120 Positive Tuesday Affirmations to Start Your Day Right

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tuesday affirmations

Affirmations, in no doubt, have been confirmed to have the ability to alter the brain’s response to messages. Let’s get started with the positive Tuesday affirmations without further ado.

This shows how powerful affirmations are.

So, no matter how apathetic you have been towards your coming Tuesday or now, as you read this, you can always alter it with positive affirmations.

Below, we’ve put together 110 positive affirmations to help you start your Tuesday right and help you through the rest of the day.

Pick the ones that align with you most and use them to revitalize your energy every of your Tuesdays, and it’ll become a day you’ll always look forward to.

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Happy Tuesday Affirmations 

Happy Tuesday Affirmations  (3)

It’s time to make Tuesday fun, just like every other weekend, even though it’s a workday.

Do you want your Tuesday to always sound or look more like a happy Friday?

Then, it’s time to feel the vibe it has in it. Let’s do this by getting down to Happy Tuesday Affirmations.

Happy Tuesday Affirmations  (2)

Happy Tuesday Affirmations  (1)

  1. It’s a beautiful Tuesday. Another blessed day to keep working towards my goals and accomplish them. Happy Tuesday to me.
  2. I am blessed to see another Tuesday. Today, I remain positive all along.
  3. Tuesday is a great day for me. Another day to be focused and happy. I remain focused and happy.
  4. I am happy today because it’s not just a day. It’s a Transformation Tuesday!
  5. I am cherished, loved, and worthy of all good things today. It’s My Tuesday!
  6. Today is the only Tuesday I get this week. I will make the most of it and be happy while I do.
  7. I am glad it’s Tuesday. When my Monday flops, today is another chance for me to restart positively.
  8. I am worthy of happiness, and I am getting that today.
  9. I am happy it’s Tuesday. Another day to enjoy the pleasure of work and the value I bring to the table.
  10. Today is an amazing day because it’s full of possibilities.
  11. I can feel it. Today is a good day.
  12. I am provided with everything today.
  13. It’s another Tuesday, a new chapter for me to keep moving towards my goals.
  14. I feel good today. It is wonderful.
  15. I am whole and healed for the day.
  16. Today is another opportunity for me to grow and learn, and I am doing so.
  17. Today, I choose to be happy, grateful, and joyful.
  18. I radiate energy and liveliness.
  19. I am helped by the Divine today.
  20. I am surrounded by loving and positive people.

Positive Tuesday Affirmations 

It’s Tuesday, time to revitalize your energy from Monday.

Monday was your first day at work after a series of rest.

However, whatever way you’ve spent your Monday, you should let your Tuesday be full of more energy.

Here’s what this Tuesday’s positive affirmations bring;

Positive Tuesday Affirmations  (2)

Positive Tuesday Affirmations  (1)

  1. I am smart, kind, brave, and strong.
  2. I deserve success in all my projects today, and I am getting them.
  3. I might have made some mistakes yesterday. Today, I forgive myself for the mistakes, and I move forward.
  4. I remain positive throughout today. It’s a good Tuesday.
  5. I am loved, and I love myself more.
  6. I forgive myself for my past and focus on my present.
  7. I feel safe today because the Divine is with me.
  8. I let go of any form of negativity.
  9. Today, I am in the right place, doing the right thing.
  10. Today, I am showing up and getting all that courage I need.
  11. I open my heart to positive possibilities today.
  12. This Tuesday is a perfect moment for me.
  13. I am better and wiser than I was yesterday.
  14. Today is a miracle.
  15. I am worthy of all the good today has for me, and I openly receive them.
  16. I radiate positivity and love to those around me today.
  17. It’s Tuesday! My time for a Terrific Transformation.
  18. Saying “No” is not a sin, so I respect my boundaries and prioritize my self-care.
  19. I free myself from all things that have always caused me pain. Now, I am free!
  20. I feel loved, and I love who I am becoming.

Tuesday Morning Affirmations 

Tuesday Morning Affirmations  (2)

Morning affirmations immediately set you up for the day.

Therefore, they are very effective.

Here are powerful morning affirmations you can always use on your Tuesday mornings;

Tuesday Morning Affirmations  (1)

  1. I am grateful for this beautiful new day.
  2. It’s a new day. A blank page for me to fill, and I will make a lovely page out of it today.
  3. I start today with positivity, and I am convinced today is a great day.
  4. I breathe in the light of a wonderful Tuesday.
  5. I move through my day with elegance and love.
  6. I believe in myself, and I make good choices today.
  7. Today, success is drawn to me, and I am drawn to success.
  8. The universe is working for my good today.
  9. I am full of happiness this Tuesday.
  10. Today, I radiate love, energy, and positivity.
  11. This Tuesday has countless possibilities for me.
  12. I am filled with unlimited energy today.
  13. Today, I overcome every challenge that might come my way.
  14. I love myself.
  15. I have a fresh start today with a clear head.
  16. Today is an awesome day.
  17. Today, I proceed toward my goals.
  18. I am doing great.
  19. I keep winning and soaring higher.
  20. I invite gratitude into my day.

Tuesday Work Affirmations 

Tuesday Work Affirmations  (1)

Getting ready for another work on Tuesday can be intimidating.

However, you can always overcome it with this Tuesday’s affirmations for work.

Tuesday Work Affirmations  (3)

Tuesday Work Affirmations  (2)

  1. I am smart, and today is another day to make good use of that.
  2. I am making myself useful by working today.
  3. I am on my journey to financial freedom, so today, I must get up and continue with the journey.
  4. I am glad it’s Tuesday. Another day to keep creating a work-life that motivates me.
  5. I am favored today. I receive blessings all around me.
  6. I am doing my best, and it’s being blessed.
  7. I am smart, strong, and capable.
  8. I can do all things I put my mind to, and today is another opportunity for me to do that.
  9. I feel at peace today, knowing I can do it.
  10. My work augments my life.
  11. I am talented and result-oriented. I am making my dreams come true.
  12. I attract success, abundance, and prosperity today.
  13. I can accomplish anything through focus, dedication, and hard work.
  14. I am industrious and a valuable asset at my work.
  15. Hey Tuesday! I am ready and strengthened to work.
  16. My work inspires and motivates me.
  17. I love my work.
  18. Tuesday is a great day. I keep my Monday’s vigor going as I set myself up for an awesome day today.
  19. I feel awesome today because I can work.
  20. I am receptive to brilliant ideas, and I use them well. I am productive

Short Positive Affirmations 

Are you looking for short positive affirmations you can keep repeating to yourself daily and easily remember during your day?

Yes, short positive affirmations like these are concise and still powerful.

You can pick a few that resonates with you and have them written on a small card and taped to your mirror or anywhere at home.

You can also carry them and easily remind yourself of them at any point, anywhere you are. These short positive affirmations are;

Short Positive Affirmations for tuesday (4)

Short Positive Affirmations for tuesday (5)

Short Positive Affirmations for tuesday (1)

Short Positive Affirmations for tuesday (2)

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am able.
  3. I am appreciated.
  4. I am at peace with myself.
  5. I love who I am becoming.
  6. I am blessed beyond measures.
  7. I shine brighter every day.
  8. I am unstoppable.
  9. I am growing and getting better.
  10. I am unbendable.
  11. I am optimistic.
  12. I am a love magnet.
  13. I am receptive to healing.
  14. I am getting bigger and wiser every day.
  15. I believe in myself and my future.
  16. I let go of negativity.
  17. I am valued and respected.
  18. I practice compassion and empathy.
  19. I prioritize my inner peace.
  20. I am brave and strong.
  21. I am safe and sound.
  22. I am empowered.
  23. I am resilient.
  24. I am proud of who I am.
  25. I am kind and empathetic.
  26. I am beautiful and attractive.
  27. I trust my guts and instincts.
  28. I am not my past.
  29. I let go of negative emotions.
  30. I let go of my past.

Daily Affirmations

Are you in a quest zone of what ten affirmations you can say to yourself daily? Or do you want to know what a good affirmation is for today as you read through this article? Here they are;

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am not perfect, and that is okay.
  3. I am whole and healed.
  4. I am at peace with myself, knowing everything will be alright.
  5. I put effort into improving, and I love who I am becoming.
  6. I walk away from hurtful people and surround myself with supportive people.
  7. I am receptive to God helping me out.
  8. I am allowed to dream big, and I can fulfill them.
  9. I am creative and brilliant.
  10. I can do all things through God, who strengthens me.

What Is The Most Powerful Affirmation?

The most powerful affirmation is the affirmation that resonates with you. This is the affirmation you believe in, and it’s realistic to you.

Individually, an affirmation is not powerful unless it aligns with the reader’s belief, which matters.

So, instead of saying “I am perfect” when you know you are not, say, “I put efforts into improving, and I love who I am becoming.”

Instead of saying, “I love my work,” when it’s a bit hard to do because you’re only keeping up with it, for the time being, say, “I am glad I’m useful and a valuable asset at my work.”

Your affirmations should be well constructed to your belief, considering other regulations such as; being in the present tense, with a positive tone, and reflecting your priorities.

These together are what make affirmation powerful to individuals.

After knowing this, you are advised to pick the affirmations that resonate with you from the above, write them in your journal and repeat them to yourself daily for manifestation.