Affirmations For Protection & Safety (Affirmations For Evil Eye)

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Affirmations for protection and safety will help you configure your mind to see what is instead of what can be. It would help you manifest a life of safety.

Daily, we come across news that spikes our anxiety. It creates this feeling of unease, like our existence is being threatened.

It may make you worry about your life’s and your family’s safety.

Unfortunately, worry does nothing but create this fickle idea that we are somehow handling the situation.

While working to make the world a better place, we must conserve our energy and channel it to what would be beneficial.

Positive Affirmations For Safety and Protection

Reciting affirmations for safety and protection would bring peace to your soul and give you a sense of calmness and security.

Reciting affirmations for safety and protection give you a sense of calmness and security

The longer you say your affirmations, the easier it would become to manifest security and tranquility.

Although, other external factors affect the peace around you.

You can recite your affirmations any time you feel agitated or troubled, but it’s best to say them in a quiet place.

It is even more powerful when you close your eyes. The calm vibrations around you will ease your ability to step into a threshold of peace and calm.

Reciting affirmations is even more powerful when you close your eyes.

As you repeatedly say the affirmation, imagine a mental shield being put around you.

That mental picture will create a sense of calmness and the feeling that you are protected from harm.

Most importantly, believe your affirmations would work in your life. Trust the universe to protect you.

Here are a few affirmations you can practice for safety and protection:

  1. I am under divine protection.
  2. I am safe here, and my family is also safe.
  3. We are shielded, and nothing can go wrong.
  4. I attract good and repel evil.
  5. I have faith in the universe to preserve my safety.
  6. Only positive energy is allowed around me.
  7. I am surrounded by goodness.
  8. Negativity cannot find me.
  9. I’m letting go of my fears and anxiety. I embrace peace.

Affirmations For Protection From a Particular Person

Is there anyone you come around, and you suddenly feel uneasy?

Like their energy and your energy repel each other.

Or it could be that someone in your life is so negative, and their negativity disturbs your energy.

It would help if you actively tried to protect yourself from them.

Negative people do not know when to stop, and if you fail to place a barricade between you and them, you are in for a long thing.

In addition to setting effective boundaries and executing them, you can use affirmations to protect your energy from them.

Affirmations can work by manifesting a life where they are away from you or making yourself so optimistic that their bad energy does not harm you.

The following affirmations will help you achieve this frame of mind.

  1. I wouldn’t let the negative energy contaminate mine.
  2. [Name of person] energy has nothing to do with me.
  3. I can only invite [Name of person] to see my perspective when I’m in my purest state.
  4. I refuse to be distracted by this.
  5. [Name of person] is not in charge of my peace.
  6. My energy is my responsibility to protect.
  7. I come from a place of abundance, and I’m full of peace.
  8. My energy is free from pollution.
  9. No one can quench the fire in my soul.

Affirmation For Family Protection


It can be heart-wrenching to watch your family go through difficult situations while unable to help.

Sometimes we could be far from home due to study or work-related assignments.

And in those moments, all we desire is for them to be okay, conquer the moment and weather the storm.

You do not have to sit back and only hope.

It is possible to affirm and manifest this into existence.

All you need is time, the will to, and the conviction to believe in your utterances. You can say your affirmations anywhere, but it’s best when you enjoy solitude.

The affirmations below can help you start the practice.

  1. I summon comfort and health into the lives of my family members.
  2. My family is strong and will pull through this.
  3. Our love for one another will keep us strong.
  4. This incident will strengthen our bond.
  5. (Name of person) is firm and will conquer this.
  6. (Name of person) is under divine care.
  7. Everything will turn out fine for my family and me.
  8. I am grateful for my family and for all we have.
  9. I am healthy and full of life.

Affirmation For Health Protection


Health issues are peace-threatening.

With increasing environmental pollution and other health threats, worrying is normal.

We have to pay more attention to our health now than ever.

And while at it, we must take our family, friends, and loved ones along.

The following are affirmations for health protection.

  1. I have a strong immune system.
  2. I take care of my body, and it takes care of me.
  3. I am free from life-threatening diseases.
  4. My family and friends are healthy and strong.
  5. My body overcomes whatever is harmful to it.
  6. No external body can harm me.
  7. No external body can harm my friends or family.
  8. I’m committed to making healthy choices for my body.
  9. My family makes healthy choices for themselves.

Bible Affirmations For Protection


The Bible tells us that God’s love and kindness know no bounds.

As we pass through the world, certain events are overwhelming, and we need reminders to motivate and keep us going.

Bible affirmations are powerful. They speak to the core of our being. It is best to rehearse these lines, so they stick to our lips.

Below are the best affirmations from the Bible that you can say for protection and to attain a state of calmness.

  1. God has always protected me and will continue to do so without fail.
  2. I submit my worries to God and accept his peace in myself.
  3. God wants the best for me and has given me all I need to live my best life.
  4. I hear the voice of the Lord, and it will be my guide.
  5. I love God; God loves me and will protect me.
  6. The message of the Lord will be my shield.
  7. God’s love for me is perfect and complete.
  8. God will hold my hand and walk me through it.
  9. The spirit protects me, and I have no reason to be scared.

Daily Affirmations For Protection

We are always one event away from death, a terminal illness, loss, or harmful affliction.

Many people have chosen to take the path of optimism, but when despair hits close to home, we begin to fidget and lose our peace.

Sheer optimism is not enough to keep you protected from damaging events.

We must make a conscious effort to protect ourselves and guarantee our well-being.

This can be done by making the right choices, guarding our circle, staying woke at all times, and having an open heart that is in tune with the universe.

Some people manage their daily stress, fears, and worries with prayers.

Saying prayers often helps attract the energy of peace and serves as armor against affiliation.

However, affirming the kind of peace and safety you want in your life is also okay.

There are many ways to confirm protection for oneself and your family.

For a start, you can fix a time for it but as time goes on, feel free to say your affirmations at any time.

Here are nine positive affirmations for protection:

  1. I am safe, and my life is free from threat.
  2. I am healthy, and a disease does not threaten my life.
  3. My spirit repels evil and negativity.
  4. Life is going well for me.
  5. An untimely death will not shorten my lifespan on earth.
  6. I am an embodiment of grace and longevity.
  7. Nature works to protect me.
  8. I am in tune with the signals of the inverse.
  9. I am a powerful positive force.

Grounding and Protection Affirmation

Grounding helps strengthen your attachment to your purpose.

There are moments in life when we feel lost, confused, and unsure of what direction to take.


These times are crucial and painful moments. When the fear of being harmed is added, it becomes a heavy load on your soul.

The grounding and protection affirmations aim not to take off the load but to erase it.

The burden is an extension of your troubling thoughts, and affirmations help you calm your mind and reclaim your power.

Recite these affirmations as many times as possible daily for the best effect.

Grounding and protection affirmations you can say:

  1. I am connected to the core of my being.
  2. I know my truth and will live it.
  3. My life is my story.
  4. I am a fountain of positivity.
  5. I let go of every form of negativity.
  6. I am reclaiming myself from places that harm my well-being.
  7. The universe is pleased with me.
  8. I let go of my worries and fears.
  9. I am protected.


Affirmations for protection and safety move our minds from a place of lack and threat to a realm of abundance and connectedness.

They are simple lines that you can say at any time of the day.

Feel free to make your affirmations.

The goal is to create powerful lines that speak to the deepest part of you.

Say them as often as you can, and you will start to feel safe and protected.