Powerful Affirmations For Attracting Love (144 Powerful Love Affirmations)

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If you want to attract love, keep reading this article because I’ll share with you the most powerful affirmations for attracting love and most importantly I’ll tell you how to use and how to create your own affirmations.

For the purpose of this article, it’s important to remind you the 3 characteristics that make a thought extremely powerful and capable of governing our days.

Repetition. Certain negative thoughts take root in our mind because we have repeated them hundreds of times in our life. This means that in order for our positive affirmations to also become effective, we will have to repeat them constantly (more details on this point later).

Credibility. Our negative beliefs affect us because they are… plausible. In other words, we believe it because in the past we have had life experiences that have confirmed certain thoughts. To ensure that our powerful affirmations for attracting love also work, we cannot therefore shoot “magic” phrases far into the air, we must build affirmations that are based on real facts, or in any case on experiences from our past in which we have had winning attitudes.

Emotion. Finally, certain negative affirmations work because they are almost always accompanied by equally powerful negative emotions. The same principle must therefore be applied to our positive affirmations: in order for them to work, we cannot repeat them mechanically, but we must recite them trying to leverage emotions that are consistent with what we are repeating to ourselves.

Please, use the following affirmations wisely: take inspiration from these phrases and adapt them to your reality so that you can take advantage of them. Do not select statements that are completely contrary to your current situation. Initially, select no more than 5-7 statements to focus on. At the end of the article, I will provide you with further information on how to best use the following powerful affirmations for attracting love (when, how many times, etc.) and how to create your own.

144 Powerful Affirmations For Attracting Love

  1. I am receptive to love.
  2. I seem to attract long-term, happy partnerships.
  3. I seem to attract love. Kindness is drawn to me.
  4. When I give love, it comes back to me magnified many times over.
  5. My heart is open to receiving love.
  6. I discover love everywhere I go. Love is all around me.
  7. I am willing to accept love.
  8. My ideas are kind and compassionate.
  9. I am receptive to love that is genuine.
  10. I am surrounded by goodness and love today and every day.
  11. Every day, my love becomes stronger, and I attract wonderful connections into my life on a natural basis.
  12. I believe in the power of love.
  13. I am a person who loves without conditions.
  14. My heart is open to the possibility of discovering love.
  15. I already have all the affection I require.
  16. Today, I’m going to choose to be loved.
  17. I have decided to choose happiness.
  18. I have a natural ability to attract love.
  19. I’m already surrounded by love.
  20. I attract love like a magnet.
  21. I receive more love the more love I offer.
  22. I am the love vibe.
  23. My heart is bursting to the seams with love.
  24. Everywhere I go, I share love and kindness.
  25. I am deserving of love.
  26. No matter what happens,
  27. I have the ability to love.
  28. I am deserving of love.
  29. I’m in a good mood.
  30. I’m in a good mood.
  31. I’m vibrating at the love frequency.
  32. I’m allowing myself to be in joyful, loving relationships.
  33. I draw folks who are compassionate and caring into my life.
  34. I attract love, healthy partnerships.
  35. I am deserving of receiving a lot of love.
  36. I am deserving of a supportive and compassionate relationship.
  37. I am grateful for the love that has surrounded me recently.
  38. I’m grateful for the way I accept and adore myself.
  39. Every day, I joyously give and receive love.
  40. I joyfully welcome love into my life.
  41. I’m excited to have a wonderful spouse in my life.
  42. A nurturing relationship is something I’d like to have in my life.
  43. I am grateful for my ability to love. I am grateful for how much I am adored.
  44. I like to be in partnerships that are both comfortable and genuine.
  45. I appreciate being very honest with my partner.
  46. In a relationship, I deserve to feel protected and secure.
  47. I am deserving of being loved and respected.
  48. I am deserving of a satisfying relationship.
  49. I am deserving of love.
  50. I attract love like a magnet.
  51. I have an uncanny ability to attract love.
  52. I’m a massive love magnet.
  53. I have an uncanny ability to attract love.
  54. From the universe, I attract romance, prosperity, pleasure, and wisdom.
  55. I let my heart to open.
  56. My being emanates a limitless well of love.
  57. My life is enriched by love.
  58. In my life, love expands.
  59. I allowed myself to be affected by everything.
  60. I radiate love throughout the place.
  61. I radiate love to everyone I come into contact with.
  62. Everywhere I walk, I am surrounded by affection.
  63. In my life, I attract a lot of love, joy, and pleasure.
  64. I feel enthralled, enraged, powerful, and full of love.
  65. I am endearing. I am deserving of great affection.
  66. I am deserving of great love, and I deserve to be loved completely and unconditionally.
  67. I am deserving of legendary affection.
  68. Positive relationship affirmations that make me feel better about my connection are my favorite.
  69. I believe that the more time I spend admiring my spouse, the greater my love becomes, and as a result, I am more likely to do things that will strengthen rather than hurt our relationships.
  70. I am constantly working to improve my love and relationship with my girlfriend.
  71. When I’m with my lover, I’m real to myself.
  72. I am able to successfully explain my needs to my companion.
  73. My lover has my undying admiration.
  74. When I need to, I can set appropriate boundaries.
  75. My partner and I are completely in love.
  76. I invest a lot of time considering how I can assist my companion in succeeding.
  77. I set aside time to consider my partner’s interests and requirements.
  78. When I need to, I can take time and make room for myself.
  79. I consider the point of view of my partner.
  80. I am flawless in every sense and deserving of a long-term loving relationship.
  81. That special someone I’m on the lookout for is on the lookout for me.
  82. We will soon be able to connect souls.
  83. I’ve let go of our past and am looking forward to a future filled with profound love.
  84. I am deserving of love and the ideal companion.
  85. I am deserving of the affection and devotion I seek.
  86. I’m feeling enveloped by love and joy.
  87. I am enthralled by love and romance.
  88. I’m attracting a good, committed relationship.
  89. Everywhere I go, I attract love and romance.
  90. I have a healthy self-esteem.
  91. Attractive and charismatic are two words that come to mind when I think of myself.
  92. I am lovable and appealing to others.
  93. I am glad for the abundance of love in my life.
  94. My heart and spirit are both open to receiving love.
  95. I’m eager to invite joy and love into my life.
  96. Love comes effortlessly to me. I radiate love, and people return the love.
  97. I am a person who is both caring and attractive.
  98. I am appealing.
  99. My romantic partnership is happy, healthy, and long-lasting.
  100. My mate is sensitive, empathetic, and very kind.
  101. My spouse is drawn to me both physically and spiritually.
  102. I’m with my sweetheart, and we’re living a love-filled existence together.
  103. Love is abundant in life, and I see it everywhere I go.
  104. My marriage is divine, and my spouse and I are a perfect match.
  105. My spouse and I have a profound knowledge of each other.
  106. “I love you,” I can easily say to myself in the mirror.
  107. My words are always kind and kind, and people respond with kindness and love.
  108. My life is filled with love every day.
  109. My girlfriend and I communicate in a loving and kind manner.
  110. I am lovable and deserving of affection in every way.
  111. Because I am a nice, compassionate person who deserves true love, I am with my soulmate.
  112. Every morning, I am overwhelmed with delight because I know that I have my partner’s support and affection to help me get through the day.
  113. I value the people that are a part of my life.
  114. My relationships are all healthy because they are built on the foundations of love and compassion.
  115. You are deserving of a kind relationship.
  116. I am deserving of a partner who will support me.
  117. I am deserving of affection and adoration.
  118. I deserve a spouse who encourages you to succeed.
  119. By radiating love, I attract love. I am deserving of a kind relationship.
  120. I am deserving of love and attention.
  121. I am deserving of a happy relationship.
  122. My soulmate and I are in perfect harmony.
  123. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful and caring partner.
  124. Allowing myself to be loved by someone special is something I allow myself to do.
  125. My other half is really respectful of me.
  126. I’m open to receiving as much infatuation as I want.
  127. Every day, the universe showers me with love.
  128. I’m open and waiting for my true love to come into my life.
  129. Everyone in my life genuinely cares about me.
  130. Every day, I am surrounded by affection.
  131. My other half is about to enter my realm of existence.
  132. My love life is like something out of a fairy tale.
  133. Everything I bring into my life is love.
  134. I’m tuned in to the highest level of affection.
  135. My pals are behind me.
  136. People have nothing but good things to say about me.
  137. My partner supports me in all of my endeavors.
  138. I adore myself over all else.
  139. Others always treat me with deference.
  140. People want to do nice things for me. It is simple to manifest love.
  141. I’m in a happy relationship.
  142. I am a firm believer in self-love.
  143. I only attract those that genuinely care about me.
  144. Every day, my relationship strengthens.

The best method to attract your perfect love partner, according to relationship experts, is to love yourself first. Every one of us has a match out there, and the law of attraction suggests that the more you desire, need, or seek a relationship, the more you resist. You get exactly what you ask for from the cosmos. Perhaps not in the way you imagine, yet the universe provides. Boost your self-confidence. Accept isolation. Take pleasure in your friends, family, and hobbies. Make an effort to educate oneself. Enjoy the scenery. Volunteer. Be grateful for what you have. Finally, and most importantly, quit looking for love. Instead, pay attention to it. Take note of all the different ways love appears in your life, and the Universe will provide you with additional opportunities to love. Believe that your ideal partner is out there, and when he or she appears, pay attention to them. After that, receive what is yours.

this image introduces the paragraph about the guidelines for powerful affirmations to attract love

1. Identify Your Priorities

The following guidelines work for any affirmations you might want to go for. First of all, what are the areas of your life where you really feel the need to make a change? Would you like to feel more powerful? Or maybe in the future you might want to change other aspects of your life… like for example, do you feel you need to improve your relationship with your partner? Do you want to take care of your health? Try to focus your personalized positive affirmations on a specific area of ​​your life that you would like to improve.

2. Excitement

As seen, the statements are most effective when accompanied by a strong emotional drive. Therefore, carefully evaluate the choice of words and expressions, preferring those that may have the highest emotional impact for you. Amongst the powerful affirmations for attracting love I shared with you above, I’m sure you can find some affirmations that match with your current emotional state.

3. Be Consistent and Realistic

It is important that your statements align with your personal values. If respect and honesty are essential for you, it is useless to repeat to you “I am a salesperson willing to do anything to achieve my financial goals”. Second, it is important that your statements are realistic and translatable into concrete action. If the statements are too vague or too far from your reality, you will run the risk of not believing in them yourself. For example, “I feel healthy” may be too general a statement for you. You could make it more specific by turning it into: “I feel in a great mood and full of energy”; “My body is strong, ‘flexible and resistant’; “I run every morning and this gives me energy”; “I feed with balance” and so on.

4. Transform Negative Into Positive

Unfortunately our internal dialogue is often negative. But these negative thoughts and beliefs can be a great way to spot our personalized positive affirmations. In fact, you can start from these intrusive and disempowering thoughts and transform them into their positive version. “You’re the usual indecisive” can become: “I choose carefully and make good decisions”. or “I decide with timing for my life”.

5. Present

Our mind is not designed for the future. Always write your affirmations in the present tense, as if everything is already happening. This is essential for your mind to believe, on an unconscious level, in the statement and “settle” on that new parameter. If you write instead: “I will make very good decisions”. Your mind will always postpone your transformation to an unspecified future. Now let’s see how to use your personalized positive affirmations in an effective way… 


Choose a specific time to repeat your statements. The ideal is in the morning, upon awakening, so as to start the day on the right foot.


Repeat your powerful affirmations for attracting love aloud and if possible create a vision board that reminds you of them throughout the day.

How Many?

As explained in the article, focus on a maximum of 5-7 positive affirmations.

How Many Times?

Repeat them for at least 5-10 minutes every day, but not more than a quarter of an hour (it wouldn’t help). If you wish, you can repeat the exercise at different times of the day, but no more than three times in a day (for example, you can repeat them in the morning when you wake up, at noon and in the evening before bed).

Good. Now that you know the most powerful affirmations for attracting love and you have all the tools to best create your own personal affirmations, all you have to do is re-read, write them, use them and achieve all your goals!

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