The Best Guide to Effective Affirmations for Faith, Hope, & Trust

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Let’s get started with the powerful affirmations for faith, trust & hope.

One of the most substantial gifts of nature is the power of control we have over our fate.


You can bring positive changes to your life through the right affirmations.

Therefore, to build unbreakable faith, hope, and trust, you must constantly affirm and work towards everything relevant to achieving them.

How do affirmations work?

Let’s see it this way. If you make showing gratitude a habit, what do you think will happen in your life?

Expectedly, you will become more content and receive more favors.

This is precisely how affirmations work.

When you set your mind on the bright side of every situation and constantly remind yourself that you will overcome it, your spirit attracts the positive sides to that situation.

It energizes you to push harder so as not to disappoint yourself.

So, in essence, positive affirmations breed positive attitudes, attracting positive results.

Positive affirmations for faith

Faith is seen as the quality of believing in things, whether known or unknown.

Don’t you think it is hard to believe in something that is not proven?

I think it is challenging but achievable.

To help you uphold faith over trust at all times, you must imbibe the practice of constant affirmations for faith and trust.

These affirmations for faith & trust Kindle the flame of consistency to keep believing no matter what.

One of the most common cases of faith is faith in God.

One of the most common cases of faith is faith in God.

Everything about God has to do with faith.

You believe he’s a spiritual being and oversees our actions from above.

You also think that he controls your affairs. Positive affirmations of confidence keep you faithful to God and his promises.

Affirmations for faith in life and God:

  1. I believe in the power of God, the Almighty
  2. My path is clear, and I will prevail
  3. God cannot disappoint me
  4. No matter how hard it gets, I won’t stop believing.
  5. None of my problems is more significant than God
  6. What is mine will surely get to me
  7. My prayers have been answered.
  8. The universe is aware of my existence and cares about me
  9. I am not making any mistakes by trusting God

Positive affirmations for trust

Trust is a vital ingredient of sustainability in our day-to-day life.

It is the live wire of every human relationship.

Whenever trust is lost between two persons, their relationship or friendship suffers.

Every part of existence requires trust.

In the office, the family, the marriage, the partnership, the team, or the congregation.

Saying affirmations for trust is one of the effective ways to maintain trust.

Do daily affirmations for trust and keep an open mind towards people.

Here is how it works.

By affirming trust in yourself and people, you create an environment for better understanding and living.

Affirmations for trustworthiness are not limited to the people you know.

It spreads across ethnicity, tribe, religion, race, color, and cultural orientation.

It creates room for accommodation and forms an essential aspect of DEI.

Positive Affirmations for trust:

  1. The people around me cherish me
  2. I worry less about what people will say about me
  3. I allow God to take charge of my affairs
  4. Nothing terrible will happen to me if I retain an open heart.
  5. I am surrounded by people who believe in me
  6. I say no to doubt and trust that everything is alright.
  7. I sow the seed of trust, and I will reap it.
  8. I am trustworthy

Positive affirmations for trust (2)

Positive affirmations for trust (1)

Affirmations for trust in relationships


According to Dr. David Wells, ” trust is like air.

We only see it when it is contaminated.”

When something happens that puts your trust in someone to the test, the reality of your relationship with that person becomes evident.

Most relationships collapse due to a lack of trust. It is correct to say that trust is the stronghold on which love is established.

So here is the point! Through positive affirmations for trust issues in your relationship, you strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Affirmations for trust issues in relationships:

  1. My partner is still the same person I fell in love with.
  2. My spouse loves me as much as I do
  3. My partner won’t do anything to hurt me
  4. No matter what happened, I put them aside and rekindled trust.
  5. Everything is under control
  6. I channel my worries into building confidence for a better relationship.
  7. I’m good enough for my spouse
  8. I radiate undeniable beauty and perfection and cannot be cheated on.
  9. My spouse chooses me over everyone and everything else
  10. I’m loved and cherished unconditionally.

Affirmations for trusting the universe

Affirmations for trusting the universe (2)

The universe is a mysterious work of God.

It is an embodiment of many good things, and through a positive mindset and trust in God, you align your spirit with it and receive the goodness it offers.

Affirmations for trusting the universe should be part of your daily routine as they attract blessings to your lives and those around you.

Affirmations for trusting the universe:

  1. The universe is constantly working in my favor
  2. My divine light is forever shining and will not fade away
  3. The universe will take care of my needs
  4. I trust that I will get whatever is meant for me at the right time
  5. I trust that my spirit aligns with that of the universe, and I am favored
  6. In the presence of difficulty, I shine forth and overcome
  7. The universe Pampers me and keeps me safe from evil
  8. I leave my life in the hands of the controller of the universe
  9. I will always have a cause to be grateful for the provisions of the universe
  10. I don’t hold on to the past. Instead, I let the universe do its part.

Affirmations for trusting the universe

Affirmations for trusting God

Affirmations for trusting God

Faith is the product of trust. So consequently, affirmations for faith in God are made strong through the affirmations for trusting in God. It is through your belief in God that your faith can be upheld.

Therefore, endeavor to speak well about your trust in God. Proclaim his goodness and reassure yourself of his continued love and protection.

Affirmations for trusting God:

  1. I trust that God is ever-loving and caring
  2. I’m safe with God by my side
  3. My soul is serene, realizing that God is in control
  4. I will continue believing in God in both times of trouble and joy.
  5. I am at God’s heart, and he is ever ready to hear me out
  6. If God says it is settled, then it is fixed.
  7. I decide to cast off my worries and replace them with complete faith in God, who is able to accomplish everything.
  8. I am forever grateful for the Lord’s goodness.
  9. Everything happens for a reason, and God is aware
  10. I trust that I will remain hopeful, faithful, and courageous.

Here is the bottom line;

Affirmations for trust include every positive word you say to reassure yourself of your commitment to a person or things.

This starts with affirmations for trusting the process of God’s blessings.

Affirmations for trusting yourself

All the affirmations for the trust we discussed above are concerned with trust for others.

But how do you trust others when you don’t trust yourself?

Let me dig deeper.

The first step to trusting others is trusting yourself.

That means that your affirmations for trusting others should start with your affirmations for trusting yourself.

Affirmations for trusting yourself:

  1. I am made in God’s image, and I replicate his ways
  2. I can achieve whatever I set out to achieve
  3. I am trustworthy
  4. Nothing can limit my success
  5. People can confide in me
  6. I don’t have anything to hide

Affirmations for trusting yourself (3)

Affirmations for trusting yourself (1)

Affirmations for trusting yourself (2)

Affirmations for hope

Simply put, hope is a firm belief in things to come.

It is one of the keys to a better living.

Affirmations for hope enable you to stay positive in every situation and look forward to getting the best results.

The hustle of life centers on the hope for a brighter future.

So, it is an essential aspect of our lives as it could play out in our favor or against it.

Constantly affirm strongly that things will work in your favor and that tomorrow will be better than today. It is the best supplement for hard work.

Affirmations for hope:

  1. My tomorrow will be better than today
  2. The future holds something great for me
  3. It can only get better
  4. My worries about the future are over. It is safe in God’s hands
  5. My labor will not be in vain
  6. My good deeds will be duly rewarded
  7. It will work out in my favor
  8. No matter how bad things are now, they will eventually get better.
  9. Everything is achievable through the exemplary work
  10. God hears all my prayers

Hope affirmations help you worry less about what you can’t change. It influences your attitude towards situations and shapes your expectations.


Never undermine the power of affirmation. The universe listens to what you want and somehow provides you with precisely what you have wished for.

Why not wish for good?

In a nutshell, Trust, Faith, and Hope are three essential rudiments of life.

They mold your attitude and consequently influence your future.

By affirming them, you connect your inner being to your wishes, and they help you achieve your desired goals in life