All The Information You Want On Subliminal Affirmations

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Subliminal Affirmations are recorded words or visuals that directly affect the subconsciousness without passing through the conscious mind.

Affirmations have a powerful impact on our minds.

It registers our deepest heart wishes in our subconsciousness and helps us to work towards achieving those wishes.

Positive affirmations are effective when said with the utmost commitment.

How do Subliminal Affirmations work?

Often, people ask the question, ” Do subliminal affirmations work?”

The answer is Yes, they do.

Here is an illustration of how these types of Affirmations work.

Firstly, you can choose a subliminal affirmation record with messages conveying your heart’s desires.

Next, you find a quiet space where your thoughts won’t be distracted.

If you have earphones, they would be more effective.

Plug in your earphones and play the message while focusing on the underlying messages passed.

Plug in your earphones and play the subliminal affirmations while focusing on the underlying messages passed.

Your consciousness will try to capture the sound and beats.

While that happens, your subconsciousness will be open to receiving the messages embedded in the sound.

That way, the messages escape your consciousness and sieve directly into your subconsciousness, and take in your life.

How many times should each affirmation in a subliminal be repeated?

Depending on how important and urgent you wish for a particular affirmation to take effect, an affirmation can be repeated as many times as possible.

But under normal conditions, repeating an affirmation twice per subliminal is enough.

But it’s crucial to remember that overusing a certain affirmation might eventually become annoying.

For this, taking off 2 to 4 minutes in between every affirmation is advised to give your brain some time to process the message.

How do I get the best results with subliminal affirmation Audio?

Though there might be variations with different people, here is a complete guide on how to get the best results with subliminal affirmations audios.

  • Find out the particular affirmation message in the audio record and its relevance to you.
  • Find a quiet place void of distraction
  • Plug in your earphones and play the audio
  • The night is a good time to practice subliminal affirmations
  • Make sure you are relaxed and you have eaten well to avoid thirst and hunger interfering with your meditation.

Can your mind understand affirmations from Subliminal at any speed?

Can your mind understand affirmations from Subliminal at any speed

People differ in their preferences as it concerns subliminal affirmations speed.

Some like the slow and meditative ones, while others prefer the fast ones.

Whichever way, affirmations from Subliminals can be understood at any speed.

If you are creating your affirmations, you can go at whatever pace feels right to you; however, if you are listening to one that has already been recorded, it is advised that you stick to the recording speed without making any changes because doing otherwise could upset the harmony the creator had created.

What is the most powerful type of affirmation for Subliminal?

The most powerful type of affirmation for Subliminals is the one that affirms your desired changes and wishes.

The affirmation keeps you focused on the result of the subliminal exercise.

What happens when we listen to subliminal affirmations for many days?

Subliminal affirmations are targeted towards effecting positive changes in the mind, affecting our character for better results.

So, when you listen to subliminal affirmations with commitment for many days, you start to notice positive changes in your life.

You begin to live according to your positive thoughts.

With the messages embedded in your subconscious mind, they begin to change your life as the subconscious mind is the seat for storing and retrieving data that are aimed at structuring your life in a particular pattern.

What must be the speed of affirmations in subliminal?

Subliminal affirmations don’t have a set pace.

This is because everyone has varied preferences regarding affirmations’ pace.

It is important to remember that the effectiveness of affirmations is not dependent on their speed. Your devotion defines how successful it will be, whether quick or gradual.

Does it give results if we speed up affirmations to 10x or 5x speed?

Yes, it does! 

To some people, speeding up affirmations to 10× or 5× speed is more effective than the normal speed.

But the truth is that whether you increase the speed or not, you will achieve your desired results if you focus on the message and commit to assimilating them.

So the bottom line is that the effectiveness of an affirmation is independent of the speed at which you listen to it.

What are some of the words I should avoid while writing affirmations for Subliminal?

Avoid the following while writing affirmations for Subliminals

  • Avoid vague and suggestive words like “want.” Rather, use present or existing words like “I am .”This way, your consciousness doesn’t interpret the message as something you aim at getting but something you are convinced to have already. Overall hastens the manifestation and reinforces your commitment.
  • Avoid the use of any word that suggests negativity. All affirmations must foster positivity and not otherwise
  • Words you do not know the meaning of. You should know why this is inappropriate as you try to reconfigure your mind to favor you. Using words, you don’t know the meaning of might lead you to say one thing and meaning another, which messes up the process.

How negative could subliminal affirmations be?

Subliminal Affirmations can be negative if

  • There are negative words used in them. These would reverse the intentions of saying the affirmations
  • They portray ideas encouraging people to do things out of their wishes. For example, subliminal used in adverts to encourage the use of a particular product might hypnotize the viewers to spend more than their budget on such products.

How to write subliminal affirmations

It would help if you didn’t rely on already recorded subliminal.

You can write your subliminal affirmations that are very effective.

Some helpful tips on how to write effective Subliminal Affirmations include

  • Know what you tend to achieve with the affirmations
  • Avoid any form of negative words
  • Make all your sentences reflect the present
  • Believe in your affirmations
  • Practice them and note the changes

Subliminal sleep affirmations


People believe that the most effective time to practice subliminal affirmations is while you sleep.

According to a neurologist, Mark Wu, the mind is not entirely at rest while we sleep as we believe; rather, it is engaged in different activities.

Also, Research proves that while we sleep, our subconscious mind is very active and recollects all the actions that happened during the day for processing.

With all these, it is correct to say that playing your subliminal affirmations while you sleep will efficiently aid the message to go straight to your subconscious since your consciousness is dormant while you sleep.

Whether you play it out loud or plug in your earphones, subliminal affirmations while sleeping will have the required positive effect on your mind as they have been registered to your subconsciousness which is in charge of your life structuring.

Check out these subliminal positive affirmations for sleep.

Subliminal healing affirmations

Subliminal healing affirmations

These are audio recordings with underlying messages aimed at restoring your confidence in your health.

Through the listening and repetition of these subliminal affirmations, you can ease your mind from stress and conviction that you are not healthy.

This will boost your body system to fight against the sickness you suffer from.

Check out this video on subliminal healing affirmations.

Subliminal weight loss affirmations


It might sound funny or unreasonable, but subliminal affirmations could be employed in reducing body weight.

With the right messages embedded in an audio format, you can reflect on your body and burn fat through the body fitness wishes you send to your subconscious mind.

It is tested and proven.

Check out this video for effective subliminal Weight loss affirmations.

Subliminal affirmations for beauty and clear skin


You can bring about a powerful transformation in your body look with positive subliminal for beauty.

With constant listening to the subliminal, the messages it sends to your subconscious mind bring about a new realization in you.

The realization that you are beautiful or handsome.

This, of course, does not affect how true the beliefs are, meaning you don’t become more attractive because of the Affirmations.

Rather over time, your conviction that you reflect beauty starts to transform into reality by the power of your mind.

Your perception of beauty changes, and you begin to flow differently with such change. These powerful subliminal affirmations for beauty would help.

Subliminal Affirmations for height

As much as scientists do not believe in these subliminal and their purported benefits, individuals have come out to attest to the effectiveness of the practice.

You can add to your height through subliminal messages that promote body image.

Though these concepts could be seen as the individual’s personal views, they could also transform into literal height changes over time. This video on YouTube would be helpful.


The human mind can be programmed to bring about negative or positive changes in life.

Subliminal Affirmations are messages that work without the consent of our consciousness to bring about positive changes in our lives.

We believe we have provided you with enough information on how best to go about getting the best results out of your Affirmations.