Affirmations To Manifest Your Dreams (Everything I Want I Get)

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Let’s get started with the affirmations to manifest all your desire.

You can influence your life and do things outside of the script the universe hands you.

This goes beyond believing that you are co-creating your life with the universe when you do your best.

When there is something in your reality you do not like, you can influence or change it with manifestation.

Manifestation is the process of envisioning something you desire in your reality and believing it will come to pass that way.

There are many ways to achieve manifestation, and one of them is using affirmations.

How To Write Affirmations for Manifestation

How To Write Affirmations for Manifestation

Writing affirmations for manifestation is quite simple.

You only have to focus on the positive and what you want to manifest.

The voice you write in should be the active voice, and they should be as short as possible. When creating your affirmations, keep the following points in mind.

  • Powerful formations are plain and not unnecessarily flowery
  • They are written in present continuous tenses or future tenses
  • The best affirmations are realistic, explicit, direct, and straight to the point
  • They should make you feel good and appeal to the mind

How To Write Affirmations For 369 Manifestation? 

The 369-manifestation formula is one of the most straightforward methods for bringing your aspirations into being.

It works by affirming what you want 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening.

This style of manifestation has lasted years and works for people who use it.

It can be used to attract that dream job, house, car, or even relationship.

To get started, you must create the affirmations that would be recited.

Writing powerful affirmations for the 369 manifestations should not be a hassle.

Think about what you hope to come into your life and when you want it.

Think out how you hope to achieve it and write something about it briefly.

For example, I will travel to China for a vacation in 8 months.

This affirmation is direct, with a clear deadline.

Using this format, you can write out everything you desire and affirm them daily following the 369 methods.

Affirmations To Manifest Someone into Your Life/ Attract a Specific Person

We all have an idea of the kind of relationship we want and who we want to spend our lives with.

Sometimes, it could be that you want to enter a relationship with a crush or get back with your ex.

It could also be a new desire to find or attract a soulmate.

Manifestations for relationships work if the intentions behind the actions are pure. If you seek an affinity for its goodness, your affirmations will attract the partner you wish.

However, if you have ill intentions or intend to hurt a supposed interest, neither the affirmation nor the manifestation method will get you to the want you desire.

And most importantly, you have to be patient and stick to whatever style you choose after writing out your affirmations. It takes some time for the results to become visible.

If you are struggling with coming up with affirmations, you can try out the following.

  1. (Name of the person) loves me with all their heart.
  2. My love for “the name of a person” would be reciprocated.
  3. I am happy to have “the name of a person” in my life.
  4. (Name of person) cares about me.
  5. I am beautiful, and (name of person) loves my attractive traits.
  6. (Name of person) is thinking about me and misses the times we spent together.
  7. My true love is searching for me, and we will meet soon.
  8. (Name of person) believes I’m their life partner.
  9. My match with (name of person) is a match made in heaven.

Affirmations To Manifest Money


Almost everyone is searching for money, and even the super-rich are looking for ways to make more money.

Money manifestation has helped many people hit their money goals earlier than expected.

How much money do you want to have and when?

Affirmations to manifest money:

  1. I am financially free.
  2. My wealth grows in different directions.
  3. My work is valuable and earns me more than I need.
  4. I am rooted in money sources.
  5. My wealth is boundless.
  6. The source of my money is eternal and runs forever.
  7. Money is attracted to me and the work I do.
  8. My life is the center of wealth and prosperity.
  9. I am excellent at money management and investing.

The above powerful affirmations are examples that can be used to manifest money. Changes can be made to them to include details of what you hope to manifest.

Affirmations To Manifest Love


Our most basic need is to find love and be loved back.

Not everyone gravitates towards genuine friends naturally.

Some of us have toxic family members. This can be hard on people highly interested in loving and being loved.

In writing the affirmations, do include the goal of your desire to seek love and all you hope to attain.

Some affirmations to manifest love:

  1. I am worthy of genuine love.
  2. I deserve to be treated right and fairly.
  3. Love will happen in places I do not expect.
  4. I will experience every bit of healthy and unconditional love.
  5. I will heal from my hurt and let down my guard to be loved properly.
  6. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness, and I will comfortably be vulnerable in love.
  7. I will find love that is ever ready to stand by me.
  8. I am made up of love, and love is drawn to me.
  9. All my connections align with who I am.

To manifest love, you must clean up your internal self and allow love to dwell there.

You also have to let go of past hurt and pain.

Letting go does not necessarily mean forgiving; it represents healing and detaching from the chains that cause you more pain.

Affirmations To Manifest a Job


Job hunting is a daunting sport when you do it alone and with no special activities to spice it up.

From crafting the perfect resumé to submitting killer cover letters, there is no substitute for hard work in describing this process.

Also, finding a job does not have to be tiring. This is where manifestation comes in.

Thanks to the art of manifestation, people have attested to landing their dream jobs in shorter times than expected.

Creating your custom affirmations may be more powerful, but you can try the following in the meantime.

Affirmations to manifest a job:

  1. I will wow my interviewers.
  2. My credentials are perfect for this role.
  3. My dream job will come to me.
  4. I will get a fantastic job that will blow my mind.
  5. I love my job and the pay that comes with it.
  6. The job that is meant for me will come my way.
  7. I have excellent skill sets that I am proud of.
  8. My employer will be lucky to have me on board.
  9. I deserve my dream job, and the universe will send it my way.

Affirmation To Manifest a New House

Affirmation To Manifest a New House

Getting a new house is a significant life milestone that can seem very far away and challenging when struggling financially.

Do you have a plan to achieve this already?

Are you confused regarding how your plan will work out?

A lot goes into the house search process, but before we embark on our search for a house, we often have a mental picture of what we want the home to look like.

This mental picture is manifested when you recite manifestation affirmations for a new home.

Get a paper and write out the nitty-gritty details of the house you picture in your head.

Flesh out the features and craft your affirmation from them. Is starting a problem? You can try out these tested and proven affirmations.

  1. I love the image of my new house in my head, and the universe will provide this for me.
  2. I am ready to receive my new house.
  3. I would love to live in my new house.
  4. My family and I will be safe in our new house.
  5. I would have plenty of good memories in my new house.
  6. My family and I will be happy in our new house.
  7. The money to purchase my new house is coming to me.
  8. My new house will embody everything I stand for.
  9. My efforts to get a new house will pay off.

Affirmation To Manifest Success

Affirmation To Manifest Success

To succeed, we must meet our goals and have a proper strategy.

Most of the super successful people of today listened to their hearts and stubbornly took paths they believed in.

Manifestation helps you create the kind of success you genuinely desire.

Affirmation to manifest success:

  1. My future is bright and colorful.
  2. Every day, I step closer to my success.
  3. The life I desire is unfolding for me.
  4. My affirmations are coming to life.
  5. I have faith in myself, my hard work, and my journey.
  6. My life is going in the desired direction.
  7. My dreams are becoming a reality.
  8. I am destined to be successful.
  9. My success begins with me.

Manifestation Affirmation for Confidence

In life, a lack of confidence can be detrimental.

Taking the required risks and speaking out for yourself would be impossible.

This has several underlying factors, but significant ways to boost your confidence are also great. Manifesting the faith you desire to see in yourself is one of the easiest.

Like all the other examples of manifestations listed, you will need the right affirmations to do this.

Manifestation affirmation for confidence:

  1. My fears are valid, but they are not truths.
  2. I’m sure of myself, and I trust my opinions.
  3. I adore and respect myself.
  4. I’m a fantastic soul that touches lives positively.
  5. All my mistakes are beautiful and integral parts of my journey.
  6. I handle life obstacles effectively.
  7. I make intelligent decisions.
  8. I speak eloquently.
  9. My opinions of myself are the most important.

A lack of self-confidence usually stems from deep-seated insecurities and past hurts. Create affirmations around the things you are insecure about and positively affirm who you want to be.


If you have ever wanted a magic wand to wish your dreams into existence, manifestation is that wand.

There are several methods of manifesting your wants and desires into reality, and affirming them remains one of the most powerful.

It works well and has worked for everyone who did it with conviction and patience. Remember that your intentions have to be positive before you can get what you wish to manifest.