How To Get Fast Into The Receiving Mode

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Today, in this article, we will be learning about the law of attraction by Abraham Hicks and in particular we will be learning how to get into the receiving mode. We will be looking deeply into who really Abraham Hicks was and what are the laws of attraction. Finally, we will be telling you some guided meditations that are required for the receiving mode.

Who Abraham Hicks Really Was?

Esther Hicks, sometimes known as Abraham Hicks, is an inspiring speaker and author from the United States. She co-authored nine books with her late husband Jerry Hicks, gave countless workshops on the law of attraction for Abraham Hicks Publications, and starred in the 2006 film The Secret in its original edition. Abraham is a nonphysical collective consciousness. Esther Hicks is the one who channels them. She elevates her vibration and taps into Abraham’s frequency, receiving blocks of thought or energy that she instinctively interprets into English. Everyone has the same level of access to these thought frequencies, and we all use it to some extent from time to time. Esther isn’t exceptional in this sense; she’s just better at locating and sustaining that frequency, as well as interpreting it quickly. At least, that’s how I understand it. She can speak with Ester Hicks, who then assists her in answering questions and guiding others to their fulfilment. It’s similar to the Law of Attraction and possibly more. She has led numerous sessions on topics such as “Follow your bliss,” “Align with the Source,” “Get in the Vortex,” “22 Emotional States,” “Appreciate,” “Focus Wheel,” “Receiving Mode,” “Wellbeing Game,” and other similar processes to help you optimize into your own guidance system and live a happy and fulfilling life. She holds a lot of sessions, and some of them are recorded.

What Are The Laws Of Attraction and How Is Abraham Linked To It?

According to the law of attraction, we can ask the Universe for anything we want. If we truly believe it and it is what we truly desire, the Universe will make every effort to bring it into our life. The law of attraction works like this: it believes that we attract all of the events that occur in our lives, whether happy or negative, into our lives. It asserts that we emit vibrations through our thoughts, emotions, and sentiments, which, if positive, emit positive energy and attract positive events. The opposite is also true: if one’s mind is full of negative thoughts, one will attract more of the same. In other terms, “that which resembles assembles” or “energies that resemble” may be used to summarize this process.

Ask and Believe

This law of attraction covers a wide range of topics and subcategories, including meditation, feelings, gratitude, and many others. However, there are three stages in the creative process when the law of attraction can be applied on a daily basis. Following the completion of the first two phases, ask and believe, comes the time of receiving. To take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Universe, the law of attraction requires an open and receptive mind. It is the latter who will provide you with the signs and resources you need to attain your objectives. “When we sincerely desire something, the entire Universe conspires to assist us to attain it,” Paulo Coelho writes in The Alchemist. And Abraham Hicks provides some guided meditation for this receiving mode. Due to her interesting ways and steps to show a person the path towards receiving mode made here highly recommend and popular world wide as an inspirational speaker.

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What Is Meant By The Term Receiving Mode?

We acquire from the abundance, but many of us are expressing from a different energy, leaving us in a state of scarcity and difficulty. Overflow is the polar opposite of underflow. The majority of our issues with limited perception may be traced back to this idea of Receiving. We can be in a state of scarcity, fear, or struggle, or we can be in a state of abundance, love, faith, ease, flow, and miraculous blessings. Many of us allow our wounds, our anguish, to become the driving force in our stories, and as a result, we continually hold ourselves back, dull our light, shrink, and at that point, we must return or return to the receiving mode. We attract things to us when we are in receptive mode. We are essentially pushing away the same thing we wish to materialize when we chase something. This relaxing and centering meditation will remind you how to transfer your power to the receiving resonance.

In a nutshell, when you ask the universe for something, you must prepare yourself to receive it. For that, your mental frequency should be in sync with the cosmos. When you sense it and experience it multiple times throughout the day, the manifestation will undoubtedly occur. Thinking about manifestation is a first step towards it; people may find it tough to materialize at first, but the deeper they dive into it, the more faith they will have in the universe. To receive something from God, we must first put ourselves in a receiving mind-set.

Guided Meditation Steps That Will Lead Us In To The Receiving Mode

  • Be grateful and have a feeling of being lucky

Practicing and being in a condition of thankfulness makes life much, much better because if you are grateful and consider yourself fortunate, you will be more positive, create a relationship with God, and receive more. It’s because being grateful improves your life by allowing you to focus your energy on positives rather than negativity. Wherever you put your attention, that’s where your energy will go. You’ll discover and see that happiness is merely a decision once you’ve done this and it’s become a regular part of your life. A pleasant feeling idea will prompt another, and another, and another until you’re completely immersed in a warm, comforting experience. Gratitude is a pleasant emotion that, when practiced, may make your life more fulfilling. There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. And if you are fortunate enough to receive any type of compassion, happiness, or comfort, try to be grateful. It is necessary to value all one possesses. When a person begins to notice the positive aspects of his or her life, he or she develops a desire for more and so enters the receiving mode.

  • Think positive and never curse life

Because it comes from our subconscious mind, positive thought actually works. You’re all aware that the subconscious mind is the most powerful and wonderful weapon in the human body. Thank God for that kind of brain, because we’re always employing our conscious mind, which accounts for only 5% of our brain, and the subconscious mind, which accounts for the other 95%. Everything in your body is managed by your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind may hear and record anything you think or say to yourself. Because there is no such thing as an impossible in our subconscious mind, if you tell yourself “you are sick,” your subconscious mind will act on it and make you sick. Instead of telling yourself that you’re “ill,” tell yourself that you’re “healed,” healthy, and active! It will be followed by the subconscious mind, which will make the body work and be healthy. It is in charge of all of your body’s vitas! Say it out loud to yourself and tell yourself that you are healed! By stating and repeating that you are already healthy, our minds may heal ailments and diseases. And, of course, believe in God, who is the creator of our thoughts and bodies. Similarly, if you think positively about receiving you will definitely be ready to receive.

  • Trust that you deserve everything you have asked for

People frequently believe that they are undeserving. You believe you are unworthy of good things, but believe me, you are. Only you can answer why you feel this way if you examine yourself and think about it. Many people believe they are undeserving because of a deep-seated sense of shame or a grudge they have nursed against themselves. Because you want to be validated, you feel unworthy. Rather than looking for affirmation from others, consider giving it to yourself. Take a deep breath and let yourself go with the flow. You should always feel as if you are deserving of all the diamonds in the world, but first and foremost, give God all the praise for creating you. You are more valuable than you believe. Insecurity, sadness, and inferiority complexes are all possible causes of your condition. It’s possible you only have one, and its most likely insecurity or despair.

  • Alignment in life

You are in receiving mode when you are aligned. And, of course, you’re not in receiving mode while you’re out of alignment. Remember that alignment is merely a fancy way of saying that you’re in good shape. You must be a vibrational match to receive what you desire, which means you must be in alignment. How often do you find yourself in sync? Do you have a solid alignment strategy in place? What about when you get out of alignment—which we all do from time to time? Do you know how to re-enter? You are in receiving mode when you are aligned. That is why you should strive to be in sync every day. That is why you should create a strong alignment but it should not be negative. People have a suffocating belief that everything must be in order. There is no such thing as a secret alignment. There is a difference between the two. There are two types of dos and don’ts. That’s all there is to it. You can look back in twenty years and wonder why you didn’t attain your goals, and you’ll still blame your alignment.

  • Remove yourself from negativity

Distract yourself from any negative feelings you’re having right now. While this may appear to be an easy task, the difficulty is to remember to perform it whenever you are upset, angry, or scared. In general, we have a strong desire to push through negativity and often try to force the desired outcome. Many people ‘steer into’ their unpleasant feelings, attempting to conquer them by doubling down on the action that initially triggered the mood. The contrary is what Abraham encourages us to do. If you’re annoyed, afraid, or enraged, the best thing you can do is do nothing. Take a step back from the bad emotion and refuse to do anything further that will make it worse.

Manifestation is a strong old technique that has been employed by many people throughout history to help them achieve their goals. Hard work is required, but more significantly, manifestation is utilized to change your thinking in order to overcome your conscience beliefs, unsustainable and outmoded cultural conventions, and harmful ideologies and beliefs. Manifestation has 3 pillars ask, believe and receive. We talk about receiving in detail. Well, that is enough for this video. We will be back with more video of this sort so make sure to implement everything mentioned in this video and do let us know in the comments section that how it altered or changed your life. Make sure to like comment subscribe and click on the notification Bell icon to get all my recent uploads instantly. We will meet you guys in the next video, till then stay very safe and thanks for watching.