150+ Affirmations for Creativity (Affirmations to Boost Creativity)

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Let’s get started with the super effective affirmations for creativity.

Being creative can be exhausting sometimes. This is because you are expected to have a mind full of fascinating new ideas. Sometimes ideas need to be inspired, and inspiration is essential for success in any creative field.

Here, we’ve prepared 150+ positive affirmations for creativity. Each one will help you stay inspired for more creative ideas. Let’s dive right into it!

Affirmations for Creativity Louise Hay

  • I let go of every resistance holding me back from expressing my creativity fully.
  • I’m always in contact with my creative source.
  • Creativity comes to be easy.
  • Every single day of my life, I do something new or different.
  • I have enough time and opportunity to express my creativity in any area of my life.
  • I have unlimited creative potential; I am always delighted and surprised at my imagination.
  • My skills are always in high demand, and those around me value my one-of-a-kind gifts.
  • With my imagination, I know that I can create miracles.
  • I am a clear thinker and don’t struggle to express myself.
  • I am my unique self, special, creative, and wonderful.

Self Affirmations for Creativity

  • My life is full of good ideas; they easily make their way into my life.
  • I feel great about each day because every day is a productive day for me.
  • I value the constant flow of creativity in my life.
  • Getting up every morning is exciting because I can wait to start creating.
  • I let go of anything that was preventing me from expressing myself skillfully.
  • I’m easily motivated to work and live a fulfilling life.
  • Every day, I take a step further to work on increasing my creativity and ingenuity.
  • I hope to inspire others through my creative ability.
  • Every day is an opportunity to express a dimension of creativity in me.
  • The creative possibilities that surround me are endless.

List of Affirmations for Creativity 

  • I am full of fresh ideas and creativity.
  • My creativity makes me true, authentic, and expressive.
  • My mind is open to trying things in a new way
  • My creativity is limitless and flows effortlessly.
  • I use my creativity as a means to express myself.
  • I can easily channel my creative energy into anything I lay my hands on.
  • I have faith in my talents and abilities.
  • I enjoy being around other creative minds.
  • My creative ability makes me an inspiration to others.
  • My creative ability paved the way for me to grow.

Affirmations for Boundless Creativity 

  • I have an abundance of creative energy.
  • My ideas come to me quickly and easily.
  • I am open to new possibilities and innovative solutions.
  • I trust my intuition and let it lead me.
  • I am self-assured in my abilities and freely express myself.
  • I take chances and make myself vulnerable.
  • I am open-minded and willing to try new things.
  • I am kind to myself and the creative process.
  • I persevere in the face of setbacks and view failures as learning opportunities.
  • I am proud of my accomplishments, big and small.

Affirmations for Passion and Creativity

  • I am a limitless source of creativity and passion.
  • I allow myself to be open enough for my creativity to flow.
  • I am an inventor; I create new things.
  • I pursue creativity without an iota of fear.
  • I am effortlessly creative; creativity comes to me naturally.
  • My creativity and passion take me to different parts of the world.
  • Even in my sleep, my ability to create is active.
  • New ideas are constantly flowing out of me.
  • I find expression for my passion and creativity.
  • My creativity knows no bounds.

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Affirmations for Success in Creativity 

  • My creativity yields results.
  • I apply my creativity in the right direction.
  • My creativity manifests even in difficult situations.
  • My creativity is a source of inspiration to others.
  • I am constantly in a creative state.
  • My creativity makes me unique; I stand out.
  • I let go of anything preventing me from fully expressing my creativity.
  • My creativity is refreshed with each passing day.
  • I am a solution provider; my creative ideas solve problems.
  • New inventions are birthed through my creativity.

Positive Affirmations for Creativity 

  • I have the chance to produce something every day.
  • I never run out of ideas; I constantly flow with new ideas.
  • I do not doubt my creativity; my abilities are limitless.
  • I am unique, special, and super creative.
  • I easily receive inspiration to work; I live a creative life.
  • I become more creative and innovative everyday single day.
  • My creativity is a source of inspiration to others.
  • I always have creative energy flowing through me.
  • The creative possibilities around me are endless.
  • I live a creative life; my mind is constantly releasing fresh ideas.

Affirmations for Creativity Writing 


  • I am a talented and successful writer.
  • I am a creative writer.
  • Fresh ideas on writing come to me daily.
  • My writing creativity knows no limit.
  • Everything around me inspires me to need ideas.
  • Writing is super easy for me; ideas flow through me with ease.
  • The universe expresses its creativity through me.
  • My creativity in writing will make me the author of many books.
  • My creative writing inspires anyone that comes across it.
  • I won’t give up on my creative abilities.

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Affirmations for Creative Thinking 

Affirmations for Creative Thinking

  • I’m a thinker, and every idea I have is worth considering.
  • I am optimistic, and this boosts my creativity.
  • I always figure out new ways to solve problems.
  • The universe backs me up; it always helps me develop new ideas.
  • My thoughts aren’t fruitless; they are fruitful.
  • I love getting lost in my creative thoughts.
  • Every day, my thoughts are activated to be creative.
  • Ideas come to me in a variety of unexpected ways.
  • My thinking is productive
  • I am confident that my thoughts will always lead to more creativity and innovation.

Shakti Gawain Affirmations Creative Visualization

  • I will attract what occupies my mind the most.
  • Every moment of my life is abundantly creative.
  • My intentions are strong and clear; my creative visualization works quickly and easily.
  • I see myself in a good light; I have a good self-image.
  • Love and light radiate from me to others.
  • I believe in my process; I have everything I need.
  • I keep improving in every area of my life with each passing day.
  • Everything I need comes to me easily and quickly.

Creative Block Affirmations

  • My creative ideas are always positive.
  • My ideas are valid and are wanted in this world.
  • I let go of negative emotions so I can maximize my creativity.
  • I believe my imagination will make the world a better place.
  • It’s acceptable to occasionally take a break.

Affirmations for Creative Entrepreneurs


  • I have the creativity to keep my business running
  • I have new ideas on how to improve business
  • I never run out of ideas and new ways of carrying out tasks.
  • I attract money through my ideas and creativity
  • My business stands out
  • I have the right initiative to manage my workers
  • My creativity rubs off on my staff
  • My enterprise is a solution to world problems
  • My business is unique, special, and attractive
  • My logo and brand designs are just perfect

Creative Productivity Affirmations

  • I don’t seek perfection but productivity
  • I can create something meaningful
  • I engage my creative mind in the task ahead
  • Big challenges don’t scare me; I am equal to the task.
  • I am in control of my thoughts
  • I believe in myself and my creative ability
  • My day will be productive

I Am Creative Affirmations

  • I am a creative mind with limitless abilities
  • I am a problem solver; I make use of my imagination.
  • I am an endless source of inspiration.
  • I have boundless creative energy.
  • I have a creative talent.
  • I am a brilliant and well-known artist.
  • Every day, I am learning to be more creative.
  • I am capable of devising innovative solutions to all of my life’s problems.
  • I am gifted in terms of creativity, talent, and ideas.
  • I am a creator, and I believe in myself.

Creative Genius Affirmations

Creative Genius Affirmations

  • I am a creative genius.
  • I receive all the answers I need.
  • I am smart, unique, and outstanding.
  • At everything opportunity, the genius in me is revealed.
  • I expand in knowledge and wisdom every day.
  • I am a master of my chosen skill; I excel in it.
  • I discover new ways to handle challenges.
  • I am bold to take on new responsibilities because I will excel in them.
  • I am always willing to learn new things.
  • I am always at the top of new creations in my chosen field.

Creative Daily Affirmations

  • I am filled with new ideas today.
  • I am at my creative best today.
  • Today, I don’t struggle to get my job done.
  • My mind is flooded with new and innovative ideas today.
  • Today I am willing to try my hands at something that will showcase my creativity.
  • Today I choose to inspire others with my creativity.
  • Today I choose to go a step higher in my creativity game.
  • I exercise my ability to come up with new ideas quickly.
  • I choose to push further to achieve my dreams.
  • With the help of my creative abilities, I go one step closer to realizing my ambitions.

Creative Work Affirmations


  • Whatever I lay my hands on is filled with creativity.
  • I engage my creativity in every job I have at hand
  • My jobs stand out because of my creativity
  • I don’t struggle to meet up with tasks because my creativity makes it easier.
  • I popped up with creative ideas to tackle the task of each day.


As exhausting as creativity can sometimes be, creative affirmations can make creativity much easier. If you struggle to stay creative, we have discussed 150+ creative affirmations that can keep you motivated to keep being creative.