Positive Affirmations for IVF/ IUI To Increase Conceiving Chances

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Positive affirmations for IVF/IUI have been proven to increase the chances of Conceiving.

Kids are the completion of a perfect family.

They bring happiness and fulfillment to couples.

In a case where it is hard for the couple to have a baby, problems arise.

Infertility, no doubt, has wrecked a lot of homes. If it becomes clear that couples can’t have their own baby through natural conception, they resort to other methods.

Apart from adoption, IVF/IUI methods are applied widely by couples to have their babies.


What is the success rate of these processes?

For some, it works; for others, it keeps disappointing.

For this, people have started looking at ways to improve the success rate of the processes.

That’s how we got to this point where we have to ask, “Do positive affirmations for IVF/IUI Increase conceiving chances?”

Yes! Positive affirmations for IVF/IUI have been proven to increase the chances of Conceiving.

How do you realize success with IVF/IUI through positive affirmations?

First, comprehend how affirmations function.

How do affirmations work?

You realize positive results in your life through positive words and sentences that you say and believe in.

Over time, these sentences start to manifest in your life by coordinating the subconscious mind, which directs your thoughts to your desired goals and gears you to work towards them.

In the case of IVF/IUI, positive affirmations may not cure infertility in women, but they can bring about changes that may increase conceiving chances.

This is achieved through the strong belief that everything is alright.

These affirmations are rooted in the deep conviction that you can be successful just like others.

You can bring about more successful implants by reciting the affirmations and believing strongly in them as you allow the universe to bless you.

So, in a nutshell, the working principle of positive affirmations for IVF/IUI include

  • Taking your mind off the possibilities of a negative outcome and staying optimistic
  • Reassuring yourself that you can have your kids just like every other couple
  • Helping you practice healthy living that would increase your conceiving chances.
  • Gives you the confidence that everything will be alright, thereby reducing stress and worry, which are not good for pregnancy.

Positive anxiety affirmations for IVF/IUI 

Anxiety could be attributed to one of the causes of IVF failure.


study by the National Institute of Health reveals that about 25% of women were recorded to have fewer chances of conceiving due to stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and stress make your body system uncomfortable for the baby.

Consequently, your psychological state is important in determining your IVF/IUI success. After all the processes and your uterus doesn’t allow for implantation, it becomes a waste.

Positive affirmations help you to worry less about the possible negative outcome of the process.

It focuses your mind more on the part of success.

You become more confident about your abilities to have your child. The calmness in your mind reduces your stress level, thus increasing your conceiving chances.

Positive anxiety affirmations IVF/IUI

  • Everything will be fine
  • I am lucky
  • Nothing is wrong with my womb
  • I will be happy at the end
  • The egg and sperm donors are healthy
  • The fertility doctor is capable
  • Trying to conceive is normal
  • I will be fine with the baby
  • This time will be different
  • I am healthy, and so is my partner

Positive affirmations for fertility

The need for IVF/IUI arises in the case of a woman being unable to conceive naturally.

The need for IVF or IUI arises in the case of a woman being unable to conceive naturally.

This could be a result of some biological factors.

Couples resolve to go for IVF/IUI to remedy this problem.

However, using IVF or IUI to make babies does not mean the couple can not have their children through normal conception.

There have been cases of couples who had their first child through IVF or IUI but subsequently had other babies naturally.

If that’s the case, then it is correct to say that there could have been certain steps omitted by the couple, resulting in their inability to have their own child through normal conception.

One such measure includes the couple’s lifestyle.

Without the right mindset and attitude toward having a baby, there could be difficulties having one. This is where positive affirmations come in. You prepare your mind for the task ahead and believe in your abilities to do well.

An online medical outreach flourish fertility by Kate Potvin teaches women how to increase their pregnancy chances through a positive lifestyle.

Of course, affirmations are great ingredients for building a healthy lifestyle. Through these affirmations, you feed your subconsciousness with the truth about your preparedness to undertake the task of Parenthood.

Because your wishes can be made a reality, you stand better chances of conceiving naturally when you are confident you have all it takes to become a parent.

Positive fertility affirmations

  • My partner is a loving person, and we are in this together
  • I want to be happy, not perfect
  • I have all it takes to welcome my baby
  • We will make great parents
  • I am a good mother
  • I deserve a baby
  • It is the will of God, and it will come to pass
  • I welcome my baby with joy and readiness
  • I am medically fit
  • My body is child deserving, and I believe I have one already

Affirmations for preparing your body for IVF/IUI

Affirmations for preparing your body for IVF or IUI

IVF/IUI is a process. It takes time and happens in stages.

During the stages, the recipient’s body is prepared to ensure success. This is done by encouraging the woman to eat more fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

Her meals should consist of a balanced diet, and she should also cut down on stress.

All these are done to give the woman’s body all the conduciveness it needs to harbor a child.

That apart, through positive affirmations, IVF or IUI procedures can record more success.

Since the goal is to keep the body healthy and relaxed, calming affirmations that would help reduce stress, anxiety, and self-doubt would be very helpful. One is preparing nutritionally; another is preparing psychologically. That’s where affirmations come in.

You must convince your mind that you are prepared to have a kid and that you are also confident in your ability to care for the child. These two factors would calm down your mind and get you more relaxed, which is the target.

Affirmations to help you prepare your body for IVF/IUI

  • My uterus deserves a child
  • I am healthy
  • I am ready to welcome my child
  • The universe is working in my favor
  • My body longs for a child
  • I am relaxed
  • It will be fine at the end
  • I choose happiness over self-doubt
  • I hope differently
  • My baby will love this body
  • I am fit
  • I am beautiful

Positive affirmations for healthy egg 

Positive affirmations for healthy egg 

According to a study, it has been proven that the egg chooses the sperm for fertilization. When an egg chooses a sperm cell for fertilization, it sends a signal to the sperm cell through a chemical known as chemoattractant. This stimulates the sperm to swim faster and become the one to fertilize the egg.

That said, it is right to say that fertilization success depends greatly on the egg.

There are fewer egg cells. This means the egg is the limiting factor in the experiment, so say.

So, it’s more important to pay attention to the eggs used in IVF and how viable the egg is before IUI.

You can release healthier eggs with the right affirmations.

When you talk to your subconscious mind and register your needs, it becomes a command the body tries to obey. This way, you would promote healthy eggs that would contribute to the success of the process.

Positive affirmations for healthy eggs

  • My eggs are healthy
  • I am healthy, and so are my eggs
  • My body is in alignment with my cells
  • My eggs will fuse with the best sperm cell to give healthy children
  • The universe will choose the best egg for me
  • Everything I carry is blessed

Affirmations for a healthy uterus


A Square peg in a round hole is no good.

Everything about conception, whether naturally or through IVF or IUI, comes to a point where it can either hold or not.

Implantation is the convergence of all processes involved in getting pregnant.

If the uterus rejects the embryo or receives it badly, like in the case of ectopic pregnancy, the whole process comes to a painful end.

For this, it is important to hope for a favorable uterus – one that would be comfortable for your child’s development.

Just like in any other case, positive affirmations can help you realize better implantation success.

Say your affirmations with the strong conviction that your womb is worthy of a seed and that you have one already.

Commit to the words and support them by practicing a healthy lifestyle. You will realize a greater success rate in conception.

Some positive affirmations for a healthy uterus

  • I am ready to be a mother
  • My uterus is ready to welcome a child
  • I am healthy, and so is my uterus
  • I choose to be lucky
  • With every breath, I expel any negative energy affecting my uterus
  • I trust in God and His promises
  • My baby will have the best time in my womb


Thousands of couples try out IVF/ IUI every year.

Not all get lucky.

The emotional breakdown it brings, in addition to financial loss, is not to be neglected.

Through this article, we believe you will have a better chance of conceiving through IVF/IUI.

Practice your affirmations with commitment and courage. Remember, it is possible only if you believe.