Law Of Attraction VS Law Of Assumption

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One common question that many people have been asking for is the difference between the law of attraction vs the law of assumption. Which of the two is better than the other? Well, in today’s article, I will help you understand the difference and get a better understanding of the two laws.

Despite their differences, the law of assumption and the law of attraction are both excellent methods for manifesting your heart’s desires. We should know that there is no superiority between the two. All you need to do is to find out which one works best for you.

First Differences

  • First and foremost, it is important to understand what these laws entail. The law of assumption states that you only need to presume things into existence for them to exist. As opposed to the law of attraction, which is more like a magnetic effect in which you use your feelings to draw the things you want in life. As the saying goes, “Like energy attracts like energy, and unlike energy attracts, unlike energy.”
  • The second difference comes in the different ways of manifestation. The law of assumption states that what you believe to be true is your reality. So, the key to applying the law of assumption to manifest your goals is to assume the sense of having your wishes granted. You should be aware that nothing exists beyond your consciousness. And your whole view of the universe is nothing more than a reflection of your inner consciousness. This is why if you wish to improve the world’s perspective, you must first change your perception of the world. While on the other hand, the key to applying the law of attraction to manifest your goals is to become vibrationally connected to them and attract them into your life.

You might be wondering how do you manifest your ambitions using these two laws. Let us start by looking at some of the ways you can manifest your ambitions using the law of attraction.

Manifest Your Ambitions Using The Law Of Attraction

The first step in applying the law of attraction to manifest your ambitions is to change your negative mindset and move to a much more positive mindset. This is just but the beginning. Besides, the law of attraction isn’t a magical stick that can be easily waved around. We all have some restricted ideas, phobias, and obstacles that cannot be overcome instantly. Therefore, to become a master of manifesting through the law of attraction, we must first erase the negative thoughts that have been buried in our subconscious and replace them with more positive thoughts.

  • Begin by observing what you tend to focus on unconsciously

 Do you tend to focus on what is working right in your life or what is not working? When focusing on achieving your goals, obstacles and problems will come. However, when you concentrate on what is right, you become a better problem solver and can overcome the many difficulties with greater ease.

  • Create a list of your worries

 People worry all the time simply because their brains are negatively biased. To stop this behavior, create a list of your worries and check them each time they arise. This helps you release the weighty emotions that often hold us back. It also helps you analyze your fears to determine if any of them are justified or not. Your brain will then conclude that worrying is a waste of energy and time.

  • Taking deep breaths from your stomach rather than your chest

For a few minutes, exhale longer than the time you used to inhale. This helps our parasympathetic nervous system, which controls our rest and digestion responses. It helps you feel more relaxed and contented, allowing you to live life with a clear mind.

  • Meditation predisposes to negativity

Despite this can be considered a wrong claim, remember that meditating will not stop your thoughts; it will only reveal how transient they are. It helps you divert your attention away from your stressful and negative thoughts.

  • Make a list of your objections

 This will help you become more focused and motivated to take more inspired actions. Read the list every day. Spend a few minutes imagining and connecting with the feeling of attaining your goals. Allow yourself to feel as if you already have what you want. Allow your imagination to transport you to a world where everything is working out your way. This will help give you excitement as well as age as you work towards your dreams.

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Manifest Your Dreams Using The Law Of Assumption

The very first step in enforcing the law of assumption is making a list of your heart’s desires

If you have a lot of heart desires in mind, choose one to focus on for the time being. Concentrate on one thing at a time. So, now is the time to write down your heart’s desires. Use all your five senses to describe the feeling of your heart’s desire. Be more detailed in your feelings.

The second stage in enforcing the law of assumption is to picture the sensation of your heart’s desire

Thinking and writing about your heart’s desires is not just enough. But it is just the beginning. To improve your internal state, you must first engage yourself in the sensation of your goals being accomplished. All this needs the power of imagination. As per the law of assumption, your imagination can modify your reality by altering your internal state.

The more clearly you can picture yourself experiencing your heart’s desires in your head, the faster you will be able to experience them in a real-life scenario

Use what you wrote down in the very first stage to imagine how wonderful it feels to have your dreams come true. Concentrate on high-vibrational feelings like joy, love, and passion.

You could even take it a step further by trying to imagine how your manifestation will lift the spirits of your relatives, dear ones, and your friends

The main idea here is to follow your feelings. Having the best feelings makes it easier for you to change your beliefs. You must be willing to set aside your doubts and allow your imagination to change your view of the world’s assumptions. Keep in mind that whatever you believe to be true becomes your reality.

The final stage in applying the law of assumption is to believe that your wishes have been granted

 It might look impossible, but yes. Simply leave your life as though your desires have been fulfilled. If you can easily create the sense of your heart’s desires in your head, it signifies that you have already attained your objectives internally. According to the law of assumption, when your inner state changes, your outward reality changes as well. This is because the universe is merely a reflection of your subconscious. If you feel your assumption is being questioned at any point, return to the previous step to correct it.

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The third difference is the existence of a higher power
  • The law of assumption states that nothing exists far beyond you, and therefore, there is no God. This simply means that everything in your surroundings is nothing more than a reflection of your subconscious. Therefore, even the concept of God is merely a projection of your inner subconscious. The law claims that there is no such thing as the universe, the origin, or any divine force. You are the creator of all things.
  • On the other hand, the law of attraction states that the universe always reacts to your vibrational demand by delivering outcomes that are vibrationally compatible with you. The universe is a never-ending stream of happiness and love that is ready to assist you in manifesting your deepest desires. You and this intangible power are the founders. The universe will take care of the rest as long as you do your part.
The fourth difference is the existence of free will
  • The law of assumption states that there is no such thing as free will. Everyone in this world is just a reflection of their psychological state. You are the architect of your existence, and everyone plays the part you assign to them. If you would like to change someone, you must first try to consider changing your perception of them. When you change your psychological state, your external reality will change as well.
  • On the other hand, the law of attraction states that free will exist and that everyone has the potential to express their wishes as well. The law of attraction excludes other people from the equation because it understands the power of free will. It focuses on transforming yourself rather than attempting to change others. The law of attraction participates in practices that are meant to improve your vibration and assist you in becoming more in tune with the emotions you desire. These practices include 369 manifestation methods, offering petitions to the universe, as well as scripting. The universe will then send you things, people, and conditions that are vibrationally compatible with your energy.


The key distinction between the law of attraction vs the law of assumption is that the law of attraction primarily focuses on creating a mindset that attracts comparable experiences. On the other hand, the law of assumption focuses on your understanding of things. Everyone views things differently. We all have the unique parts that we manifest by how we believe based on our different encounters.