The 3×33 Manifestation Method (Amazing powerful results)

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So, let’s get started with the 3×33 Manifestation Method that really works.

Manifestation method: 3×33

As I am working on the laws of attraction, I found some tools relevant to this, which are subconscious mind/vibrations and intentional actions; all of these can be studied under the 3×33 manifestation method: if you are ready to get in, these Manifesting objects will help you move on.

Now get relaxed, calm yourself, and think about your goals or ambitions.

think about your goals or ambitions

You may see a very clear picture of your visions.

You can even feel your visions, and positive feelings will revolve around you.

feel your visions, and positive feelings (2)


These feelings should be happy, joyous and feeling healthy, etc.

Stay a few movements in such conditions now open your eyes, focusing on your goals until they become meaningful to you.

If your vision is clear enough, write it in your notebook or anything you like.

aim or vision writing in notebook

Write it multiple times. Write each word carefully, as every word should be meaningful to you.

You can do this method three times continuously.

Every day doing it at the same time will help your mind efforts and ambitions.

Hopefully, this method will help you bring it to life. Please feel free to tag with true spirit coaching.

How to Use the 3x33 Manifestation Method (5 Step Answer)

By Kenneth Wong. “You will learn about the law of attraction energies in your vibration alignment.”

Step 1. Pick One Thing To Manifest.

what you want to manifest

It would be best if you were clear about what you want. Write down what do you want to manifest, which could be any job or anything you want in your life.

For example, if it’s a job, manifest a new job and write it on the page. This will help you in your situation.

Step 2: Clarify your intentions.

Why do you want to manifest this desire? Your energy will create this manifestation.

Now think about how you will get your job.

Thinking on how will I get the job

What do you feel? You should feel good, inspired are passionate.

Write your feelings and your desire.

Step 3. Choose a positive affirmation.

In the third step, you will combine your desires with your positive emotions. It is totally up to you. 

You should feel before your desire.

Before writing, you should feel passionate about your desire. Then it would be best if you wrote it.

The more positive your affirmation is, the closer your vibration alignment is to your desire.

Step 4. write the affirmation 33 times for 3 days.

In this step, you should write your affirmations 33 times for three days; this may seem like more, but it is powerful for your vibrations.

Each time you write your affirmation, your vibrations will get more powerful. But you should also feel it instead of only writing it.

This will raise your positive emotions and your vibrations which will help your mind and spirit.

While writing, you should say it loud and feel it.

Step 5. be patient with your manifestation.

This is the final step where you will learn to be patient.

After you have written your affirmation 33 times, 3 days, your desire will manifest shortly.

This is how you deliver your emotions to the universe.

Please don’t write your affectations conscientiously without feeling it. After completing this method, you will feel good will become a miracle in your life.

3×33 manifestation. The #1 LOA writing technique.

Let me introduce the 3×33 LOA writing technique. This is deeper than the 3×33 manifestation.

What is 3×33 manifestation?

This is an early-stage method.

What is the significance of numbers 3 and 33?

Number 3 is assassinated with energy growth and positivity. Number 33 is called the master teacher, and this combination is just like 11 and 22.

Why does this method work?


The mind understands the language of emotions. There are emotions behind every event.


The repetition of events over beliefs and thoughts becomes firms by the passing time.

Our beliefs become stronger and help us in upcoming events.

In this technique, emotions and repetitions form manifest of our desire.

The only difference here is awoken our emotions by repetitions also. This method makes our manifestation faster.

How to do the 3×33 method?

  1. Set an Intention

Set an intention your intention of desire should be fixed whatever you want, for example, if you wish to money, job, good health or positive relation?

Think of your need as urgency; these questions will help you clarify your goals and desires.

What type of person do I need to become.

If I had only one year to live, what would top ten items to achieve.

What problem do I need to solve in the coming days, weeks, months our years?


I intended to be debt-free.

I intended to lose 50 pounds

I intended to become more social and outgoing.

I intended to make a full-time income from my business.

I intended to be a loving relationship with my soulmate.

  1. Convert the intention into an affirmation.

  Intentional Affirmations

  Intentional Affirmation

  Intentional Affirmations

  Intentional Affirmations (2)

  Intentional Affirmations (3)

  Intentional Affirmations (4)

Affirmation begins with “I am statement”.

Affirmation includes feeling emotive words like happy, grateful, love, etc.

These are very powerful words that bring more positivity, making you feel happy.

Make sure you restrict your affirmation length to one line.

  1. Write the affirmation.

It would be best if you had papers, journals, or a notebook.

Also, we will use a pen, typewriter, or computer.

Use a green pen to write money affirmations and a red pen to write love affirmations.

Social life should be written with a blue pen for other affirmations like weight loss.

Letting go, once three days are over, we rely upon the desire to take shape and form.

Letting go will detach us from doubts and other worries.

As we regularly do these laws of attraction, our faith, and belief in manifest ability increase.

Slowly as we begin the process, we can relinquish our desires more easily; this happens without exerting any will.

That does not worry too much.

Will the desire appear in 3 days or not?

It is highly unlikely (but not impossible) that your goal will appear in 3 days. Every desire has its own divine time and period of pregnancy, so don’t force this issue; let it come to you naturally.

Although I have written this article from the point of view of ’cause of appearance’, the same principle of ‘timing’ should be applied to other attraction techniques.

Which one is better, 3×33 Manifestation or 5×55 Manifestation?

Both techniques are excellent and have proven to deliver amazing results; look at the definitions online on forums and social media. Therefore, I will not put on each other.

Instead, use the 5 × 55 technique to deal with life-changing issues and crises, for example, winning a lawsuit, protecting loved ones from harm, and mental health issues. Dealing, turning a lifetime, etc.


Writing enables us to focus on the things that matter most to us. It engages our brain inactivity and opens up its cognitive abilities (creation, retention, etc.).

Make a habit of writing affirmations a daily part of your life and see the magic in front of your eyes.

Focusing on Subconscious Mind

To express our dreams, aspirations, and goals, we need to focus our subconscious mind on what we are trying to express. But did you know that the subconscious mind is capable of processing approximately 11 million pieces of information every second?

It regulates the human body’s breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and all other autonomous activities. It also drives most of our everyday attitudes, feelings, and thoughts.

By pretending to be 33 × 3, you tell your subconscious mind that this is what you want to focus on. You are putting big neon flashing lights on your target and saying, ‘Unconscious mind, please pay attention to this – this is important to me!’

“You keep your energy where you focus your attention. Once you fix your focus or your awareness or your mind on the possibility, you put your energy there as well.” Dr. Joe Dyspenza

Positive Affirmations Repetition

We repeat positive affirmations because the words, thoughts, phrases, and emotions that we repeat become stronger whenever we say them.

By repeating positive affirmations, they sink into your subconscious mind, where they will ultimately affect your behavior, actions, and reactions, what you focus on spreads.

Repetition makes our words and thoughts stronger, clearer, and more likely that our subconscious mind will focus on them, which is exactly what we want to express our goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Manifestation Tips

Check your vibes

Your energy is the most important thing in any phenomenon, and it also applies to the way 33 × 3 appears. Only their positive affirmations are going through 33 written movements.

Time will not guarantee success if you are in the wrong mindset and dynamic vibration.

Remember, what you focus on spreads.

So, if you are in a low energy vibe and you feel needy or frustrated, it will not help you show something positive and wonderful like your partner or salary increase.

Clear Your Negative Energy

If you find yourself in a low-energy vibration, then take a break and start exercising 33 × 3 unless you are in a better mood.

Honestly – save your time and energy because it won’t work if your voice is low.

Go for a walk, do some yoga, listen to some music – whatever you like and enjoy will put you in a good mood. Once you feel well, come back to your writing and go again.

If you struggle to get rid of negative energy or often feel that way, you can achieve what Christy Marie Sheldon calls unconscious ‘blocks of abundance.’

Clear these blocks before moving on

Energy blocks will prevent you from expressing your desires.

You will not be able to enter into the right energetic vibration, and you will prevent good things from coming into your life with energy.

Don’t worry, though. Your apparent efforts will be fired on all cylinders at any time!

Focus on one thing at a time

And my last manifesto tip is to focus on a positive affirmation when doing the 33 × 3 manifestation method.

Please choose an item and then focus on it for the full three days needed to complete the process.

Once you’ve completed all three days, move on to the next positive affirmation.

But I suggest you don’t overlap them as it can deplete your energy and keep you focused on the goal you are trying to achieve.

So, with all of them, let’s get started!

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