What are Hypnobirthing Affirmations, and How do they Work?

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Hypnobirthing Affirmations are statements that help the body to relax and feel less pain during childbirth.

Hypnobirthing has been in practice for years now. It has worked for many women and would continue to work for those who believe in the concept.

From the word hypnosis, we can understand that hypnobirthing is the act of controlling the mind and getting to suppress its natural tendencies to react to the pain of birth.

This is achieved through special techniques like controlled breathing, relaxation, and visualization.

The concept aims to reduce pain, fear, and anxiety during childbirth. With this said, we can now say thus;

How do hypnobirthing affirmations work?

Hypnobirthing has been in use for many years.

Same way, hypnobirthing affirmations have been in use too.

Either as a concept or as mere words. Whichever way, the point is that they work for those who believe in it. But how?

We would be looking at how these affirmations influence the working principles of hypnobirthing.

Let’s discuss the various hypnobirthing techniques and how affirmations influence them.

Hypnobirthing Techniques & How Affirmations Influence them



One of the widely used techniques of hypnobirthing is relaxation.

The woman finds ways to relax and get her mind off her worries.

This could be achieved using cool, soothing music or incorporating prenatal yoga. This way, her mind-body gets relaxed and her mind as well.

Now, here is the effect of affirmations.

Affirmations are known to tackle fear, anxiety, and other mind-related issues effectively.

So, as a facilitator, hypnobirthing affirmations help the mind and body to relax by minimizing factors that could cause the mind to get troubled and, consequently, the body. That’s exactly how to relax!

Controlled breathing

One other hypnobirthing technique is controlled breathing.


Here, the woman feels less pain by inhaling and exhaling in calculated numbers.

It is believed that this act has a soothing effect on the woman.

Between those breathing breaks, the woman focuses less on delivery pain; rather, she tends to keep her mind on a pre-conscious level, calm and relaxed about exactly what is needed for the process.

Just like we discussed above, affirmations come in to foster this serenity.

Saying your hypnobirthing affirmations has a calming effect on your mind.

So, while you focus on your breathing and get a bit off the conscious, these affirmations filter in to keep you a bit longer in that state. They inspire you to do more.



In this technique, the woman creates imagery of her wonderland.

She transcends into the subconscious state, where she chooses something interesting to memorize.

While she is having her baby, she could imagine herself doing something else. So the idea is to create a distraction in her mind. To achieve this, she could opt for music or yoga to help her meditate.

Here is how hypnobirthing affirmations work here.

Since this has to do with painting a mental picture of a different scene from the actual birthing process, affirmations would create the space for such a scene.

When you say these affirmations, you meditate on them and imagine the contents of your affirmations happening at that time.

The distraction from the moment’s pain to the quest for manifestation is all you need to achieve perfect hypnobirthing.

Shifting away from negative thoughts

Hypnobirthing is more of a mind game.

For that, it is important to understand that whatever your mind conjures at the point of birth could either promote the exercise or mar it.

Since the primary role is to decrease the pain of childbirth, hypnobirthing can be fostered using affirmations by distracting the mind from negative thoughts.

These negative thoughts breed fear, anxiety, and worry, which contrast with the concept of hypnobirthing.

So the bottom line is this.

Saying your hypnobirthing affirmations can help you keep a positive mind and attitude towards the entire process.

This positive mindset opens the path to relaxation, visualization, and controlled breathing, which are essential for the hypnobirthing process.

So, with the outlined techniques and the various roles of affirmations in seeing them come through, we believe you now understand the concept of hypnobirthing affirmations.

They are the driving force to actualizing the needed state of mind and body for hypnobirthing.

Any disadvantages of hypnobirthing affirmations?

One problem people often have with affirmations is confusing them with magic or living in the fantasy of its promises.

You need to understand that affirmations do not immediately affect your life.

Rather, they gradually incite your mind to shift from the normal to your desired wishes.

Over time, you start living in line with the contents of your affirmations which have become a command on your subconscious mind.

Weeks, months, or years may pass throughout this procedure. So, expecting to be rich tomorrow is ridiculous because you said riches affirmations today.

In the case of hypnobirthing, one can start living in the fantasy of having a painless delivery and get caught up in the situation.

Hypnobirthing affirmations do not guarantee a pain-free delivery. Rather they create a path for reducing the pain.

Hypnobirthing affirmations do not guarantee a pain-free delivery. Rather they create a path for reducing the pain.

So, if you start seeing hypnobirthing affirmations as magic words that would lure you into a deep sleep, and on waking up, you have your baby in your arms, you would likely get shocked at the outcome of the event.

Always have it in mind that they are facilitators, not eradicators.

How, where, and when can I say my hypnobirthing affirmations?

Saying your hypnobirthing affirmations takes a little more attention than normal birth affirmations.

This is because you aim to achieve many things using a particular means.

For you to accomplish this, you need extra energy and commitment. The meditation, combination of breath patterns, and visualization speak volumes of special hypnobirthing affirmations.

So for the how, here are a few tips to help you get your hypnobirthing affirmations right

  • Jot down relevant ideas for your affirmations
  • Be meditative about the affirmations
  • Print the affirmations into cards and keep them around you
  • Record your affirmations and listen to them. You could have them in the form of subliminal affirmations
  • Practice them. Be objective about the affirmations.
  • As many times as you can in a day, repeat them.

And now for the where; you should say your affirmations in a quiet place.

A place where you can strike a balance between your consciousness and subconscious.

Affirmations said in such a state tend to be more effective as they seep into the subconscious while taking effects on the consciousness at the same time.

On the other hand, you can say your hypnobirthing affirmations whenever you have feelings of doubt about your decision to have your baby through hypnobirthing.

Say them on the maternity bed. When you feel the waves of contraction coming, say them. In every case, always remember that you are aiming at reducing pain. Be objective and visualize the outcome.

Also, keep a positive mindset.

Hypnobirthing affirmations

We have compiled a list of 30 powerful hypnobirthing affirmations to help you get the best hypnobirthing results.

You may either write them down and repeat them or you can make cards of them and put them in key locations throughout your house. Say them out loud and commit to them.

  • I am relaxed and confident
  • My breathing is normal
  • I exhale toxic energy and inhale gratitude and trust
  • I see myself smiling with my baby in my arms
  • This pain is just for a while. My bundle of joy is coming to fill me with happiness
  • I am strong
  • Each wave brings me closer to having my baby
  • I release fear
  • I free my mind from anxiety
  • I breathe in strength and breath out my weaknesses
  • My body is ready for this
  • My baby is in perfect condition
  • Lovely people surround me, and my baby and I are safe
  • I choose natural; I choose me
  • I’m carrying out my responsibilities.
  • Muscles are relaxed, and my body is ready to help me give birth to my baby
  • I am going to have my baby, not by power but by the will of God and the help of my body
  • I am in charge now
  • Every breath counts
  • I release my negative ideas and make room for positive ones.
  • I radiate positive energy
  • It is going as I planned it
  • No matter what happens, I will remain calm
  • I am connecting with my inner self to have total control of my body
  • The universe is aware of my childbirth and will provide for me
  • My partner loves me
  • My fear is normal and can be controlled by me
  • I am at peace with my inner being
  • If it is time, it is time
  • I have overcome


Hypnobirthing affirmations aim to improve hypnobirthing techniques–relaxation, controlled breathing, and guided visualization for better results.

Let us know what you think in the comments.