Everything You Need to Know About Asmr Positive Affirmations

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Asmr positive affirmations consist of every sentence or phrase you can say to foster the benefits you derive from Asmr.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a concept that defines the sweet, tingling feeling of pleasure you derive from certain auditory or visual stimuli.

These stimuli could be triggered by watching a painter make a portrait, the feeling of the clipper on your hair when you get a haircut, a whisper or tapping, etc.

They are mainly used to improve attention and concentration.

How do Asmr positive affirmations work?

First, let us analyze the working principles of Asmr and the benefits.

The tingling feeling you experience when focused on an auditory or visual piece is incited by the arousal of some hormones responsible for pleasure and relaxation.

Hormones like OxytocinEndorphin, and Dopamine promote ease, comfort, and sleep.

When aroused, they bring about a kind of orgasmic feeling in the brain, which becomes obvious in the body in the form of a tingling sensation and goosebumps.

Additionally, the mind goes into a state of subconsciousness in which you become glued to the audio or visual stimuli, and that’s how your attention is captured.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits.

Users can easily help you do things you couldn’t ordinarily do that easily.

An example is watching a long clip. You could easily get bored when watching the clip, but if there is an infused Asmr-related factor, you will watch it longer without even realizing it.

Benefits Of Asmr

Benefits Of Asmr

So basically, Asmr helps you to

Focus more


Asmr can be employed in directing your mind toward a particular thought or feeling.

When you get absorbed in the pleasure of the stimuli, you tend to focus on a specific thing. This is because you feel like disturbing that balance would disrupt the fun you are deriving.

As a result, you should test Asmr and see how it works for you if you have trouble focusing.

Feel relaxed & comfortable

ASMR helps you to Feel relaxed & comfortable

Another benefit of Asmr is its tendency to relax your body and mind.

At that point, when Asmr is at its peak, you care less about your surroundings.

All your attention goes to one particular thing; nothing else matters in that state.

Your mind gets a moment of rest from the wild thoughts running inside it, and just like hypnosis, you tend to find yourself in a subconscious state where everything is serene.

Clear your mind of anxiety and worries


study shows that people who experience ASMR tend to feel less anxious after watching an ASMR video. This is to say that Asmr is a possible antidote for anxiety.

Looking at it from this angle, don’t you think it is difficult to merge pleasure and anxiety?

Anxiety usually comes before pleasure and disappears as soon as pleasure sets in. If so, Asmr comes in handy to expel fear as it comes with the pleasurable feeling of stimuli sensation.

Now to the main question.

How do Asmr positive affirmations work?

From the working principles of Asmr and its benefits, it is clear that it all borders around capturing the mind to respond to a particular stimulus.

You can reprogram the mind using affirmations to agree to these stimuli triggers.

A typical example is whispering.

Infusing positive affirmations into a whisper would send a direct message to the neurons, inciting a need for the whisper to trigger a particular stimulus which will complete the Asmr circle and affect the needed sensation.

Please note that there is no real difference between the Asmr and the affirmations you speak for. It can only be incorporated to give a better outcome.

Any dark side to Asmr affirmations?

Not everyone experiences ASMR.

It doesn’t make sense to those who don’t experience it.

On the other hand, some of the experiencers believe that ASMR could lead to delusional thoughts.

They believe that getting absorbed into ASMR is a form of hypnosis that could harm the human mind.

How true it is, we do not know.

But we believe there may be some atom of sense in that, judging from the fact that ASMR controls your mind and makes you do things unconsciously.

Asmr positive affirmations for sleep

One of the requirements for falling asleep is that you would have to relax your mind.

It is hard to fall asleep when your mind is full of different emotions and thoughts.

Here, these affirmations help you to relax your mind and give you a soothing feeling as you gradually enter into subconsciousness through the effects of the seductive stimuli your brain receives.

As seen on YouTube videos and other sources, you can say you’re positive affirmations amidst some gestures that would capture your attention.

As you say the positive affirmations for sleep, they gradually become the center of your thoughts, and through that, you drift slowly into sleep.

You can either go for the visual- videos on YouTube or the auditory ones. Whichever you choose, the idea is to clear your mind of your troubling thoughts by captivating your attention.

Asmr positive affirmations for depression

Asmr positive affirmations can be helpful in the circumspection of depression.

In other words, they rewire your mind to let go of those depressing thoughts.

By triggering those special stimuli, your mind interprets a change in the normal programming. Instead of giving in to depression, an avenue is created for positive thoughts in the form of affirmations embedded in the Asmr.

The tapping or whispering sound gives off an addictive stimulus that, over time, becomes accustomed to your brain.

Whenever these depressing thoughts arise and you play your ASMR positive affirmations, they are countered by the stimulus registered in your brain through affirmations and made to act for long with the captivating sensation of the Asmr source.

Here’s an ASMR positive affirmations for depression video for you.

ASMR whispers positive affirmations

Whisper is one of the ASMR triggers.

With a whisper, a stimulus can be triggered. ASMR whisper positive affirmations are utterances made in a low tone with the accompaniment of a whisper. The whisper is targeted at drawing your attention to the contents of the utterances and focusing your mind on reminiscing over them.

ASMR Glow positive affirmations

ASMR Glow is a YouTube channel that posts Asmr positive affirmations videos effectively.

They make videos of all kinds of Asmr affirmations like positive affirmations for success, sleep, personal attention, wealth and exams, using different Asmr triggers like hand gestures, whispers, tapping, etc.

Asmr positive affirmations for success

Success is first conceived in the mind before it manifests.

Asmr positive affirmations can direct your mind towards your desired success.

By affirming positively and aiding the effects with Asmr triggers, you can better focus on your goals.

These affirmations can be in the form of a video clip or audio format. The affirmations are blended with the stimuli triggering actions of whispering, tapping, or hand gestures.

Asmr positive affirmations for exam

Whether you are ready for a test or not, there’s a good chance you’ll feel apprehensive as it approaches. It is the natural tendency of your mind to react to situations with uncertain outcomes.

As we discussed earlier, ASMR helps to reduce anxiety. Hence, Asmr positive affirmations help even better reduce your stress and boost your self-confidence.

Before the exams, take your time to listen to the affirmations; they will help calm you down, fostering better concentration.

Reduce anxiety before exams; this would help.

Asmr positive affirmations for self-love

Self-love, they say, is the best kind of love. It is the foundation for every other act of human love.

One of the reasons people tend to love themselves less is because they have lost confidence and trust in their abilities. They look down on themselves and feel inferior to others.

To salvage this, positive affirmations can be incorporated into ASMR to enable you to reflect deeply on who you are. You get to tap into your inner energy and realize your worth.

This video discusses Positive Asmr Affirmations for self-love.

Asmr positive affirmations for personal attention

Paying attention to yourself is a practice that encourages healthy living. How aware are you of your body and its needs? With Asmr positive affirmations, you can stir up your self-awareness. With the help of Asmr triggers, these affirmations help you focus on your inner self and get more acquainted with the real you.

For Asmr positive affirmations, watch this video.


Asmr affirmations can be employed in many ways to improve our daily lives.

They capture our attention and focus them on the deepest needs of our hearts.

We think you now have enough information about Asmr affirmations and how they function after reading this post.