Law Of Assumption and Money (Success Stories)

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In today’s article, we are going to talk about Manifesting Money via the Law of Assumption.

Here’s the only mind hack you’ll need to create your desires in a short period:

Law of assumption

This is a brain game that we may play to get us thinking about how we can get what we want. After all, have you ever noticed how often your presumptions are proven to be correct? So why not put that knowledge to good use for our benefit?

My goal in this article is to teach you what the Law of Assumption is and how you can begin using it to hack your way to whatever you desire in life. If you’re serious about your desires, you must keep reading!

How this law works

Everyone wishes to amass more wealth, make more money, and live a more prosperous life if given the opportunity. Many people, on the other hand, have a strained relationship with money. They have a hard time creating money and prosperity in their lives, and as a result, they never achieve financial success.

The truth is that financial success begins in the head, and many people’s belief systems about wealth and money are the number one thing holding them back.

With that in mind, utilizing the Law of Assumption is one of the most efficient ways to transform your money beliefs into a belief system that allows you to access the plenty that surrounds you. However, you must first take some action to see it work to transform your life.

1. Identify Your Money Limiting Beliefs.

You must discover and change your limiting beliefs about money to activate the Law of Attraction in your life. We’ve had limited views about money since we were children, which we’ve internalized over time and accepted as true.” These restricting beliefs aren’t new to you.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, thus it’s exceedingly difficult to come by, or the assumption that money can’t buy happiness, or the restrictive view that you can’t be wealthy while also being a good person.

Before you can start using the law of assumption, you must first recognize and resolve any limiting ideas you may have about money.

It’s far easier to create the habits and mindset required to acquire wealth once you recognize money for what it truly is: an accessible, limitless supply of a resource you can use in any way you want.

Positive affirmations are an excellent technique to resolve any limiting ideas regarding money.

If you see that you regard money as scarce and difficult to obtain, for example, you may employ a positive affirmation like “I’m a money magnet.” “Everything I come into contact with turns to gold.”

“I am releasing all negative ideas and emotions concerning money, and I am glad and free to imagine my aspirations,” is another positive affirmation you can employ.

“I am creating all the money I want and need to accomplish everything I want to do in life,” or “I am creating all the money I want and need to accomplish everything I want to do in life.”

“I am making positive decisions about what to do with my money and appreciating the wealth energy that it reflects,” try affirming.

What you tell yourself becomes your belief, and your true belief becomes your reality. You can build a money mindset that allows you to use the Law of Attraction by utilizing positive affirmations to challenge restrictive thoughts about money.

2. Visualize your wealth as if it has already been attained.

According to the Law of Attraction, you will attract into your life whatever you believe within and project externally. It’s crucial to envision something like money as if you already have it if you want to attract it.

Visualizing a world in which you have all of the money you want not only helps you develop a mindset that is more responsive to financial gain but also allows you to imagine what your life will be like once you achieve your objectives.

This can act as a great source of motivation in and of itself, propelling you onward even when circumstances get tough.

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Visualizing money as if you already have it can help you develop an abundance attitude rather than a scarcity mindset.

One of the main reasons why the wealthy have no issue getting richer is that they view the money they don’t have as both plentiful and attainable while viewing the money they do have as a tool to be utilized to produce more money rather than something to be protected or saved.

When you have a lot of money, this mindset comes naturally, but it may also be created by envisioning money as something you already have in plenty.

Carry hundred-dollar cash in your pocket if you want to create a physical anchor point for your visualizations.

Simply doing so can make you feel wealthy and prevent you from ever saying you’re broke – and hence the restricting mindsets that come with it.

3. The Universe Will Abundantly Supply You With More.

Finally, keep in mind that the Universe will reward you with more of what you appreciate. Never undervalue the importance of appreciation.

Finally, the things for which you are grateful will be the ones that you pursue with the most zeal. Being truly appreciative of something tends to dispel whatever limiting thoughts you may have and makes you more open to new possibilities.

Don’t forget to be grateful as you work on developing a positive money mindset that will allow you to take advantage of the Law of Attraction.

Thank your lucky stars for the money you have. Be grateful for every opportunity to earn more money, and be especially grateful when those possibilities pay off.

If you want to make more money, you must have a grateful attitude, regardless of how much or how little money you now earn.

We all enjoy hearing about those who have had success manifesting money, don’t we?

What is the reason for this?

It’s because one of the most difficult aspects of Law of Attraction is that you can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. You won’t be able to witness the magic in action until everything comes together.

It needs faith – sometimes a great deal of faith.

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Law Of Assumption Success Stories

A GVU member did precisely that. My version of his story:

J.B. is new to this LOA stuff (a few months), but he’s prepared to play and experiment.

He’s learning about the power of his ideas to manifest reality and how his emotional guidance system can tell him if those thoughts are guiding him in the right direction.

The IRS writes him one day.

“I got lucky,” he says.

The IRS audit lottery winner sarcastically stated.

Like most, he’s not looking forward to it. He begins to worry about what it might mean. It’s a perfectly normal reaction.

J.B. calls his accountant/financial advisor for help responding to the IRS.

On Saturday, he joins buddies in the casino. He tells me he’s prepared to lose a few thousand dollars when he plays with LOA in the casino.

(Imagine being Universe on the opposite side!)

The casino is open, and J.B. is doing what he should be doing: imagining winning hands, asking Universe for help, and growing his chip stack.

Instead, he’s doing well to lose his money.

“Come on LOA, give me SOMETHING!” he screams in frustration.

He won the next hand with the best cards possible.

That was a sign!

But then rapidly lost the rest of the money. He leaves us and returns home.

On Monday, he delivers the IRS audit letter to his financial advisor.

He has two hours to consider on the way to the city.

During the drive, he realizes he’s worrying about the IRS audit.

He understands he’s making exactly what he DON’T want.

He decides right then and then not to let this ruin his day. It’s not a big deal, he won’t fret about it.

He gives his advisor the documents.

During the conversation, the advisor implies that the audit may be related to that recent account movement.

“Which account?” J.B.

“That $400k that was placed into your name a couple of years ago.”

J.B. understands his advisor is inept. He’s made a few blunders before, but this is absurd.

No such transfer, no such account. If there was, he’d know.

And he says so.

The advisor says they should look at something.

J.B. tells him to call his prior employer (where he retired) to ensure that no such account transfer occurred.

The advisor finishes his homework for a few days. 3 days later he calls J.B.

His prior employer had made such a transfer to his name, and it was non-taxable (good! – no taxes owed!) And it’s currently worth around $506,000.

Winner! (Of the “good” sort.) Suddenly. 500,000

I’m not sure where, to begin with, this narrative.

I find it amusing that J.B. was willing to admit “it didn’t work” when he was trying to manifest enormous money from the Universe in the casino.

It’s never done, over, or lost.

“What do you do when it doesn’t work?” “Who says it didn’t work? “Not yet!” I know all I have to do is align and everything I’ve ever desired will be mine – because I never lost my desire. Everything I built (vibrationally) is waiting for me to find a way to feel better and unlock it.

I’ll also add that J.B. didn’t “need” the money, which I believe helped him let it in.

Many individuals seek to create money out of need or desperation, which closes the door on what you (think) want.

In short, he didn’t need it and was willing to modify his viewpoint when he realized he was in a terrible place.

As a result of his overzealous control over the outcome, J.B. discovered he was overworking the Universe to assist him to fulfil his goal. His fortunes improved only after he “surrendered” the reins. His lesson: once you set an intention, let go and trust the Universe.

The gambling loss seemed like failure.

The IRS letter felt like a failure.

Many would have given up there.


He felt better.

Then $506k.

And that concludes today’s article.

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