Repeating Affirmations Thousands Of Times (Why It Is The Key)

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This article explains everything you need to know about repeating positive affirmations. If you find this interesting, keep reading.

Affirmations are effective strategies for enhancing self-esteem and cultivating a positive mindset. Along with its many other advantages, this self-help tool can also provide some relief for your mind and body.

However, it has been found that affirmations are beneficial depending on how they are used.

So, does repeating affirmations often have any benefits?

Is it even proper to repeat affirmations often? Let’s find out.

How Often Should Affirmations Be Repeated?

It’s best to repeat affirmations every day. Set aside a short amount of time, ideally twice or three times per day, to say your daily affirmations for maximum effectiveness. Your brain accepts a fact more quickly when you repeat an affirmation 8–10 times.

Affirmations build self-confidence. These simple yet effective words can help you focus on your strengths and aspirations rather than perceived flaws or shortcomings.

Generally speaking, words are potent instruments that influence your thoughts, behavior, and worldview. The words you read, speak or hear over and over again fundamentally shape who you become.

How Long Should You Repeat Affirmations?  

Affirmations should ideally be repeated numerous times till the desired outcome is attained.

Let’s imagine you’re affirming to acquire a better job; you should keep up your affirmation routine till you land the position. This is because taking a break might lead to doubt, which is harmful to the goal you’re pursuing.

However, setting a deadline for yourself to accomplish your goals isn’t a bad idea.

Setting a deadline for yourself to accomplish your goals isn't a bad idea

Dedicating to affirming positive words for at least 30 days is an excellent place to start.

Everyone hopes to attain their goals sooner than or on the predicted date. This isn’t always the case; depending on what you’re hoping to change—your career, your self-esteem, or both—it can take a little longer to manifest.

Therefore, in addition to using positive affirmation, you should also develop patience.

Should Affirmations Be Repeated Thousands of Times?

According to studies, repeating positive affirmations frequently enables your mind to accept them as true.

repeating positive affirmations frequently enables your mind to accept them as true

The subconscious perceives the words and thoughts as depicting an actual situation. It, therefore, aims to align your words and thoughts with reality.

By repeating affirmations thousands of times, they get ingrained in your memory.

At this point, the willpower to act on your beliefs is activated.

Additionally, repeating words two or more times might boost your productivity and enhance your general quality of life. This supports the fact that repeating words frequently can impact your subconscious mind. Establishing a positive mindset is crucial to choosing carefully what you say and hear.

Is Repeating Phrases Over and Over Effective?

Repeating phrases over and over is a useful tactic for getting people to understand words, grasp a concept, or support a cause.

Writers and speakers use words repeatedly to emphasize a point or sway readers or listeners to accept a certain truth.

Similarly, repeating words twice or more allows you to accept those words as true. Phrases and thoughts that are repeated frequently build strength, stick to the subconscious mind, and influence the person’s behavior, actions, and reactions.

It has been found that repeatedly saying phrases like “I can, I will, I am enough, I’ve got,” or similar expressions will benefit whatever situation it is spoken into. Repeating affirmations causes them to get ingrained in the subconscious mind, unleashing its incredible potential to manifest the meaning of the words and phrases in the real world.

The tutorial you might be interested in.

How Many Affirmations Can I Say a Day? 

When it comes to affirmations, it’s best to focus on as many affirmations as you can recall. You can begin with 15 or fewer affirmations per day. What matters is how much you believe in your words, not how many affirmations you say. If you can concentrate on one affirmation at a time, that’s great, but a list of 3-15 affirmations is ideal for everyday practice.

However, the number of affirmations you choose to say each day should correspond to your daily routine and the number of goals you choose to focus on at any given time. Combining your objectives into a single message will help you reduce the number of words on your list.

Affirmations should be repeated as frequently as possible for them to stick in your brain and eventually become your reality. Simply saying them is insufficient. Take your affirmations gently, one at a time, like this:

“I am bold; I am beautiful and brave.”

“I am bold; I am beautiful and brave.”

“I am bold, I am beautiful and brave.”

“I am bold, I am beautiful and brave.”

You can repeat these words as often as you like; relax and envision them as you repeat them. And then watch as it becomes your reality.

Does Repeating Affirmations Work?

An adage goes, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.” This adage encapsulates the essence of positive affirmation. As previously stated, repeating particular phrases or words makes it more believable; and this belief system motivates you to act in ways that make your affirmation a reality. However, for your affirmations to become your reality, you have to put in the work.

Here are a few pointers to help you strengthen your affirmations:

Put in action

Affirmations can help you get closer to your goals.

However, while repeating affirmations increases your motivation and self-assurance, specific steps must be followed to achieve the intended outcome. It is safe to conclude that affirmations must be supported by actions to have an impact.

Do you want to know how you can back up your affirmations with actions?

It’s quite easy; For instance, if you struggle with low self-esteem while repeating your affirmation, make it a routine to take bold steps by doing things you were afraid of.

Repeat your affirmations regularly with your heart 

As you know, affirmations help you learn to trust what you say. However, they should be repeated until they become your reality. Also, while you continue your daily affirmations, ensure you don’t miss any days.

Affirmations work best when used first thing in the morning and at night before bed. However, you cannot just expect your life to change by repeating an affirmation a few times. Your affirmations must be spoken with perseverance, faith, and a deep sense of desire.

Use affirmations that are specific to your situation

It’s crucial to pick the appropriate affirmation that suits your situation. Your subconscious understands what you want it to do when you direct your affirmation towards a particular issue; hence, it works towards that goal.

For instance, if you want to be more confident, make sure the affirmations you choose will support that development.

Keep your affirmations real

Make sure your affirmations are both attainable and realistic.

Affirming things that aren’t true will make you frustrated.

Affirmation works best when you can honestly think that what you’re saying is true; otherwise, it won’t work. This means that your affirmation should align with how the universe functions.

Although change is always possible, certain adjustments are easier to make than others.

Affirmations alone may not produce the required change, so to make your affirmation more effective, it has to be based on what is realistic.

Visualize your affirmation

Imagination and words work together; saying something and visualizing the direct opposite are like battling with yourself. To make your affirmations more attainable, your thoughts should reflect your words.

When you visualize your affirmations, they feel more realistic, motivating you to take the required steps to turn them into the reality you want.

How Many Times Should You Repeat a Mantra?

Mantras are known words or phrases you repeat while meditating.

Reciting mantras might help you maintain great mental and physical focus. Mantras can be chanted as many times as you choose, but it is recommended that you repeat them 108 times.

Ayurveda states that mantras are recited 108 times because the human body has 108 mantra points. He continued by saying that each chant symbolizes a journey from your physical to your highest spiritual self. Thus, you can become closer to the divinity within you with just one mantra.

However, for the best benefits, you should practice this meditation every day for 5 to 20 minutes or more.


When you include them in your daily practice, positive affirmations become a part of you.

It boosts your conviction that your goals are coming true, encouraging you to take the required steps to realize them.

By repeating positive affirmations daily, you quickly and effectively bring about the changes you need in every area of your life. Start using positive affirmations today, and you will see amazing outcomes in your life.