How to Manifest Dream Body With The Law Of Attraction (6 Easy Steps)

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Do you know that manifesting a dream body is very easy? In this article, you will learn how to manifest a dream body in 6 easy steps.

6 Easy Steps to Manifest Your Dream Body

Has your dream body manifested yet?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common new year’s resolutions, but it can be tricky to know where to start.

Here are four science-backed tips to help you get there.

Are you struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym?

Feeling down about your appearance and weight?

Feeling down about appearance (2)

Feeling down about appearance (1)

Feeling down about weight (2)

Feeling down about weight (1)

It’s time to change your mindset!

It's time to change your mindset

Here are four tips on how to manifest your dream body and finally start feeling confident and happy in your skin.

Make your intentions clear

The body you have now was made by a collection of thoughts and beliefs that you have in yourself or have accepted from the systems of the world around you.

Your body is a reflection of what you tell yourself in your mind.

Your body is a reflection of what you tell yourself in your mind

So, if you want to manifest your dream body, be clear on what you want.

Sync Your Beliefs

You may want to lose weight, build lean muscles, or maybe you are aiming for a specific body type.

You may want to lose weight (2)

You may want to lose weight (3)

You may want to lose weight (1)

Maybe want to build lean muscles (1)

Maybe want to build lean muscles (1)

All of this will require a detailed plan and a set of beliefs that will align with your desired results.

A lot of people are not aligned with the results they want.

So when they fail over and over again, they start blaming their lack of effort, not knowing that they were never aligned with their desired outcome in the first place.

Believe in the possibility of change

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It’s easy to get disappointed when you first start your fitness journey. You put in all this effort, see some initial results, and then – boom – they vanish.

We’ve all been there before. Some of us have been there so many times it’s like we never even started.

But instead of throwing your hands up in defeat, we have a challenge for you today.

We want you to try something different today. Today, We want you to focus on getting one thing done correctly and well.

Acknowledge that fitness is a lifelong journey, not a destination

So all this fitness stuff is easy, right?

You work out, eat well, and have your dream body.

work out well in a gym

eat healthy food

The reality for most people is nothing of the sort.

Years of neglect, poor eating, and inactivity compound to create a body that doesn’t look or feel like you would like.

An avalanche of information and quick fixes only adds to the confusion that leaves us feeling even more defeated.

Fitness has become a weight on our chests as we continue to dig ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole that takes great effort to climb out of.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Stop comparing yourself to others (2)

Stop comparing yourself to others (1)

Stop comparing yourself to others.

The problems start here when you constantly compare yourself to other men or women and their bodies.

When you’re constantly thinking about and imagining their bodies in your head, questions like “Why do I suck?” arise.

Why can’t I look like her?

Can you believe she got that body naturally?

This is where all the trouble started. When you start comparing yourself to others, you may think that it is harmless, but this is not the case.

Take action to get your dream body

  1. Manifesting your dream body requires you to change how you think about weight loss and achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Set goals: What do you want to achieve? Write it down. Come up with something specific. “I’d like to lose 10 pounds” is not specific. “I want to lose 20 pounds by May 30th and jog for 30 minutes three times a week” is a specific goal.
  3. Believe it’s possible: You have to believe that you can reach your goal.
  4. Think of all the reasons why your goal is good for you: Whether those reasons are health reasons, feeling more attractive, looking better, fitting into an outfit you like, or whatever, they have to be based on things that are important and good for you. Don’t just think of why something would be nice to have – think of why it’s good for you.

Dream Body Meditation (Manifest Dream Body in Weeks)


The best way to create a healthy body is to believe that you already have one.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a failure for not being where you want to be, concentrate only on the present.

Envision yourself in your dream body right now and allow that vision to guide your thoughts.

Envision yourself in your dream body

Do not allow one negative thought or one excuse to creep into your mind.

If your mind wanders, take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is your dream body and that you are already the person you want to be.

Visualize yourself as the person you want to be and surround yourself with others who support and love you.

Have faith that if you can see it, you can have it.

As soon as you believe, the wheels of progress will start turning, and you will get the body of your dreams!

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