1×11 Manifestation Method Demonstration

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Stick with us till the end, we have enlightened every aspect of the 1×11 Manifestation Method in this guide.

The significance and the meaning of Manifestation

The meaning of manifest is to reveal clearly to the mind or the senses or judgment or show external attributes.

Furthermore, we come to the significance of this technique of magic numbers. These number sequences have great significance in people’s lives to create massive abundance, and success and to make their lives better and joyful.

These days, this technique is being used by many people, especially by Tik Tok and Instagram users, to manifest more money, love, success, popularity, or anything they want!

You can use this method for whatever you want in your life.

The inventor of the 1×11 Method (Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla The inventor of the 1x11 Method

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was a famous writer; he has written more than 50 books for readers of all ages, including biographies for young readers. He has introduced this method of Manifestation and called it “Tesla’s” Magical numbers’ which many people use as an easy and effortless technique to become popular on mass media and gain more money through accessible resources.

Non-Academic Significance

There are different methods and techniques used for the future except for educational benefits.

The very popular technique is the 369 manifestation method designed and based on “Tesla’s magical numbers.” This theory shows that when you use numbers in your Manifestation (exposition | demonstration) of plans, you will tap into these numbers’ surprising and magical power.

Different Concepts | Strategies

The 11 manifestation method of “Tesla” is a short and easy daily practice based on magic number 111 that may help get, explore, and demonstrate anything that you want more rapidly and save your time and money to get more benefits within a short period.

This concept has a great attraction for Tik Tok and Instagram users, where the idea behind it manipulates many people.

It has special importance in our lives for manifesting our thoughts and dominating frequency to get more popularity and earn more money without putting much effort.

With hundreds of various concepts and strategies, and ways to demonstrate, the underlying principle stays the same: if you want to fulfill your life materialistically or to get materialize something that isn’t available currently in your life, you must modify your thoughts, feelings, and actions by using these magic numbers.

How to practice the 1×11 Manifestation Method

It can serve as both a warning and an encouragement to you. When you manifest something that relates to what you want to manifest, keep doing more of what you are already doing.

How you do The 1×11 Manifestation Method

Step 1 on how you do The 1x11 manifestation method

11 days intention writng following the 1x11 Manifestation Method

  • Get yourself a journal and mark out 11 days – one page per day


  • Decide on one single ‘thing’ you want to manifest. Get very clear on exactly what that is.

affirmation statement on what you want to manifest through 1x11 Method

  • Create an affirmation/statement that encapsulates what you want to manifest. Write it as if it is already part of your life, and make sure the statement causes you to ‘see it in your mind.

11 days intention writng following The 1x11 Manifestation

  • For the next 11 days, you will write this statement out 11 times in the morning and 11 times in the evening.
  • Memorize the opening statement and write that down after you’ve written out your 11 affirmations.


  • Close your eyes take a deep breath, and place your attention on your heart. Allow you to settle and get still. Take just 1 minute to ‘be’ and be still listening. God’s only voice is silence.

Opening Statement

My thoughts and feelings create my vibration, which dictates what I attract into my life. There is a stream of abundance flowing freely in the universe, and by raising my vibration, I allow this stream to flow to and throw me. I now direct my innermost thoughts and feelings to peace, love, joy, harmony, and gratitude. 

Think and believe that God’s only voice is silence.

Then start with the following opening statement:

When you feel a sudden sensation and introduce something specific you want to demonstrate, it will manifest as an effect of your raised emotions and not necessarily because you are focused on something specific.

For many people, focusing on something they want to manifest reminds them that they don’t have it.

This lowers their vibration.

Sometimes, many people feel like they have tried it all and work hard on their manifestations. Unless your thoughts and images of what you want can raise your emotions, and sensations, you will keep attracting more of what you don’t want.

Simply it is an eleven-day practice and you might get your biggest dream fulfilled by this angle of numbers practice, although that could already happen.

After that, take a break for a few days, then focus on just what you were planning.

Then commit to another 11 days.

Get free of your mind and forget about “how long” it may take to demonstrate through Tesla’s magical number’s tactics.

How the Manifestation method works (Philosophical views) 

One of the philosophies I have tried to present is that no one knows enough to be a pessimist. Those who criticized the 1×11 manifestation method for indirectly invoking the number 111 do have a point, but who knows?

If you are aware of the meaning of the 111 magic numbers and the sequence you do things in, then that energy has to be present on what to plan about your best future.

There is many law of attraction writing exercises. They all focus on the same principle and strategies upon which your writing is based.

Writing helps you focus and removes mental and emotional distractions. This is very different from just thinking about something or reviewing the thoughts in your mind. When you write down your intention, you see it, hear it, and do it.   

Why the 111 Manifestation Method Helps & Works

If my opinion is concerned, nothing can be best without effort. Better is better.

Doing more of what does not work won’t make it any better. What this means is that stale and dull repetitions will get you nowhere. Being truly focused and present when writing your statement asserting something about your life is the real key.

Methomanifestds like the 55×5 ing method are much more intense and can be more effective when done correctly because of the sheer amount of repetition.

Please do not place your faith in the method itself. Always remind yourself that the method is a means to an end. We just are using this magical technique to gain material benefits within a short period for our best life ever.

Criticism of the 1×11 Manifestation Method

Criticism about the 1x11 Manifestation Method.

There are two main points about this manifesting technique that I find a bit confusing. Does writing your intentions/thoughts/plans for 1*11 daily really invoke the power that is in the number 111?

I had the same confusion about using Tesla’s 369 manifestation method. The number 111 usually shows up as guidance and is often a form of a sequence occurring in the same period.

Using it in this way as a strategy to invoke the manifestation references to the number may be difficult to understand for many people. Who knows? Remember that no one knows enough to be a person who expects the worst.

Another criticism is in the repetition of your plans, and thoughts 11 times.

Is this enough?

We know desires that often require a lot of consistent repetition for them to be effective.

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