Millionaire Affirmations To Enrich Your Life


Millionaire affirmations will therefore give you the mindset of millionaires. One thing everyone agrees would make living better is money. Yet, you don’t have enough of it. You keep working hard, putting in the hours, and being dedicated, all to no avail. While getting lots of money is dependent on all of the above, your … Read more

68 Money Affirmations You Need In Your Life


Let’s get started with the Bob Proctor Money Affirmations. Every aspect of your life should grow positively, including your finances. Positive money affirmations are your secret weapon if you need to shift from a negative money perspective to one centred on prosperity. Positive affirmations about money can help cultivate a good attitude about money and … Read more

122 Positive & Powerful Affirmations For Winning The Lottery

122 Positive & Powerful Affirmations For Winning The Lottery

Let’s get started with the 122 positive & powerful lottery affirmations. Many of us are skeptical when it comes to the lottery. We all wish to live a meaningful, purposeful, and successful life. However, you fill your mind with limiting thoughts such as “I can’t do this, I can’t do that,” “It’s too high, too … Read more