120+ Clear Quartz Affirmations To Balance Mind Body Soul

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Clear Quartz affirmations will help you become more intentional with your life. It will aid your recovery and help you attract and amplify goodness in your life.

Clear quartz is a crystal that is likened to the energy of amplification. It is associated with strength, healing, and power.

Whatever you desire or want will be amplified with this crystal.

This is what makes it powerful when used in saying affirmations. Clear quartz is a natural resource that contains a few elements like silicon and oxygen.

What Is Clear Quartz Good For? 

Clear quartz may be utilized for various reasons, including emotional healing, mental stability, emotional resilience, meditation, and others.

It has lots of healing properties and is believed to boost the immune system.

It removes toxins from the physical and energy body.

It also improves memory and concentration and unlocks psychic abilities.

How Do You Set Intentions With Clear Quartz? 

Manifestations rely significantly on the quality of intentions set.

This is why when your manifestation comes to life, you have to eliminate old preferences and set new ones.

If you are using clear quartz for the first time, you must do some cleansing exercises to remove all the energy left on it. Then you clear your intentions and replace the clear quartz’s energy with what you want.

You can use the serenity of nature, the moon, or the sun to cleanse your crystals.

They can sense the most powerful energy in the environment, so putting them around will eliminate any negative energy left in them.

How To Use Clear Quartz Crystal

You can carry your clear quartz crystal anywhere you are going.


It attracts positive energy and repels negativity. It will protect you from harm.

If you have a meditation practice, you can hold your crystals and meditate with them. It will transport you to the calmest state of mind.

meditation with clear quartz crystal

Lastly, use them when saying your affirmations. Affirmations are more likely to manifest in a positive state of mind. Clear quartz crystals add to the positivity of the environment.

If you are unsure what to say as your clear quartz affirmations, use the ones below as guides.

120 Clear Quartz Affirmations For Healing and Balance 

  1. I embody purity.
  2. I am made up of positivity and light.
  3. My energy is strong and radiant.
  4. I let go of every grudge I hold against myself.
  5. I forgive everyone that has hurt me knowingly and unknowingly.
  6. I tap into the healing powers of my crystal.
  7. I embrace the healing of my body, soul, and mind.
  8. There is no room for negativity in my mind, body, or soul.
  9. I banish negativity from my life.
  10. I am free from pain, sorrow, and regret.
  11. My emotions do not own me.
  12. I am in control of my life and actions.
  13. This moment in life wouldn’t last forever.
  14. I wish everyone around me well.
  15. I wish myself well.
  16. My inner voice is my guide.
  17. The universe takes good care of me.
  18. I am a magnet of infinite possibilities.
  19. I am open to receiving love and kindness.
  20. I am open to giving love and kindness.
  21. Everything is working in my favor.
  22. Life is unfolding in a way that is good for me.
  23. I am responsible for everything I say and do.
  24. My love is unconditional, and I deserve the same.
  25. I am free from the shackles of evil.
  26. I am protected from the dark side of all I encounter.
  27. I set myself free from the chains of my bad decisions
  28. I have no regrets.
  29. Pain does not cloud my judgment.
  30. I am in alignment with nature.
  31. Every difficulty is shaping me to be better.
  32. I get stronger with every breath I take.
  33. I am morphing into the best version of myself.
  34. I embody empathy and compassion.
  35. I show compassion for myself and others.
  36. My sensitivity is my strength.
  37. The gift of empathy makes me a better person.
  38. I do not have to change who I am.
  39. My imperfections are perfect and beautiful.
  40. I am a powerful, positive force.
  41. I am at peace with the ways of the universe.
  42. I am growing at my natural pace.
  43. I shall weather every storm I encounter.
  44. I am in love with life.
  45. I am grateful for my ability to show gratitude.
  46. I love nature and everything it houses.
  47. My mistakes teach me how best to approach life.
  48. Disappointments redirect me to what I deserve.
  49. Discomfort does not last forever but is followed by ease.
  50. The way others approach life is valid.
  51. I am tolerant of opinions that do not cause me harm.
  52. Every day, I wake up to the sweetness of life.
  53. I embrace things that are outside my circle of influence.
  54. I am grateful for my good health.
  55. I am strict when it comes to prioritizing myself.
  56. My opinions of myself are superior to the ideas others have of me.
  57. My soul is satisfied and full of energy.
  58. I maintain healthy habits and feed myself with good food.
  59. I am open to seeing the bigger picture in life events.
  60. I am an ambassador of love and light.
  61. I deserve to be loved genuinely, honored and cherished.
  62. I am ready to live my best life and be my best self.
  63. I am not defined by who I used to be but by who I am becoming.
  64. My soul is a fiery mix of love and light.
  65. I create firm boundaries and enforce them.
  66. I am kind to everyone and everything.
  67. Everything will fall in place with time.
  68. All of the pain in my heart will go away.
  1. I am in alignment with my purpose.
  2. The universe will heal me.
  3. I let go of attachments that are a source of pain.
  4. I prioritize self-care.
  5. I let go of my negative thoughts and feelings.
  6. I am proud of the work I do.
  7. Being myself helps me show up for others.
  8. I feed my mind and soul with what nourishes it.
  9. I am capable of meeting my targets.
  10. The universe is rooting for me.
  11. My well-being is essential in all I do.
  12. I will not do things that harm me.
  13. I take pride in my efforts at growth.
  14. My scars cannot hold me down.
  15. I am a blossoming flower.
  16. My feelings and emotions are valid.
  17. I trust myself and my decisions.
  18. I am free from pessimism.
  19. The universe is my source of strength.
  20. Every day, I step closer to fulfilling my purpose.
  21. an energy field of peace surrounds me.
  22. Peace lives in me, and I live in peace.
  23. My future is filled with bliss.
  24. I attract goodness and repel evil.
  25. I am worthy of good treatment.
  26. I deserve all the good things in life.
  27. I can manage the regular stress of daily life.
  28. My world is safe and structured in my favor.
  29. I make my happiness.
  30. I accept my mistakes when I make them.
  31. I am in constant competition with who I used to be.
  32. I am my biggest fan.
  33. I do not do anything without having a reason.
  34. I am neither vain nor arrogant.
  35. I am not always right, and that is fine.
  36. I wish myself all that is good for me.
  37. I am connected to my soul’s center.
  38. I take care of mother nature.
  39. I stick to my physical and spiritual exercise routine.
  40. I am clear about what I want to achieve.
  41. I take time to understand what my intuition is telling me.
  42. I treat myself how I want others to treat me.
  43. I believe in my visions for my future.
  44. I step into high vibrations and frequencies.
  45. My heart is calm and at ease.
  46. My worries are transitioning to inexistence.
  47. I am an awakened soul.
  48. The universe is making way for me.
  49. I am too committed to my growth to be distracted.
  50. My heart is filled with the energy of love, positivity, and light.
  51. I am in touch with every part of me.
  52. I am grateful for my past, present, and future.

Conclusion To Clear Quartz Affirmations

People who use clear quartz crystals for affirmations succeed in manifesting the life they desire.

The focus of your affirmations should be healing, divine guidance, and clarity.

Once you succeed in achieving the above, you will be able to manifest anything else you wish for.