How to Manifest Someone Out of Your Life (The Definitive Guide)

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It’s a term that talks about “bringing someone’s dreams into reality, in imagination only. ”


For example

When you are doing Manifestation to manifest a person out of your life, he doesn’t go out of your life, but you train yourself to consider that he has been gone. That is called Manifestation.

Reason of Manifestation:

Before going through any cure, you must know about the symptoms of your illnesses.

why you want to manifest a person out of your life (1)

why you want to manifest a person out of your life (3)

In the same way, you have to know about the reasons that why you want to manifest a person out of your life?

why you want to manifest a person out of your life (2)

There may be certain reasons for which you may start disliking a person, i.e., you may know about some of their habits you don’t like at all, or you may get in touch with their thinking patterns that you strongly oppose. And there may be many other personal reasons for doing so.
In these situations, you want to get rid of that person as soon as possible. And for this purpose, you can use the Law of Attraction.

How can we use the Law of attraction while being negative?

As we know, Law of attraction will work only when you are being positive about that person.

But it’s an obvious reason that we do not leave anyone while having a positive reason.

So in this situation, you can keep into mind all the negative points about that person, like his\ her bad habits, his\ her logic that you didn’t understand, any of their advice you didn’t like, any bad moment you spent with them, any misbehavior showed by them, etc.

Reason of manifesting someone out of life

misbehaviour with a girl

Following are the tips for manifesting a person away from your life:

1- Manifestation Exercises
2- Have clear goals about what you want
3- Take inspired actions
4- Feel good about yourself without them
5- Accept the idea of releasing them completely
6- Don’t focus on them
7- Create Physical \time distance
8-Create high Self-esteem

Now, we’ll go through the details of all the above points.

1 – Manifestation Exercises:

You can follow up the following two manifestation exercises:-

  • Visualization
  • Writing Exercise


Exercising Visualization To imprint your desires (2)

The first one is visualization; it’s all about your imagination power. Just sit on a chair in a relaxed position and imagine a situation where that person (whom you want to manifest) is not with you.

You can assume a meet-up with one of your close friends who knows both of you equally. In this meeting, both of you would talk about that person, and then you would come to know about the sudden disappearance of that person from your surroundings (from the conversation with your friend). You would also come to know that he has been shifted to a place that is so far and that no one knows about where he has gone.

Writing Exercise


Write why do you want to get rid of that person

The second exercise is a “writing exercise .”In this, you have to take a pen and plain paper. Write down all the reasons why you want to get rid of that person, one by one.
Write about their misbehavior.
Please write down the things you don’t like about them
Write about their blunders.
Write about all the negative aspects of their life which you know about.
Write about those moments of your life when they disrespected your opinions.
In short, write down all the negative things about that person which come to your mind in your manifestation list.

2 – Have clear goals about what do you want:

what you want to manifest

Setting goals is the main thing that keeps a person motivated. He keeps on moving while chasing his goals and finally gets the desired results.

You must have clear goals about which kind of results you want, keeping in mind every day of your life. Your goals should revolve around the points that which kind of people you want to surround by you, to which extent you are developed spiritually etc. And then, you have to be focused on your goals.

For example, if your goal is to say NO to someone, don’t think about what they will feel after your statement; it’s simply not your headache. Keep your emotions apart. Only work in favor of your goals. When you live in alignment with your goals, the person who isn’t working with the same frequency will automatically fade away.

3 – Take inspired actions:

Setting goals is not enough; you have to take serious action.

When you are moving according to your goals, you emit certain vibes that will attract people with the same goals or repel those who don’t.

If your vibes are positive and energetic and do not match with the vibes of that toxic person, he will not be able to move with you!

While arguing with a negative person, stay positive and let him stay on fire because there isn’t any other option to compete with his negativity.

When you stay positive and ignore the negativity around you, the negative person will also try to level up his energy, leaving all his toxicity behind. Or he will leave you alone. And that’s the thing which you wanted.

4 – Feel good about yourself without them:-

Keep in mind that you feel more happy and satisfied in their absence.

You have to acknowledge that you want them to be gone.

Keep the effect of your emotional attacks apart. Those toxic people might be calling or texting you on your social media, might begging about your attention, or praising you.

It’s quite possible that you may like their attention as it’s a human desire, but you have to ignore them because you can’t move on by having contrasting thoughts.

You can’t wish to be with them at the same time when you are trying to get rid of them. To be honest, it doesn’t even make sense.

Keep your social media selective. Keep your social circle small. So that you might don’t have to face some problems in the near future.

5 – Accept the idea of Releasing them:-

You must be clear about what you want and that are you okay with ending up?

With zero possibilities of meeting with them again. If your mind agrees to that point, it will be easy for you to manifest.

For a minute, think about that; you will have to release that person completely. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Because in some cases, that person you want to manifest out of your life might be someone with whom you were emotionally attached, like your mother or father, or someone with whom you shared a love bond, maybe your husband or one of your siblings. Now, these are extreme examples.

What are you feeling after that imagination?

Are you okay?

Are you okay by manifesting that person out of your life

If you’re not, then you have to think about improving your relationship with that person rather than manifesting him out of your life. So, it might be the best decision for you.

6 – Don’t focus on that person:-

Focus is a thing that drains out one’s energy. When we keep something in our focus, our energy also flows in the same direction because where the attention does go, energy flows in the same way.

When you keep on noticing someone, he remains in your mind all the time, and it becomes nearly impossible for you to move away from that person.

Dwayne Johnson quote regarding manifesting someone out

So, if you want to manifest that person out of your life, then do not pay heed to his activities.
You should not be curious about what he is doing.
It would help if you had nothing to do with his mental or physical health.
It would help if you did not keep yourself aware of his daily routine.
You don’t have to show any reaction when someone calls his name in front of you.
And the last one is that you have to suppress your emotions when someone talks about him.
Remember that, for you, he is a toxic person, “A negative one. “And you don’t have to focus on negative things.

English author quote


The person you want to manifest will surely be taken out of your mind when you work according to the above points. And it will become easy for you to get rid of him permanently.

7 – Have high self-esteem:

self-esteem high (2)

self-esteem high (1)

Having high self-esteem means one should be confident in his\ her decisions, have positive thoughts, and live with some goals to achieve in his life.

A person who is not getting jealous of anyone and interested in making serious relationships only, instead of temporary ones, is a man having high self-esteem.

You must be confident about your decision to manifest someone out of your life. Take some time and think about the questions like:-

Are you relaxed with what you are doing?

Is your decision to let that person away from your life making you happy?

Will you move back to that person again at any point in your life?

Now, write down your answers. If you are thinking that, in the near future, while having any trouble, you will call that person back to solve your problem, then you are having low self-esteem. And it would help if you worked on it.

8 – Create physical/time Distance:

Distance plays a toxic role in any relationship. You can create a distance from that person, knowingly, to kick him out of your life.

Keep a social distance from that person. Please do not listen to his phone calls, ignore his text messages, delete all of your previous chats with that person, clear out the call logs, do not stalk him on Facebook or Instagram, etc., and block him from all of your social media accounts.

Stop yourself from meeting with that person daily. It could be difficult, especially when you are in contact with him for a long period. But remember, you have to practice it. And you can do it!

These were the tips to manifest a person out of someone’s life. I hope you will like it. You can also share your experience while going through these steps.


The Replacement Situation:

There may be some cases in which you don’t want only to manifest that person out of your life; rather, you want to replace someone else with yourself in their life. Or you are not in a position to leave them alone. These situations are termed replacement situations.

Final thoughts – A review of the above Discussion:-

We try to manifest someone out of our life only when it becomes nearly impossible for us to handle situations or handle the way of things.

Like all the other things, Manifestation also needs our proper attention. And the main thing about it is that we should be confirmed about our decision.

Having two opposite wishes at the same time means to keep hanging ourselves between two walls like a pendulum.

One should be focused on his goal while doing Manifestation. He shouldn’t have to get involved in any other idea.

Also, remember that you cannot achieve big goals in one night only; things take time to happen. So, consistency is the main thing about Manifestation. Go through all the above-mentioned steps, and you will surely get the desired results.

consistency is the main thing about Manifestation (2)

consistency is the main thing about Manifestation (1)

Personal Statement:

Life is too short of loving the beautiful creations of God; one shouldn’t spend it hating a specific person.

Improving your relationship is a better option than getting rid of it.

Be sincere in your relations, keep your self-esteem high, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Enjoy the charm of your life!

self-esteem high (1)

hope for the best but prepare for the worst (2)

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