103 Powerful & Positive Crystal Affirmations

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Crystal affirmations are an effective way to work with crystals. They are ideal for setting intentions and assisting you in becoming more positive. The most important thing to remember is to always say something positive. This will also assist you in changing your mindset.

We’ve compiled a list of 16 Crystals and their affirmations below. Close your eyes and place your crystal comfortably in your hand.

Recite the affirmations aloud and enjoy your stone’s beautiful power.

Clear Quartz Affirmations


Clear quartz affirmations are positive remarks that can help you shift your perspective and stay focused on the important things in life. They can be used for self-help or to motivate others. Clear quartz crystals have the power to connect with everything, making them particularly useful in providing clarity and insight into tough situations.

Clear quartz is a strong self-confidence booster and has many benefits for those who use it. There are many different types of clear quartz, each with its specific properties and effects. However, all types of clear quartz have one common quality: they are incredibly clear and transparent. This makes them excellent for using in affirmations.

Below are Clear Quartz affirmations;

  1. I exhale negative thoughts and inhale positive energy.
  2. I’m aware of what’s best for me.
  3. I am stunning and vibrant.
  4. I am in a good place.
  5. I am fully immersed in the present moment.
  6. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.
  7. I devote time to myself because I believe I am deserving of it.
  8. I’m capable of doing the job.
  9. I have self-confidence.
  10. Every day, I vow to look after myself

Rose Quartz Crystal Affirmations

Rose Quartz Crystal Affirmations.

A rose quartz crystal is a type of clear quartz that has been cut into various geometric shapes and polished to a high sheen. Rose Quartz Crystals are associated with the energy of love, sexuality, joy, peace, tranquillity, and balance. They are also known for their ability to dispel negative emotions and help connect you with your intuition.

Rose Quartz Crystal affirmations help to enhance concentration, give mental clarity, improve thinking processes, increase emotional stability, and boost self-esteem. They can also help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Below are Rose Quartz affirmations;

  1. I am grateful.
  2. I am surrounded by friends and family who are happy for me.
  3. I promote positive change and share my abilities with the rest of the world.
  4. My mind, body, and spirit are recharged.
  5. I am stronger and more determined than ever.
  6. Without exerting any effort or sacrifice, I can maintain my optimal weight.
  7. With confidence and ease, I glide across the world.
  8. I have an uncanny ability to attract possibilities for optimal health and fitness.
  9. I am a dynamo of vigour.

Amethyst Crystal Affirmations

Amethyst Crystal Affirmations

Amethyst is also associated with the head chakra, or seventh chakra (Sahasrara). When you use your Amethyst to make affirmations, you begin to align with your spiritual nature and connect with the divine.

Aside from that, Amethyst affirmations can help you expand your spiritual consciousness and grow in wisdom. They can assist you in letting go of stress and anxiety when used while meditating.

Below are Amethyst affirmations;

  1. I am accepting of the universe’s abundance.
  2. Inner serenity is what I strive for.
  3. I allow myself to see the best in people and things when I let my imagination go wild. Also, I recognize my own best qualities.
  4. My soul is precious to me.
  5. My life’s purpose is clear.
  6. It is a blessing that I have been allowed to live my life.
  7. I was able to let go of everything that had happened in the past.
  8. I am grateful and joyful every day.
  9. I have no bounds.

Citrine Crystal Affirmations


Citrine is a golden yellow gemstone with a Solar Plexus Chakra resonant frequency. Citrine stones can increase your energy levels, giving you more power and intensity. When this happens, you will perceive an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

It assists you in recognizing your worth, inviting abundance, and actively working towards your objectives. Sitting with a piece of Citrine and reciting Citrine Crystal Affirmations can assist you in attracting confidence, motivation, and prosperity into your life.

Below are Citrine affirmations;

  1. Creativity runs through my veins.
  2. With confidence, I make my judgments.
  3. I am gifted and imaginative.
  4. Everything I’m looking for is already within me.
  5. I have a powerful imagination.
  6. I make money easily.
  7. I feel confident and powerful.
  8. I deserve a prosperous life.

Crystal Cleansing Affirmations

Crystal Cleansing Affirmations

Crystal Cleansing Affirmations are a form of self-help that can be used to cleanse and energize the Chakras. They help you focus on your goals, identify blocks in your path, and work through them through affirmations.

Below are Crystal Cleansing affirmations;

  1. Positive behaviours abound in my life.
  2. I let go of things that are no longer useful to me.
  3. I am grateful for the positive influences in my life.
  4. I’m content with what’s going on.
  5. Today is a fresh start.
  6. I treat myself and others with respect.
  7. I let go of the desire to replay events in my head.
  8. Today, I am grateful for my good health and happiness.
  9. Negative energy is transformed into love and light by me.
  10. I forgive myself and surrender my problems to God.

Sodalite Crystal Affirmations


Sodalite Crystal Affirmations help you connect with the stone’s powerful vibrations. They help you become more self-aware by expanding your thinking and improving your overall outlook on life. They also improve your intuition and attentiveness, as well as your confidence in expressing yourself.

Once you receive the harmonious and calming energies of Sodalite, you sense that you closed a whole life chapter that was keeping you stagnated and unable to gain the kind of relief and newness that you are eagerly searching for.

Here’s a list of Sodalite Crystal Affirmations;

  1. I’m surrounded by peace, quiet, and serenity.
  2.  I choose to be optimistic.
  3.  I have a pure, clear, and bright mindset.
  4. I am aware of my thoughts and actions and am self-aware.
  5. With confidence and ease, I communicate.
  6.  I express myself freely and openly.
  7.  My intuition enables me to choose the best decision that serves my highest good.
  8. I am aligned with peace, harmony, and contentment.
  9. My mind is clear and open to receiving divine guidance.

Pyrite Crystal Affirmations


Pyrite Crystals affirmations can help you modify your belief system if you cannot achieve your financial goals and would like to make more money. You’ll gain confidence, and your financial condition will improve.

Pyrite is a powerful crystal that may be used with affirmations to help you attract money and wealth.

Below are Pyrite Crystal Affirmations;

  1. All the money that comes into my life makes me happy.
  2. I have earned the right to be prosperous and wealthy.
  3. Money now comes to me quickly and easily.
  4. I am open and receptive to receiving abundance since it is constantly available.
  5. Money has a healthy, natural, and uncomplicated connection.
  6. When it comes to boosting my earnings and bringing in more money,
  7.  I am confident and capable.

Labradorite Crystal Affirmations


The Third Eye Chakra is resonant with labradorite, a flashy grey gemstone. This chakra helps you connect with your intuition and accept change and transformation.

Labradorite assists you in understanding your Life Purpose and making the required modifications to achieve your objectives.

Sitting with a piece of Labradorite and reciting Labradorite Affirmations can help you open yourself to new possibilities, self-love, and positive energy.

Below are Labradorite Crystal Affirmations;

  1. In my life, I strive to make positive adjustments regularly.
  2. My anxieties aren’t stopping me.
  3. No matter how darkness and negativity surround me, my bright and happy nature will keep me in a good mood.
  4. I’m going to trust my gut instincts and my chosen path.
  5. I believe in life’s process.
  6. New opportunities will arise as a result of my innate delight and openness.

Rhodonite Crystal Affirmations

Rhodonite is a lovely pink stone that promotes self-acceptance and love. It assists you in forgiving yourself for perceived flaws and reminds you that you are deserving of love in your current state.

Use these powerful self-love affirmations to strengthen and energize yourself with self-love and forgiveness.

  1. I respect my body and everything it does for me.
  2. I am grateful for who I am and what I have.
  3. I establish and maintain appropriate boundaries for myself.
  4. I take excellent physical and mental care of myself.
  5. I value and like being alone.
  6. I am deserving of love and admiration.
  7. I accept myself just as I am.

Turquoise Crystal Affirmations


In the realm of crystals, turquoise is one of the most spiritual stones. It also increases latent psychic talents, intensifies intuition, gives insight and wisdom, and facilitates contact between the physical and spiritual realms.

Turquoise Crystal Affirmations will help you become more spiritual by expanding your heart and cleansing your mind.

Here is a list of Turquoise Crystal affirmations;

  1. I’m well aware that trials aid in my development.
  2. Every day, I grow stronger.
  3. I grow in wisdom and compassion every day.
  4. I’ve reached a state of self-acceptance.
  5. I maintain a positive attitude throughout my life’s storms.
  6.  Everything and everyone makes me happy.

Fluorite Crystal Affirmations


If you are looking for a way to improve your mental health, then fluorite crystal affirmations may be the perfect solution for you.

They are simple to use and help you focus on your thoughts and goals. Fluorite and its affirmations can help you soothe your body, mind, and soul.

Below are Fluorite Crystal Affirmations you can use;

  1. I know exactly what I am doing and where I am going.
  2. I always strive for my goals.
  3. I move past obstacles to achieve my goals.
  4. I am prepared to have a productive day.
  5. I am good at managing my time.
  6.  I always work efficiently
  7. I am highly productive today.
  8.  I can complete all my daily tasks with ease.
  9. Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.

Quartz Crystal Affirmations


Quartz crystal affirmations can enhance your self-esteem and relieve tension. By combining the two, you’ll learn to focus on your strengths rather than your flaws. It’s a simple and easy approach to boost your mood and outlook on life.

Clear Quartz is a crystal that can be used for various purposes. As a result, you can employ Clear Quartz affirmations for every situation.

Here is a list of  Quartz Crystal affirmations;

  1. I’m at ease in my skin.
  2. I stay positive in the face of adversity.
  3.  I adore everyone and everything.
  4. I accept responsibility for my mistakes.
  5.  I accept the perspective and opinions of others.

Lepidolite Crystal Affirmations


Lepidolite is an uncommon, purple-colored lithium-rich mica variety. It has distinct energy. It has a calming effect on the neurological system and can help you achieve peace.

Lepidolite Crystal Affirmations can assist you in distinguishing between what is factual and what is an emotional reaction or fear. It can be used to relieve anxiety, sleeplessness, and nightmares.

There are a few different ways that you can use Lepidolite affirmations. You can use them as a form of self-help. You can use them to help boost your morale. You can use them to help you manage your stress. They can even help you to achieve your goals.

Below is a list of Lepidolite affirmations you can use;

  1. I am confident in myself.
  2. I know that I can face any challenge head-on and become the victor.
  3. The good times will keep coming my way as long as I stay positive and motivated!
  4. My life is full of opportunities
  5. I am a good person and deserve happiness.
  6. I am kind to others and always try to be understanding.
  7. I work hard every day, even when things are tough, to achieve my goals.


Crystal affirmations are an excellent way to increase positivity in your life, and they are quick and simple to perform.

Affirmations with crystals can be done at any time of day that is convenient for you. With your crystal in hand, you’re ready to start reiterating your affirmations.