Affirmations For Creators, Writers & Authors

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Are you looking for ways to stay creative at all times? Try out the following affirmations for writers, creators, & authors. The result will amaze you.

Every new work you bring to life takes up a bit of your energy as a writer, author, or creator.

To create something beautiful that will spread positive energy, you have to be in a positive state. This can be hard considering how tasking day-to-day activities can be.

Affirmations will help you tap your creative energy and connect it to the source.

The source is boundless, and you can never run out of ideas while connected.

Writing Skills Affirmations

Some people believe writing mastery are gifts that people are born with.

Others see writing skills as like every other skill that should be honed. Both perspectives are correct.

A person can be naturally destined to love writing and be good at it.


Another person may begin to love writing after years of practice.

person may begin to love writing after years of practice.

There are steps to be followed if you desire to improve your writing skills.

You can hire an instructor to teach you the techniques or buy courses.

You may also choose to work with a writing coach or consultant. Or, the good old style, consistent practice. With this in place, you will be a badass writer in no time if you recite the affirmations for writers on daily basis.

  1. I was born to write.
  2. I am making immense progress in writing.
  3. My creativity is like the waters of the sea
  4. Writing is a way of life for me.
  5. The universe will make me successful in writing.
  6. The world is pleased to have a writer like me.
  7. I put the right ones together at all times.
  8. My audience loves me and my work.
  9. Creative ideas come to me freely.

Affirmations For Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is like a little demon in the way of your creative juice flow.

It’s time to conquer it and get rid of it.

Writers, coaches, consultants, and teachers from various backgrounds agree that giving your brain and body the rest they need helps overcome this.

Have you been dealing with stress lately?

Or, did you carry out an activity that stretched your brain beyond what it is used to?

Stress is the most significant cause of writer’s block.

Other causes could be a long break from writing, little to no knowledge about the subject matter, or health-related issues.

When there is an underlying problem, focus on fixing it.

Aside from that, the following affirmations will help overcome writer’s block.

  1. I am full of outstanding and exciting ideas.
  2. I know what to write.
  3. I am ready to create a marvelous piece.
  4. There are several brilliant ideas dwelling in my subconscious.
  5. There are ideas on my mind, and I believe they are good enough.
  6. I will write this, and it will turn out well.
  7. My creativity knows no bounds.
  8. I am sure of what I’m about to write.
  9. I do not struggle to get ideas.

Writers’ Affirmation

All writers need fresh, innovative, and creative ideas.

Screenwriters need ideas for exciting screenplays.

Screenwriters need ideas for exciting screenplays.

Copywriters need ideas to create content that sells.

Copywriters need ideas to create content that sells.

Content writers need ideas to write engaging content and fiction writers need ideas to bring to the world they desire to live in.

Regardless of the type of writer that you are, the search for fresh ideas is a common plight.

Extensively researching your genre and collecting information based on your audience’s preferences could help a lot.

But that requires a lot of time and effort.

Why not tap into the wealth of your subconscious mind?

Here are a few affirmations to help with that.

  1. I’ll always wow my audience.
  2. I’m a great writer and can handle my projects.
  3. I’m open to conceiving ideas from my unconscious mind.
  4. I’m a reservoir of creativity.
  5. I was made to create appealing art.
  6. The universe will help me refine my works.
  7. The world is always pleased to see my work.
  8. I am a great work of art, so I create extraordinary pieces.
  9. I am connected to the infinite energy of creativity.

Good Writer Affirmations

There are plenty of affirmations for writers depending on your writing needs.

Anyone can create affirmations. They only have to be short, memorable, and command power so you can attract the things you desire.

You may want to consider making your affirmations.

With the significant resource on different affirmations, it may become confusing to select the one to go with.

Read the affirmations aloud and pay attention to how your mind reacts to them. If the reaction is calmness and openness, you should consider sticking to it.

The following are affirmations for writers that can be recited at any time, even when writing.

  1. I am an expert writer.
  2. I am great at entertaining my readers.
  3. I have fantastic content in my mind.
  4. I am changing the world positively with my work.
  5. I am good at organizing the flow of my thoughts.
  6. I am making the following viral content.
  7. I have a limitless imagination.
  8. I have written good works, and my best is yet to be made.
  9. I am an excellent writer.

Notice how the affirmation starts with “I.” It is such a powerful letter and a sign of good affirmation.

You can replace the pronoun with your name for a more substantial effect.

Daily Affirmations For Writers

Daily affirmations are succinct, prayer-like words that are recited to the hearing of the subconscious daily.

This can be done once or twice or thrice a day.

Its effect is almost permanent, and some of the best writers say their affirmations for writing daily.

If this is a practice you are interested in, write out a list of issues you face while writing.

Write how you wish to change them and create a plan. You can write your affirmations based on that or use any of the ones below.

  1. I have a successful writing career.
  2. My scripts will be appreciated and paid for.
  3. I write amazingly, so I deserve a fantastic job.
  4. I make a great writer.
  5. I am one with the guidance of the universe.
  6. I make my own writing rules.
  7. I am about to author a best seller.
  8. I am going to be promoted to a higher writing role.
  9. I live to tell my stories.

Screenwriter Affirmations

The world of screenwriting is a busy and competitive one.


A lot of work is required to get into the industry and much more effort to avoid drowning.

The voice of every writer matters, and the world needs every perspective for a holistic view.

Yet, many screenwriters get discouraged due to the process required to land a writing role.

Many write several screenplays, submit multiple pitches, and do the hard work but remain broke because they are yet to find their ground.

These affirmations will help you do just that.

  1. I am confident about reaching the pinnacle of my screenwriting career.
  2. I enjoy what I do, and opportunities come after me.
  3. I am an integral part of the screenwriting industry.
  4. My first drafts are not perfect, but my final drafts are great.
  5. The world yearns to hear my story.
  6. I do not have to compete for what belongs to me.
  7. I put in the work so the universe will reward me.
  8. The doors of immense opportunities are being opened to me.
  9. I have the skills, and I’m competent.

Best Selling Author Affirmations 

Best Selling Author Affirmations 

Best-selling authors enjoy a great deal of fame and recognition for their work in addition to the money. This seems to be the dream of a massive percentage of writers.

Cynics may have told you that the playing ground is competitive, so this dream is impossible to achieve.

Well, be informed that this is possible.

Yes, you have to hone your craft.

Write a good book. Get a great publisher or an expert marketing team.

All these are nothing beyond the ordinary.

If you do the work, this will be your reality.

Also, you have to be positive for this to manifest for you.

Recite the following affirmations daily to get what you want from the universe.

  1. My dream is possible.
  2. I am going to write a great book.
  3. I’ll find the best team to handle my work.
  4. I’m writing the next bestseller.
  5. My writing will bring me fame and recognition.
  6. I deserve all I desire from my craft.
  7. The universe is in support of my dream.
  8. My story catches the heart of everyone who reads it.
  9. I am a phenomenal creative.


Writing can be a challenging career path as it is perceived as saturated and competitive but does not buy the negative narrative.

There is space for everyone. Your aspirations are valid and attainable if you work hard and keep affirming them.