Law Of Attraction Pregnancy Affirmations (65 Powerful Quotes To Better Live Pregnancy)

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If you’re pregnant and want to take advantage of the power of affirmations, keep reading this article because I’ll share with you the most powerful Pregnancy Affirmations and most importantly I’ll tell you how to use and how to create your own affirmations.

For the purpose of this article, it’s important to remind you the 3 characteristics that make a thought extremely powerful and capable of governing our days.

Repetition. Certain negative thoughts take root in our mind because we have repeated them hundreds of times in our life. This means that in order for our positive affirmations to also become effective, we will have to repeat them constantly (more details on this point later).

Credibility. Our negative beliefs affect us because they are… plausible. In other words, we believe it because in the past we have had life experiences that have confirmed certain thoughts. To ensure that our pregnancy affirmations also work, we cannot therefore shoot “magic” phrases far into the air, we must build affirmations that are based on real facts, or in any case on experiences from our past in which we have had winning attitudes.

Emotion. Finally, certain negative affirmations work because they are almost always accompanied by equally powerful negative emotions. The same principle must therefore be applied to our positive affirmations: in order for them to work, we cannot repeat them mechanically, but we must recite them trying to leverage emotions that are consistent with what we are repeating to ourselves.

Please, use the following affirmations wisely: take inspiration from these phrases and adapt them to your reality so that you can take advantage of them. Do not select statements that are completely contrary to your current situation. Initially, select no more than 5-7 statements to focus on. At the end of the article, I will provide you with further information on how to best use these pregnancy affirmations (when, how many times, etc.) and how to create your own.

  1. My kid and I are both safe during birth.
  2. Contractions aid in the delivery of my baby.
  3. I accept assistance from others.
  4. I am an excellent parent.
  5. I am a powerful individual.
  6. In pregnancy, I know how to look after myself.
  7. I adore my child.
  8. I’ll make the best choices for my child.
  9. My infant can sense my affection.
  10. My child is aware of their genuine birthday.
  11. My child adores me.
  12. My infant can sense the calm and security I’m experiencing.
  13. My baby will arrive at the ideal time.
  14. My baby will find the ideal birthing position.
  15. My baby’s head is perfectly positioned in my uterus.
  16. My body is capable of giving birth.
  17. My body understands when it is time to give birth.
  18. My pregnant body is just stunning.
  19. My labor and birth are acceptable to me.
  20. Those who adore, encourage, and appreciate me encircle me.
  21. I know how to look after my child.
  22. I have faith in my body.
  23. I’ll give my baby plenty of breast milk.
  24. My body is attractive and robust.
  25. I am grateful for the ability to create a life within me.
  26. My body has my total trust.
  27. My complexion is brightening.
  28. During my pregnancy, I take excellent care of myself.
  29. My child is growing at a regular rate.
  30. My baby will be delivered safely and in perfect condition on schedule.
  31. I protect us from negativity by just thinking and expressing positive things.
  32. My child is safe and healthy within my womb.
  33. Every day, I’m learning new things so that I can make the greatest decisions for my baby.
  34. My body knows how to protect and care for my child.
  35. I’m excited to see how my body changes during pregnancy and delivery.
  36. My baby will appear at the perfect time.
  37. I’m thrilled and joyful about my pregnancy, and I’m looking forward to a peaceful and lovely birth.
  38. My body is ready for my baby, and my pregnancy will end with a beautiful baby born safely.
  39. Even on rough days, I choose to appreciate every second of my pregnancy adventure.
  40. When I’m anxious, I forthrightly use my speech to communicate what I want and need.
  41. I have faith in myself and my capacity to give birth naturally, calmly, and comfortably.
  42. My baby is in the ideal position to enter the world quickly and easily.
  43. I’ll be prepared and ready for a painless, gorgeous, and easy birth.
  44. My body was made to feed, protect, and grow the baby in my womb.
  45. My baby and I are preparing for her/his birth together, and we are both thankful for this life-changing adventure.
  46. I am capable of facing this pregnancy because I am strong, fearless, optimistic, and persistent.
  47. I educate myself in order to make the greatest choices for my labor and breastfeeding.
  48. I was spiritually selected and called to be this child’s mother, and I am capable of caring for her.
  49. I’m confident that now is the best time for my baby to enter the world and enrich our household.
  50. My baby is growing regularly and will be delivered unharmed, entire, secure, and on time.
  51. I appreciate and disapprove of myself, and I accept, honor, and celebrate the changes that my lovely pregnant body undergoes as it adjusts to fit my kid.
  52. I have faith in my body’s ability to safely deliver my baby from the uterus and into my hands.
  53. I let go of the agony of pregnancy, the stress, anxiety, and dread of giving birth, and I concentrate on the joy of receiving my kid.
  54. My baby is cherished, and she recognizes it as our link and connection strengthens with each passing day.
  55. Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood are gifts that I treasure and celebrate.
  56. I have complete faith in my intuition and my body, and I am confident in my ability to deliver my kid safely.
  57. I consider myself fortunate, fortunate, and favored to be carrying my child inside of me.
  58. I keep myself and my kid safe by only thinking and saying positive things about labor and birth.
  59. My most crucial role during pregnancy and labor is to simply rest, stay focused, tranquil, and balanced, and let my kid come into the world.
  60. My life will improve significantly once my baby arrives.
  61. My pregnant body is radiant, attractive, and joyous, since it is equipped with all I need to care for my kid.
  62. I’m bringing into the world a totally healthy, whole, and powerful child.
  63. My baby knows exactly how and when she/he will give birth, and I eagerly await her/his arrival.
  64. I’m staying vigilant, in touch, and mindful of my own needs, and I naturally understand what my kid requires.
  65. With humility, appreciation, and a heart full of love, I accept the challenge of parenting.

this image introduces the paragraph about positive affirmations when pregnant

1. Identify Your Priorities

The following guidelines will be helpful for you to create your own affirmations especially when this pregnancy period will end. First of all, what are the areas of your life where you really feel the need to make a change? Would you like to feel more powerful and worthy? Less anxious during social situations? Do you feel you need to improve your relationship with your partner? Do you want to take care of your health? Try to focus your personalized positive affirmations on a specific area of ​​your life that you would like to improve.

2. Excitement

As seen, the statements are most effective when accompanied by a strong emotional drive. Therefore, carefully evaluate the choice of words and expressions, preferring those that may have the highest emotional impact for you. Amongst the pregnancy affirmations I shared with you above, I’m sure you can find some affirmations that match with your current emotional state.

3. Be Consistent and Realistic

It is important that your statements align with your personal values. If respect and honesty are essential for you, it is useless to repeat to you “I am a salesperson willing to do anything to achieve my financial goals”. Second, it is important that your statements are realistic and translatable into concrete action. If the statements are too vague or too far from your reality, you will run the risk of not believing in them yourself. For example, “I feel healthy” may be too general a statement for you. You could make it more specific by turning it into: “I feel in a great mood and full of energy”; “My body is strong, ‘flexible and resistant’; “I run every morning and this gives me energy”; “I feed with balance” and so on.

4. Transform Negative Into Positive

Unfortunately our internal dialogue is often negative. But these negative thoughts and beliefs can be a great way to spot our personalized positive affirmations. In fact, you can start from these intrusive and disempowering thoughts and transform them into their positive version. “You’re the usual indecisive” can become: “I choose carefully and make good decisions”. or “I decide with timing for my life”.

5. Present

Our mind is not designed for the future. So even though it’s difficult, especially now that you’re pregnant, always write your affirmations in the present tense, as if everything is already happening. This is essential for your mind to believe, on an unconscious level, in the statement and “settle” on that new parameter. If you write instead: “I will make very good decisions”. Your mind will always postpone your transformation to an unspecified future. Now let’s see how to use your personalized positive affirmations in an effective way… 


Choose a specific time to repeat your statements. The ideal is in the morning, upon awakening, so as to start the day on the right foot.


Repeat your affirmations aloud and if possible create a vision board that reminds you of them throughout the day.

How Many?

As explained in the article, focus on a maximum of 5-7 positive affirmations.

How Many Times?

Repeat them for at least 5-10 minutes every day, but not more than a quarter of an hour (it wouldn’t help). If you wish, you can repeat the exercise at different times of the day, but no more than three times in a day (for example, you can repeat them in the morning when you wake up, at noon and in the evening before bed).

Good. Now that you know the most powerful pregnancy affirmations and you have all the tools to best create your own personal affirmations, all you have to do is re-read, write them, use them and achieve all your goals!

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