Catherine Ponder Affirmations (Gaining Financial Freedom)

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Keep reading if you want to learn about Catherine Ponder affirmations. This article goes into great detail about Ponder’s Affirmations.

Catherine Ponder is an American minister known for her inspirational prosperity teachings. She has written several Thought books, most of which are about prosperity.

Ponder reveals several methods and techniques of prayer in her book “The Dynamic Laws Of Prayer.” She says strong faith, visualization, and affirmations make the best manifestations possible.

Catherine Ponder View about Affirmations

Catherine believes that the words you speak have the power to bring you prosperity.

According to Ponder, the terms “utter” and “outer” have similar origins; so whatever you utter becomes outer in your life.”

Ponder contends that when ideas are transmitted into the universe, they draw a particular reality that eventually manifests as worldly fact. So simply reading about prosperity isn’t enough; you also need to speak it into existence.

Ponder says that you might need to put your desires in writing to make them come true.

Recognize that nature holds high regard and that writing down your purpose is one way to clarify it. Your aim is clearly stated when you put it in writing. It accurately describes what you want to accomplish, which simple thoughts cannot.

Additionally, it would help if you didn’t use your affirmative power exclusively for your interests. They can also be used to speak prosperity into other people’s lives, according to Ponder. A positive imagination or affirmation about or for a loved one can profoundly impact their lives.

Biblical Perspective About Property – Catherine Ponder’s View

In Ponder’s opinion, God is the true Source of prosperity.

To support her opinion, Ponder cites Deuteronomy 8:18.

This bible verse reads, “And you shall remember your God, for He is the one who gives you the ability to make wealth.” Therefore, realizing and accepting that God is your Source is the key to prosperity.

She claims that prosperity thinking views God as the primary provider of resources.

To further explain her stance, Ponder quotes Matthew 6:24, which reads, “You cannot serve God and Mammon” – Ponder explains Mammon as wealth that is worshipped for its own sake, which is why it is viewed as wealth without God.

She also used an illustration from Jesus’ conversation with the rich young man in Matthew 19:16-22. In verse 21 of this chapter, Jesus instructed the wealthy young man to sell all he owns and donate the money to the less fortunate.

However, because the rich young man prioritized his wealth and did not acknowledge God as the Source of his wealth, he misinterpreted what Jesus was saying to him.

At the early stage of her ministry, Ponder was faced with students who thought seeking wealth was sinful. However, Ponder revealed to them that seeking prosperity is not sinful in any way, but attachment to materialistic possessions is. You should realize that everything good happens when you align with God’s plan and purpose

According to Catherine Ponder, tithing is a practical way to prioritize God in your financial life. She suggests that giving should be done voluntarily, with love, and with gratitude.

According to Ponder, money invested in spiritual pursuits can never be lost; instead, it produces great multiplication.

According to Ponder, money invested in spiritual pursuits can never be lost

Catherine Ponder Affirmations

The affirmations of Catherine Ponder are simple yet powerful.

Here are some of her affirmations to guide you on your path to financial success. But remember that these affirmations are a random selection from some of her books and teachings.

Daily Catherine Ponder Prosperity Affirmations

Daily Catherine Ponder Prosperity Affirmations

  1. Today, my light shines. Everything I do is successful, and My creativity is expressed in all I do.
  2. I welcome and accept unlimited abundance in my life.
  3. Today, opportunities come to me, and I receive them with an open heart.
  4. Today, my financial abundance overflows.
  5. I was born to be prosperous.
  6. I have plenty of abundances to spare and plenty to share.
  7. Abundance surrounds me. Today I claim my share. I am surrounded by abundance, and I claim my share today.
  8. There is always more money coming in than going out.
  9. I gladly embrace blessings of joy and abundant supply and eject all feelings of scarcity and limitation.
  10. Money comes into my life freely and abundantly.
  11. I have unlimited abundance.
  12. I am grateful for the eternal flow of good into my life.
  13. Money, prosperity, and abundance are increasingly drawn to me.
  14. I use energy to create what I desire. Good things happen to me effortlessly.
  15. Today, I express gratitude and expect luxurious miracles and blessings to occur in my life. I appreciate it.

Catherine Ponder Affirmations to Build Trust In God 

Catherine Ponder Affirmations to Build Trust In God  (2)

  1. My faith in God frees me from all anxiety, worry, and doubt.
  2. I am unconcerned about negative appearance. I go about my business, knowing that my prayers have already been answered.
  3. I asked for what I needed at this time, knowing God responds daily. I remind myself that God is my Source.
  4. I receive the miracles that God has in store for me.
  5. I align myself with all the riches of the universe through a sense of gratitude.
  6. Gratitude transforms my perceptions of scarcity into manifestations of abundance in all aspects of my life.
  7. I believe I am being guided in ways that will produce amazing results.
  8. Because of God’s guardian, my life experiences abundant riches and joyous success.
  9. Good things happen to me because I maintain a grateful outlook on life.
  10. I acknowledge my true Source and invite abundance into each of my experiences.

Catherine Ponder Affirmations to Build Trust In God 

Catherine Ponder Affirmations for Pursuing Your Goals 

Catherine Ponder Affirmations for Pursuing Your Goals 

  1. I make goals that are a reflection of my top priorities in life.
  2. I experience numerous miracles and blessings.
  3. I accept the best because I deserve it.
  4. I am intently focused on and moving towards achieving my goals.
  5. I am prosperous. I permit myself to experience success.
  6. The only thing that can limit abundance is my unconsciousness.
  7. I have an excessive spirit flowing through me.
  8. Today, I rekindle my aspirations and goals.
  9. I achieve my goals at the right time.
  10. I create a new version of myself by concentrating on and pursuing my dreams.
  11. My goals give me the ability to realize my full potential.
  12. I consistently eat hard work and perseverance to feed my dreams, and I watch as they come true in my life.
  13. I am confident that my goals are attainable.
  14. I am aware that I can realize any dream I put my heart into.
  15. My success is guaranteed by practice, perseverance, and patience.

Catherine Ponder Affirmations for Giving 

  1. Everything I’ve ever given is coming back to me in various ways.
  2. I understand that giving is a gift; as I give, I receive also.
  3. Every gift I give benefits and enables others.
  4. I honor people and recognize their value in everything I do.
  5. I express kindness to myself and to others.
  6. Every day, I show my love in with my actions.
  7. I do my absolute best to put other people first in all I say and do.
  8. I have enough for both me and others.

Catherine Ponder Affirmations for Positive Thinking 


  1. My life is a reflection of my positive thoughts.
  2. I decide what I want to make in life, I become aware of them, and they become my reality.
  3. My beliefs shape my reality. I have faith in my unending prosperity.
  4. When I anticipate the things I want, I imagine they have already been completed.
  5. My ideas influence positive outcomes for me.
  6. I have loving and optimistic thoughts.
  7. When I think about abundance, it shows up in every aspect of my life.
  8. My world is prosperous because of the ideas I think.
  9. My beliefs help me grow and thrive.
  10. I cherish and have faith in my imagination.

Catherine Ponder Affirmations to Boost Your Self-esteem 

  1. I am unlimited, and I can create anything.
  2. I am a part of a thriving universe. Everything I require is always available.
  3. I trust in and heed my inner voice.
  4. The things I produce are always better than what I imagine.
  5. I only hope for the best, and it happens.
  6. I deserve to prosper.
  7. The universe always works for my greater good.
  8. I exude confidence in myself. I have inner peace, love, and happiness.
  9. Everything I do raises my worth and value.
  10. I always forgive myself.
  11. Everything I do contributes to the universe’s beauty, illumination, and order.
  12. I believe everything will happen at the right time and in the right way.
  13. Everything I do brings me growth.
  14. I am connected to the universe’s inexhaustible richness.
  15. I trust my ability to create abundance.


Catherine Ponder is a Unity Minister and thought practitioner who describes prosperity in Christian terms. She asserts that the key to real wealth is to place God first as the Source of your good fortune. However, building your wealth on materialistic attachments denotes worshiping money.

Ponder believes that spoken words have power. According to her, affirming prosperity through spoken words helps it become a reality. Catherine also advises writing down your goals to make them more attainable.