talented.
  • I bring blessings to my world.
  • I am a faithful friend.
  • I have faith over fear.
  • I express generosity.

Positive affirmations water crystals


Water crystals are applied to potting mix or soil to boost the soil’s water retention ability. Similarly to how soil works, you may utilize these water crystal affirmations to feed the soil of your life;

  • I attract money.
  • I am the lord of abundance.
  • I let go of anything negative.
  • Money is always flowing to me.
  • I believe in abundance.
  • I spend my money wisely.
  • Money comes to me easily.
  • I let go of bad financial energy.
  • Everything I come into contact with turns to gold.

Water fasting affirmations

  • When I fast, I purge toxins from my body.
  • Fasting makes me feel happier, healthier, and younger.
  • When I fast, I have total control over my body.
  • No level of hunger can break my fast.
  • My body washes and purifies itself every hour I fast.
  • I will complete my fast.
  • My body remains healthy and flawless during my fasting time.
  • Fasting revitalizes and rejuvenates my body.
  • Fasting strengthens me.
  • Fasting has improved my body composition.

Positive Water Affirmations

  • Water nourishes my body; I take as much as I need for the day.
  • I remember to take water every day.
  • Negative Emotions flow out of me.
  • I am happy, and I am free from pain.
  • I do not put myself under pressure to grow; I am going at my own pace.
  • I am flowing through life with ease, grace, and focus.
  • Water is necessary for my organs to function.
  • I love drinking water; water is good for me.
  • I never lack the support of people; I am always supported by those who love me.
  • I am in charge of my feelings and choose to feel happy.

Water Element Affirmations

  • I have strong water elements.
  • I do not cry easily.
  • My sentiments do not control me
  • I am self-assured and in control of my life.
  • I prefer to be present and show up for my life gladly.
  • I am calm and have wonderful inner guidance.
  • I have all of the guts and confidence I need to proceed.
  • With wisdom, assurance, and ease, I move into my power.
  • I can withdraw into myself to recharge.
  • I am wise and patient with myself and others.

Water Color Affirmations

  • I am strong, confident, and full of energy.
  • I am grateful to myself; I speak to myself with love.
  • I am beautiful and successful.
  • I deserve love and to be happy.
  • My heart is filled with love; I have enough love to show those around me.
  • I’m creative and full of innovative ideas.
  • I am full of wisdom; I am intelligent.
  • I deserve respect and show respect to others.
  • I have many talents and gifts.
  • I have clarity in all of my decisions.

Water Birth Affirmations

Water Birth Affirmations

  • I’m all set for labor and delivery.
  • Labor will be simple, pleasant, and quick.
  • I accept myself entirely and utterly as I am.
  • I have all of the strength I require within myself.
  • I was designed for this birth. My body and my child both know what to do.
  • My child is getting into the best position for birth.
  • My body is preparing to receive my baby.
  • My body is at ease; my mind is at ease.
  • My body understands exactly what to do. I have faith in it.
  • This is the day I’ve been looking forward to; I’m prepared.

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Water Healing Affirmations


  • Every day I wake up, I am more appreciative of life.
  • In my life, there are many uplifting individuals and things.
  • I deserve to live a happy and loving life.
  • I’m going to replace my negative ideas with positive ones.
  • My mental health is currently being fully recovered.
  • On a daily level, I prioritize and practice self-care.
  • I’ve decided to concentrate on mental health.
  • I have compassion, kindness, and love for myself.
  • I’m mentally healthy and stable.
  • I am completely healed and free from sickness.

Sun Water Affirmation

  • I’m clinging to the hope that everything will be all right with my soul in the end.
  • I’m swimming in a never-ending sea of wonders.
  • I choose to be around individuals that make me feel like sunlight.
  • I am on healing and discovering journey.
  • I align with love and light.

Affirmations to Tell Your Water

  • As I take in water, it nourishes my body.
  • Water does a lot of good to my body.
  • Water helps me stay hydrated.
  • Water refreshes and replenishes my skin.
  • Water keeps my health in good shape; it helps my kidney and liver function better.


The power of spoken words cannot be overemphasized; consistently repeating positive words brings positivity into your life. Water affirmations are phrases that may be programmed into the water to bring about healing to the body and soul; like any other sort of affirmation, they bring about good changes in all aspects of your life.

To make your water affirmations more powerful, use a glass cup or water bottle and then speak positive affirmations to your water. Additionally, practitioners suggest that keeping your water overnight speeds up the effectiveness of your affirmations.