104 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations (Boost Your Energy)

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If you want to boost your energy, keep reading this article because I’ll share with you the most powerful root chakra affirmations and most importantly I’ll tell you how to use and how to create your own affirmations. For the purpose of this article, it’s important to remind you the 3 characteristics that make a thought … Read more

Chakra Affirmations: Affirmations For Your 7 Chakras

Chakra Affirmations (Affirmations For Your 7 Chakras)

Introduction Though we often hear about the chakras, many people aren’t sure what they are or how to best use them in their everyday lives. For those who practice Chakra meditation, Chakra Affirmations are great tools to enhance your meditation practice. Chakra Affirmations are affirmations that are designed to make positive change within your Chakras … Read more

Top Root Chakra Affirmations to Stay Grounded

Top Root Chakra Affirmations to Stay Grounded

Do you know that certain affirmations help balance the root chakra? This article talks about some of the best root chakra affirmations that can help in balancing the chakras. The 12 Top Root Chakra Affirmations The root chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, sits at the base of your spine. It represents your connection to Mother … Read more