Unraveling the Mystery Behind Breastfeeding affirmations

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Breastfeeding affirmations include all sentences and phrases you can recite to encourage you as a mother to perform your breastfeeding duty and to help you realize the benefits of the exercise.

Breastfeeding is an important part of the child-raising process. It is a moment of bonding between the mother and the child. Care should be taken not to disrupt this culture as it may pose psychological problems to the baby.

In a bid to foster this mother-child bond through breastfeeding, certain strategies have been employed.

These strategies include the campaign for exclusive breastfeeding and the waxing awareness of the need for a cut down on the use of artificial baby foods.

On the other hand, positive breastfeeding affirmations have also helped promote this mother and child bond by reminding all mothers of their responsibilities and encouraging them to continue on the right track.

Do positive affirmations for breastfeeding work?

This is a very common question in every discussion concerning affirmations.


People are skeptical about saying things and expecting them to manifest. It is not as easy as stating it and having it happen, though. There are certain rules to follow.

But Yes! Positive Breastfeeding affirmations work.

It is possible to bring about a better breastfeeding experience by saying positive affirmations.

This is how. It is common knowledge that affirmations work directly on our minds.

They help reprogram our thoughts and shape them towards our desired goals.

For this, it is right to say that saying positive affirmations helps in the lactation process by inputting our desired breastfeeding outcomes into our minds and helping us work towards achieving them.

Also, affirmations help in reducing stress, fear, and worry.

These factors can affect a breastfeeding mom adversely.

According to a US Obstetrics and Gynecology consultant, Shivani Patel, in one of her articles on breastmilk and aspects that affect its production, stress is a major factor that reduces breast milk production.

So, affirmations are employed to calm the mother’s mind. To free her from negativities and focus her mind on the bright side of breastfeeding her baby.

With this known, it is no longer in doubt whether these Positive affirmations for breastfeeding work or not.

They do!

But remember that the affirmations do not work on their own. They have to be backed up by a strong desire to see the intentions of the affirmations manifest into reality.

Without the willingness and positive attitude towards your affirmations, they are nothing but mere words.

Why do you need to say breastfeeding affirmations?

Now that we have established that positive affirmations for breastfeeding are effective let’s look at some of the benefits of saying these affirmations.

  • Breastfeeding affirmations remind you of your duty to feed your baby through suckling
  • They ease the stress of breastfeeding and anxiety issues related to the lactation process
  • They are a source of inspiration to women in the gestation period
  • They strengthen the bond between you and your baby
  • Breastfeeding affirmations give you the strength to attend to your baby’s needs at all times

benefits of saying breastfeeding affirmations

So the bottom line is that by saying your breastfeeding affirmations, you make the lactation period an interesting time for you and the baby.

Breastfeeding affirmations for all mothers

  • I am glad about motherhood
  • I am a good mom by breastfeeding my baby
  • My breast milk is healthy for my baby
  • I do not find breastfeeding stressful because it is for my baby’s goodness
  • I love the bond I am creating between my baby and me
  • My breast is healthy, and so is the milk
  • I am not ashamed of breastfeeding my baby
  • My baby appreciates me
  • I can do this for long
  • Everything is going as I wanted it

Cancer patients and breastfeeding affirmations; any connections?

According to World Health Organization, more than 7.3 million women have received a breast cancer diagnosis in the past five years.

One of the major problems associated with breast cancer is the problem of breastfeeding.

One of the major problems associated with breast cancer is the problem of breastfeeding (Tips to reduce breastfeeding)

Most doctors recommend that a woman diagnosed with breast cancer stop breastfeeding the baby as certain chemotherapy treatment-related issues may be transferred to the baby( source ).

This is to say that breast cancer impedes breastfeeding.

On the contradicting side, effective breastfeeding is one of the best ways to reduce the risks of suffering from breast cancer.

Women who feed their babies exclusively stand fewer chances of having breast cancer.

If that’s the case, we can now discuss prevention and not cure. i.e., we should focus on how women can improve their breastfeeding to reduce their chances of having cancer.

Breastfeeding affirmations prove to be one such way to improve breastfeeding.

Through the right affirmations, mothers can realize the need for them to provide that motherly care and love to their babies through breastfeeding.

On the other hand, they get to see being able to breastfeed their babies as a blessing since not all mothers can. When this happens, they are just on the right track to averting breast cancer disease.

In addition, these affirmations are important for breast cancer survivors.

Trauma is one bad thing about life-threatening diseases.

Even when you survive them, it takes time to heal.

Breast cancer survivors are not any different. Encouraging them to let the past go and take their breastfeeding role seriously and assuring them of the benefits of doing so is the fundamental work of these affirmations.

They understand that the storm is over and it is time to return to their motherly roles.

Saying these affirmations will lift their spirit and help them let go of their cancer ordeals and focus on the benefits of breastfeeding their babies.

Here are a few amazing Positive breastfeeding affirmations for breast cancer survivors.

  • My baby misses and needs me, and I am willing to stay close and make up for the lost time through breastfeeding
  • I can do this
  • My breast milk is healthy and good for my baby
  • My chemo sessions didn’t affect my mammary gland
  • My baby loves me just the way I am
  • As my baby sucks my breast, so does my entire body experience the pleasure of healthiness
  • I am free from cancer, and so is my breast milk
  • I did the right thing, and now, I will do even better

Breastfeeding affirmations for new mothers

Breastfeeding affirmations for new mothers

Having your first child is not always easy. You would have to get used to things you only saw other people do.

One such thing is breastfeeding.

Remember when you used to look away from a mother breastfeeding her baby on the train, bus, or taxi?

Now it’s your turn. But don’t freak out.

Positive Breastfeeding affirmations are here for you. Say you’re positive breastfeeding affirmations with commitment and trust in materializing those words of your mouth into reality.

They will encourage you always to prioritize the love and care for your baby while helping you deal with the stress.

Breastfeeding affirmations for new mothers

  • I am happy my baby will suckle on my breasts
  • I am ready for this
  • I am loving every second of nursing my kid.
  • I am building an inseparable bond between myself and my baby
  • My breast milk is rich in the needed vitamins for my baby’s growth and wellness
  • I have always dreamed of this
  • I so much cherish nature for this opportunity
  • My baby will love me more because of the affection we share through this breastfeeding
  • There is no shame in feeding my baby
  • I am strong and healthy
  • The milk is flowing as it should
  • I am doing the right and the best thing for my baby

Positive Breastfeeding affirmations for D-MER

D-MER, a short form for Dysphoric Milk Ejection reflex, happens to be one of the common issues affecting breastfeeding that is not often discussed.

Though it has no direct medical effect on the baby, the mother risks avoiding constant breastfeeding.

Since it has more to do with the mother’s psychological state, it can also be tackled using psychological means.

This is to say that we can help mothers who experience D-MER by reprogramming their minds.

The mother experiences anxiety, nervousness, sadness, emotional unrest, etc., each time she tries to breastfeed her baby.

It, over time, becomes a disorder as the mind easily gives off those actions once the mother is about to breastfeed the baby.

In this case, you can render help by looking for ways to distract the mother’s mind from those thoughts and feelings.

Affirmations come in handy here.

To distract the mother’s thoughts, there need to be new messages expected to take the place of outgoing ideas. These correctional messages can be sent to the brain through positive affirmations to effect a recent change. Thus, the need for breastfeeding affirmations in treating D-MER.

Positive affirmations for mothers who suffer D-MER

  • I’m taking good care of my child.
  • Everything is fine
  • My baby will suck gently
  • I am fine and do is my baby
  • I am courageous
  • My breast milk is flowing well
  • Both my kid and I adore one other.
  • I am the best mother to my baby
  • I am supposed to do this, and I am doing it
  • My baby, my joy
  • I am above my fears and anxiety


Breastfeeding affirmations help give the child the best care they can get from breastfeeding.

Saying them in the right way provides room for Improved breastfeeding experience and both mother and child satisfaction.