You Are Revealed! All You Need To Know About Anxiety Affirmations

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Anti-anxiety affirmations are sentences you recite to help you get a hold of your emotions in times of distress.

These daily anxiety affirmations reduce anxiety by helping you build your self-confidence and distracting your mind from the possible negative outcome of the situation you are anxious about.

Being anxious is normal.

The body’s counter-reaction to wild running hormones is triggered by fear or worry.

When you get nervous, it reduces your level of trust in yourself. You become skeptical about your abilities and tend to shy away from your responsibilities.

Anxiety Affirmations

We have compiled an anxiety affirmations list that contains effective affirmations for different anxiety cases.

It helps if you were committed to the affirmations and used the related ones during their appropriate time. They are very helpful.

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Social anxiety affirmations


It is normal to feel anxious when meeting new people, especially ones of the opposite gender.

The thoughts of whether you will be accepted or look good enough to them overwhelm you, and you get worried about the whole situation.

But on a chronic level, this anxiousness is seen as Social Anxiety Disorder.

Here, it is not just about meeting new people; it is a feeling of unease whenever you are in public.


You are afraid of starting a conversation or even engaging in one.

For this, you tend to avoid social gatherings.

Anxiety-reducing affirmations help you manage this condition by creating an awareness of your self-worth and abilities.

These affirmations help you realize that you are no less human or different from the people you meet outside.

It helps you build self-confidence and assure you that everything will be okay.

Positive social anxiety affirmations:

  1. I will do just fine
  2. I am improving
  3. I am and act normal
  4. I am safe outside
  5. I am good enough
  6. My fears are only in my head
  7. I deserve to be heard
  8. I am doing my best
  9. I will do even better with more practice
  10. Nobody can stop me if I don’t

Anxiety affirmations for sleep


Do you often feel like keeping your head on your pillow and closing your eyes to sleep will be your end?

Do you often get scared when it approaches bedtime because you are afraid of what the dark might come with?

If yes, you are probably suffering from sleep anxiety. Sleep anxiety is one of the causes of Insomnia.

When you repeatedly get scared of sleeping, your body gets accustomed to it, which could lead to Insomnia.

Positive affirmations help you reduce your fear of the unknown before you sleep. It helps you work on your insecurities and improves your love for a night’s rest.

Anxiety Affirmations for sleep:

  1. The night is a good time to rest after the day’s struggles
  2. Nothing will happen to me while I sleep
  3. People around me are harmless
  4. I will wake up tomorrow, Hale, and hearty.
  5. The universe is in charge, and I am safe
  6. No demon(s) can attack me
  7. My worries will go away while I sleep
  8. I am calm, and so is my mind
  9. Sleep is a gift. I must not reject it
  10. It is going to be a comfortable night full of wonderful dreams.

Health anxiety affirmations


The fear that you probably die of an undiagnosed health condition is health anxiety, otherwise called Hypochondria.

Health anxiety is a serious mental disorder that puts a sufferer in fear, causing more harm to the brain cells.

Positive affirmations will help you think less of those little signs that make you believe you have a hidden illness.

With constant practice of these affirmations, you will be able to focus more on living healthily than worrying about being sick.

Positive affirmations for health anxiety:

  1. I have a strong immune system
  2. It is only my mere thoughts unless confirmed by the doctor
  3. My body is strong
  4. I breathe in good health and exhale toxic energy
  5. My body is self-healing
  6. I am healthy and strong
  7. My life is moving as it should
  8. Long life is my portion
  9. My body repels illness

Morning anxiety affirmations

Morning anxiety affirmations

Waking up to feelings of worry and restlessness is no good way to start the morning. If not well addressed, it can take a major charge of your entire activities for the day.

Morning anxiety happens mostly to stressed people or those battling life challenges.

Let’s experiment on this.

Try to assure yourself that the day will be less stressful and that you will endeavor to do a few things differently.

The conviction that you are about to experience a more interesting day than the other days reduces your anxiety level.

That is how affirmations help in fighting morning anxiety.

Morning anxiety affirmations:

  1. My day is blessed
  2. I am going out today to conquer
  3. It will be a less stressful day
  4. I inhale hope and positivity and exhale worries and pessimistic thoughts
  5. I am going out to meet good supportive people
  6. No matter what happens, I will be just fine
  7. God is in control of my life
  8. The universe is rooting for my success

Work anxiety affirmations

Work anxiety affirmations

Work anxiety is the feeling of not doing enough, being incapable, or being afraid of the workload in your workplace.

This worry could make you avoid going to work or shying away from your responsibilities.

You can manage this condition with anxiety attack affirmations which would help you clear your doubts about your abilities and motivate you to face your challenges.

Positive work anxiety affirmations:

  1. I am capable of doing my job
  2. My workplace is a friendly environment
  3. My coworkers are supportive
  4. My abilities are unique
  5. I discharge my duties with diligence
  6. It is me against me. I do not compete with anyone
  7. Working is fun
  8. I will meet with friendly people at work
  9. My mistakes have made me more experienced

Relationship anxiety affirmations


Relationship anxiety affects your view of relationships. You find it manipulative and tend to stay away from it.

This anxiety could be natural or induced by previous unpleasant experiences in relationships.

You can manage this condition by imbibing the habit of affirming confidence and trust in yourself.

Affirm positivity and hope for the best out of every relationship rather than focusing on the bad sides of it. You will, over time, get used to feeling comfortable in relationships.

Relationship anxiety affirmations:

  1. I believe in love for myself and others
  2. I have good people around me
  3. My relationship with people is positive
  4. No one is going to hurt my feelings as long as I don’t break theirs
  5. I am not tired of seeing the good in myself and others
  6. I have a romantic partner that is trustworthy
  7. I reflect positivity
  8. My thoughts on a relationship are mine and don’t affect how others see me
  9. I am capable of maintaining a good relationship
  10. Giving up is not an option

Test anxiety affirmations


The fear of death is the second commonest fear in life.

The fear of failure is the first. You are bound to get nervous about a situation that tests your abilities.

While you wish for a positive outcome, your mind won’t stop reminding you of the possibility of a negative one.

To help you fight this condition, try reciting positive affirmations.

The affirmations will reduce your fears while distracting your mind from the negative possibilities of that situation.

Positive test anxiety affirmations:

  1. I am a victor
  2. Everything about me reflects positivity
  3. An exam doesn’t determine my abilities
  4. Everything will come out fine
  5. I have done my best.
  6. God will handle the rest
  7. My future is not dependent on this test
  8. I will have a cause to be happy at the end

Driving anxiety affirmations


Anxiety over driving doesn’t mean you can’t drive. It is only an effect of your doubt about your driving abilities. You will drive without fear if you can get your mind to rest.

Positive affirmations help you to calm your mind. It helps you to worry less about the challenges you might face while driving and be more concerned about driving safely.

Driving anxiety affirmations:

  1. I am a licensed driver
  2. I will get to my destination unharmed
  3. I trust my driving abilities
  4. People trust my driving abilities
  5. Other drivers are responsible
  6. I will be safe as long as I do the right thing
  7. I am not driving to impress anyone
  8. My car is in good condition

Anxiety guy affirmations

Dennis Simsek- the anxiety guy, struggled with anxiety for years and eventually won.

Ever since he has been dedicated to helping millions of people around the world fight their anxiety disorders through positive affirmations.


Living with generalized anxiety or any of the above-enumerated anxiety disorders is no good thing for anyone.

We believe you can manage the condition effectively by practicing the positive affirmations we have outlined.

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