Natural birth Affirmations; Are They Effective?

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Yes, natural birth affirmations are effective. Committing to these positive affirmations gives you a better chance of having a natural birth than you ordinarily have.

Natural childbirth is more of a blessing than a natural course.

Women who opt for it adopt different methods to ensure safe delivery. One such way includes the use of positive affirmations.

However, People are still skeptical about how reciting certain sentences can help increase your chances of having a natural childbirth. This article divulges the truth about this belief.

Any proof that positive affirmations for natural birth are effective?

proof that positive affirmations for natural birth are effective

Having natural childbirth involves employing certain breathing techniques and being able to relax.

Since it is known that affirmations help to calm the mind and create serenity in the mind, it relates that saying your affirmations during labor gives you those benefits which are, in turn, instrumental in having a natural childbirth.

But do not forget that the first thing to understand is that affirmations only work for people who believe and practice them.

The commitment and vigor behind those your heartfelt desires is the diesel that would fire up your quest and bring it to reality.

In addition, many women worldwide have confirmed that positive affirmations during their gestation period were instrumental in their safe and easy childbirth.

This could be true; it could also be a coincidence. But what is established is that affirmations work.

The mind can be reprogrammed through neuroplasticity to believe and implement what it is told. So, when you affirm safe delivery, it’s logical to think that it increases your chances of having a safe delivery.

So the bottom line is. There may not be definite proof that affirmations for natural childbirth work.

However, we cannot overlook the testimonies of thousands of women who believe it worked for them.

And because it’s proven that affirmations work, it’s safe to say that they could be employed in natural childbirth, just like in every other aspect.

How best can I implement my positive affirmations for a natural birth?

As we stated earlier, your belief is key to achieving your desired goals through affirmations.

So if you are looking at having a natural childbirth without complications, you must believe that affirmations can help you achieve that.

Moving on, you should devise ways to help you commit strongly to the affirmations.

Some of the effective ways to say your natural childbirth affirmations include:

  • Writing your affirmations and reading them out at will
  • Make your affirmations into cards and place them at strategic places in your home and in your hospital ward, where you can easily see and say them
  • Putting the affirmations in an audio format and listening to them whenever you wish to
  • Repeat the affirmations anytime you feel the need for them.

What are the best affirmations for natural childbirth?

What are the best affirmations for natural childbirth

Every affirmation is effective if you commit to it.

However, there are certain do’s and don’ts in affirmations that, when adhered to, would help you record greater success in saying them.

The best affirmations reflect your heart’s truest and deepest desires, backed up with the zeal to see them manifest.

That is to say that no matter how you twist your affirmations, they should be projected by your desire to become what you wish for.

Also, the best affirmations are the ones you believe in.

It is not enough to have a book full of affirmations, but they are mere words to you. It takes your absolute belief in the power and effectiveness of those words to see them manifest.

For natural childbirth, you should note the following in your affirmations

  • Be realistic: You must understand that these affirmations are not meant just to be said. They represent your longings for a natural and safe delivery. As such, you should constantly remind yourself that the affirmations are not mere words rather they are the true reflections of your innermost heart’s desires
  • Avoid negativity: As a general rule, avoid using negative words in your affirmations. This also includes prepositions that connote negativity. Words like not, cannot, and never. Find ways to get around the words and keep all your affirmations positive
  • Let your quest be defined: Since you wish to experience natural childbirth, be specific about it. Using generic words like “safe delivery” can give room for confusion. The focus is on the “how,” but when you wish for safe delivery, it can come through natural childbirth or C-section. I hope you understand.

Positive pregnancy affirmations


We can’t discuss childbirth without talking about pregnancy.

This is because there are many ways that your condition or state of mind during pregnancy affects your delivery.

As we know, pregnancy comes with a lot of mood swings and different kinds of emotions.

You have to understand that there is a connection between how you managed these pregnancy factors and how the outcome of your childbirth would be.

For example, a study shows that women who experienced a lot of fear during their gestation period had less positive childbirth outcomes.

This can be ascribed to elements like nervousness and a lack of confidence. These could consequently result in childbirth complications that may deny the natural woman childbirth.

So here is the bottom line. Since your state of mind during pregnancy can rob you of natural childbirth, positive affirmations that effectively control these factors could be employed.

There are affirmations for fear, worry, anxiety, and confidence.

Committedly saying these affirmations will result in a healthier gestation period that would also foster natural childbirth.

Positive pregnancy affirmations include

  • I am favored
  • My baby is fine and growing in the right position
  • I have a lovely partner
  • My body system is working perfectly
  • I am healthy
  • I will have my baby in good health
  • I look beautiful and radiant
  • I am doing the right thing for my baby
  • I will be a great mom
  • My childbirth will be the least painful and natural
  • I flee from negative thoughts, and they have no power over me
  • My body is in alignment with the good wishes of the universe for me
  • It feels good to be a mom
  • My baby will come out when it is due
  • Everything is working in my favor

Positive affirmations for contractions

Contraction in childbirth represents the last stone before the peak of a mountain.

Though you have come so far, it may just be your quest’s end if you don’t make past it.

Natural childbirth occurs when enough contractions pull on the cervix for the baby section to emerge.

A C-section is opted for when the contraction is low, or the woman is too weak to push.

So, the use of affirmations here is to help you get enough contractions to bring out the baby. It is for you to be strong in pushing.

Here, you talk to your inner being. You bring it to the awareness of your wishes. You invigorate the strength and confidence needed to put you through the contractions through these powerful affirmative words.

Owing to the pain of contractions, which would make it difficult for you to say your affirmations, we recommend that you start saying them early enough before the time.

You can also make the affirmations into cards and tell the nurses to help you place them where you can look at them and draw courage from them.

Positive affirmations for contraction

  • I am strong
  • My body is capable of doing this
  • My baby will come through me, naturally
  • The pain I feel now will become my joy soon
  • I know I can accomplish this.
  • I have a supportive spouse
  • Supportive people surround me
  • The medical team are experts
  • I am not different
  • The universe knows what I want and would provide it
  • I have overcome

Positive affirmations for relaxation and breathing

Positive affirmations for relaxation and breathing

Natural childbirth involves relaxing your mind and controlling your breathing.

So if we are discussing how effective natural childbirth affirmations could be, the two factors should be considered.

Positive affirmations can ease your mind of stress and worry, which would bring you relaxation.

With these affirmations to calm your mind and breathing, you can have more success as it concerns natural childbirth. If so, what other effects are we looking at?

Here are a few mind-relaxing affirmations for you that would help you have a natural childbirth

  • I radiate positive energy
  • It is okay
  • Everything will turn out fine
  • I am calm
  • I am in charge of my emotions
  • My breathing is normal
  • This pain will bring me joy soon
  • The universe is in control
  • I believe in myself
  • Good people surround me

Conclusion to natural birth affirmations

Like in every other aspect where affirmations are employed, the key factor is you.

If you believe that affirmations can help you achieve natural childbirth, there are high chances it would.

So, whether these affirmations are effective or not depends solely on you. We believe this article has come in handy in answering your questions on the effectiveness of natural childbirth affirmations.