Stoic Affirmations: 42 Powerful Affirmations To Become Wise

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If you want to take advantage of the Stoicism, keep reading this article because I’ll share with you the most powerful Stoic Affirmations and most importantly I’ll tell you how to use and how to create your own affirmations.

For the purpose of this article, it’s important to remind you the 3 characteristics that make a thought extremely powerful and capable of governing our days.

Repetition. Certain negative thoughts take root in our mind because we have repeated them hundreds of times in our life. This means that in order for our positive affirmations to also become effective, we will have to repeat them constantly (more details on this point later).

Credibility. Our negative beliefs affect us because they are… plausible. In other words, we believe it because in the past we have had life experiences that have confirmed certain thoughts. To ensure that our stoic affirmations also work, we cannot therefore shoot “magic” phrases far into the air, we must build affirmations that are based on real facts, or in any case on experiences from our past in which we have had winning attitudes.

Emotion. Finally, certain negative affirmations work because they are almost always accompanied by equally powerful negative emotions. The same principle must therefore be applied to our positive affirmations: in order for them to work, we cannot repeat them mechanically, but we must recite them trying to leverage emotions that are consistent with what we are repeating to ourselves.

Please, use the following affirmations wisely: take inspiration from these phrases and adapt them to your reality so that you can take advantage of the Stoicism. Do not select statements that are completely contrary to your current situation. Initially, select no more than 5-7 statements to focus on. At the end of the article, I will provide you with further information on how to best use these stoic affirmations (when, how many times, etc.) and how to create your own.

  1. I am capable of treating myself with dignity.
  2. I am capable of loving myself.
  3. I am the one who determines my identity.
  4. I can’t make people accept me.
  5. I can think about the future while staying calm.
  6. Today has no bearing on tomorrow.
  7. I’m fine with the prospect of an unclear future.
  8. I can choose to be a decent person RIGHT NOW.
  9. I’m thankful I woke up today.
  10. Today, I’ll concentrate solely on the essentials.
  11. Today, I will endure unpleasant people and, when feasible, assist them because I have no idea what conflicts they are facing.
  12. I’m not going to waste any time today worrying about things I can’t change.
  13. Today, I shall accept obstacles as challenges rather than exaggerating them.
  14. Today, I’ll be more precise about my concerns and address them one at a time.
  15. Today, instead of being distracted, I will be present with others.
  16. Today, I’ll remember that only a few things are required to live a happy existence; it’s all in my head.
  17. I’ll do a little better today than I did yesterday.
  18. Misery is a natural and unavoidable aspect of life. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to accept it calmly and quietly.
  19. Wise people may entirely pause their attraction and channel their repulsion exclusively toward what they have complete control over. As a result, I commit to model my behavior after theirs.
  20. Righteous people accept and fulfil the duty that Nature has given them without complaint. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to do the same.
  21. Whatever transpires to me is required for the accomplishment of my larger purpose. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to greet any event, fate comes my way with calm and appreciation.
  22. Wisdom is defined as the ability to connect one’s will with that of Divine Environment. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to always act responsibly.
  23. Everything that occurs is supposed to benefit Universal Nature as a whole, of which I am a part. As a result, knowing this, I swear not to whine if anything bad happens to me.
  24. Every habit benefits from repetition.
  25. I understand that giving in to rage is a perilous stride toward evil, not a short mistake.
  26. Most people do violent acts because they are unsure of what constitutes “good” and “bad.” As a result, rather than becoming enraged, I resolve to instruct them with compassion.
  27. It’s impossible to discuss or fight by yourself. As a result, knowing this, I pledge not to succumb to any temptation and to answer calmly and sensibly to any insult.
  28. It is a particularly human trait to forgive someone who commits a mistake. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to fully honor this greater aspect of my personality.
  29. I am a reasonable creature, not a wild beast, as a human person. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to give up any desire for vengeance and to response to any injustice with civility.
  30. We are all siblings. As a result, I pledge to always be as understanding and sympathetic toward others as feasible.
  31. Anxiety is a natural outcome of placing too much emphasis on external factors beyond one’s control. As a result, I pledge not to become deeply attached to these items now that I am aware of this.
  32. Constant philosophical study and practice is the only appropriate treatment for anxiety. As a result, I pledge to devote a significant portion of my life to this cause.
  33. Anxiety is a result of one’s perspective on reality. As a result, I am aware that I have the ability to terminate it at any time.
  34. Seeking happiness as if it were “good” and avoiding suffering as if it were “bad” leads to an anxiety-ridden existence. As a result, knowing this, I commit to evaluate these events as “balanced.”
  35. I have complete power over my thinking and behavior as a human being. As a result, I know that nothing can prevent me from overcoming my anxiety.
  36. Anxiety cannot exist in a mind that is completely present and aware and does not worry about the future. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to improve my mindfulness.
  37. Nature intended for mankind to live in peace with one another. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to treat everyone with the utmost cooperation and friendliness.
  38. Humans are both rational and social creatures. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to always fully comply with my own character.
  39. True vengeance is the refusal to respond to evil with evil. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to react to any injustice with virtue.
  40. When the human soul says something untrue, it lowers itself. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to always tell the truth.
  41. Imprudent men are stupid and rely on others for assistance.
  42. Wise individuals are powerful and seek assistance from within. As a result, knowing this, I pledge to structure my behavior after the latter.

this image introduces the paragraph about Powerful Stoic Affirmations guidelines

1. Identify Your Priorities

First of all, what are the areas of your life where you really feel the need to make a change? Would you like to feel more powerful and worthy? Less anxious during social situations? Do you feel you need to improve your relationship with your partner? Do you want to take care of your health? Try to focus your personalized positive affirmations on a specific area of ​​your life that you would like to improve.

2. Excitement

As seen, the statements are most effective when accompanied by a strong emotional drive. Therefore, carefully evaluate the choice of words and expressions, preferring those that may have the highest emotional impact for you. Amongst the stoic affirmations I shared with you above, I’m sure you can find some affirmations that match with your current emotional state.

3. Be Consistent and Realistic

It is important that your statements align with your personal values. If respect and honesty are essential for you, it is useless to repeat to you “I am a salesperson willing to do anything to achieve my financial goals”. Second, it is important that your statements are realistic and translatable into concrete action. If the statements are too vague or too far from your reality, you will run the risk of not believing in them yourself. For example, “I feel healthy” may be too general a statement for you. You could make it more specific by turning it into: “I feel in a great mood and full of energy”; “My body is strong, ‘flexible and resistant’; “I run every morning and this gives me energy”; “I feed with balance” and so on.

4. Transform Negative Into Positive

Unfortunately our internal dialogue is often negative. But these negative thoughts and beliefs can be a great way to spot our personalized positive affirmations. In fact, you can start from these intrusive and disempowering thoughts and transform them into their positive version. “You’re the usual indecisive” can become: “I choose carefully and make good decisions”. or “I decide with timing for my life”.

5. Present

Our mind is not designed for the future. Always write your affirmations in the present tense, as if everything is already happening. This is essential for your mind to believe, on an unconscious level, in the statement and “settle” on that new parameter. If you write instead: “I will make very good decisions”. Your mind will always postpone your transformation to an unspecified future. Now let’s see how to use your personalized positive affirmations in an effective way… 


Choose a specific time to repeat your statements. The ideal is in the morning, upon awakening, so as to start the day on the right foot.


Repeat your affirmations aloud and if possible create a vision board that reminds you of them throughout the day.

How Many?

As explained in the article, focus on a maximum of 5-7 positive affirmations.

How Many Times?

Repeat them for at least 5-10 minutes every day, but not more than a quarter of an hour (it wouldn’t help). If you wish, you can repeat the exercise at different times of the day, but no more than three times in a day (for example, you can repeat them in the morning when you wake up, at noon and in the evening before bed).

Good. Now that you know the most powerful stoic affirmations and you have all the tools to best create your own personal affirmations, all you have to do is re-read, write them, use them and achieve all your goals!

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