Affirmations To Manifest Your Dreams (Everything I Want I Get)


Let’s get started with the affirmations to manifest all your desire. You can influence your life and do things outside of the script the universe hands you. This goes beyond believing that you are co-creating your life with the universe when you do your best. When there is something in your reality you do not … Read more

Abundance Affirmations To Attract Plenitude & Prosperity

Abundance Affirmations To Attract Plenitude & Prosperity

Abundance affirmations are a type of affirmations that help people manifest a life of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Our strongest and deepest convictions are things we have heard over and over. Affirmations utilize this principle. It’s a process of constantly affirming what you would like to become. To attract the abundance, you desire into your … Read more

68 Money Affirmations You Need In Your Life


Let’s get started with the Bob Proctor Money Affirmations. Every aspect of your life should grow positively, including your finances. Positive money affirmations are your secret weapon if you need to shift from a negative money perspective to one centred on prosperity. Positive affirmations about money can help cultivate a good attitude about money and … Read more