Why Does Manifestation Take So Long? Why Manifestation Isn’t Working

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Why Does Manifestation Take So Long? Let’s get started.

So why isn’t your manifestation taking shape?

When spiritual newbies learn about the law of attraction, they are compelled to ask the age-old question. You’re on the same page, you’ve set your goal, and you and your girl, as well as the universe, fully comprehend each other.

Yet, there isn’t any evidence, nothing. There was no sign, not even a modest one.

Why Your Manifestation Isn’t Manifesting/Working

Salutations, universe. Isn’t it true that I’m the one who “feels the feelings” while you’re the one who “delivers the goods”?

So, why hasn’t the genie come out of the lamp yet?


You’d be right to anticipate it. It’s fairly unusual for manifestations to appear out of nowhere.

I’ve asked the universe for things before, and they’ve always shown up when my energy aligned with theirs. We hear stories about thousands of pounds appearing in bank accounts overnight or soulmates appearing in a coffee shop the same week.

But what about the ones that take a little longer to show up?

When will we learn more about them?

Why Does Manifestation Take So Long?

I attempted to bring things into my life, but I received silence.

To be exact, on several occasions. At the time, it was excruciatingly painful.

However, after years of successful and “failed” petitions to the universe, I began to detect energy shifts and changes in my approach to the process.

When people’s manifestations are denied, the first thing that comes to mind is that they must have done something incorrectly.

Perhaps they were being overly pessimistic. They aren’t displaying themselves forcefully enough.

The universe hasn’t heard them. Perhaps they don’t deserve what they’ve asked for.

But, honestly? Unless you’re trying to materialize anything to harm yourself or others, they aren’t the reasons your manifestation isn’t working.

Things I’ve discovered throughout the years:

You Don’t Have a True Sense of Alignment.

According to the law, to tune in with other high vibrations and live a joyful and bountiful life, we must raise our energy frequency. To do so, we must imagine how we would feel once our manifestations have developed.

Take, for example, the affection we’ll feel. It might also mean freedom, the delight.

Alternatively, the feeling of relief. Remember that you should produce for yourself, not for what you think others want for you.

I’ve seen clients try to manifest missing stones when they truly wanted self-acceptance and appreciation for their current bodies. They were under cultural pressure to have opposing viewpoints.

You’re clinging to life too tightly.

So you’re all set and can imagine how you’ll feel when your manifestation comes true.

It’s all you can think of right now.

What happened to the package from the universe? Desperate energy is the term for this type of energy. Holding on so firmly gives the universe a message that you don’t trust it.

Consider putting a dinner order in a restaurant and nervously waiting outside the kitchen because you don’t trust the chef to cook it.

Alternatively, you may be standing outside your door waiting for MyHermes to deliver your Amazon box since you don’t trust them.

You’re not being as specific as you should be

How can we be surprised if the universe fails to provide when she gives her vague instructions to the cosmos?

So you want to be wealthy, but what does money mean to you?

You can feel affluent if you win the Euro Millions. Not only does the clarity you have make it easier for your energies to align, but it also means that the signs and signals guiding you toward your manifestation are more clears.

When clients come to me for love counseling, we start by making a cosmic shopping list to get crystal clear on the qualities they want in a partner.

Personal and spiritual attributes include loyalty, wit, friendliness, desire to travel, desire to start a family, and so on, rather than physical characteristics.

We don’t put a lot of emphasis on physical characteristics because if you’re too focused on finding someone with black hair to enter your life, you can miss your soulmate if he has a head with no hair.

Wrong Time, Wrong Manifestation

It’s a cliche, but our manifestations don’t always work because we’re not in the right location at the right time in our lives to embrace them.

There are times when you think, “Thank God I didn’t get that job, or thank God I moved when I did,” Because the cosmos had the time planned all along, we didn’t realize it until it was too late.

I now fully believe in divine timing and trust that when my energy is in the right place, the right item will arrive at the right time.

Years ago, especially as I entered my 30s, I wondered if love would ever come.

This was before I began interested in spirituality in earnest. I imagined my experience to be comparable to that of the majority of my married and parenting friends.

However, knowing that the universe had a different plan in mind offered me peace of mind as I began to adopt a new way of thinking.

A better method suits my life and helps me take advantage of all of the fantastic chances I have in front of me as I approach my 36th birthday in two months. New love will emerge when the time is right.

Something better is on the way.


One of the most regular DMs I receive on social media is from people striving to build their dream home and supposedly failing. They see it, fall in love with it, and realize that’s exactly what they’ve been working on – only to be outbid.

But, do you know what occurs after that initial contact with me?

A follow-up communication informed me that the house was not their dream home, that they had found something better, and that their offer had been accepted. Something better was always lurking in the shadows, waiting to burst forth.

It’s easy to be duped into thinking, “Yes, this is it!” when something, someone, or an opportunity that appears to be our manifestation appears. It was a huge success!

When things don’t go according to plan, we get outraged and resentful of the universe.

However, this is only the beginning of the process. She’s warming you up by focusing on what you don’t want instead of what you do.

There’s something better on the way. While our glasses are steamed up with dissatisfaction over our manifestation not manifesting, it’s impossible to perceive that everything was working well all along.

Something better is on the way, I guarantee you. Wipe your spectacles to get ready to see the signage.

Why Is It Easier To Materialize “Little” Things Than It Is To Materialize “Large” Things?

In most cases, the solution is you. If the object you want is causing you annoyance, and you’re hyper-focused on the fact that you don’t have it yet, you’re creating a sense of desperation, lack, and living without the dream.

Gratitude for what you DO have should take precedence over focusing on what you lack. Also, don’t try to pass yourself off as someone you aren’t.

What makes you happy? If you’re stuck on ideas, do something you like that will make you feel good right now.

A long, steaming bath is in order. Billie Eilish is now on my playlist. It’s time to unwind on Netflix. Whatever. Do it with affection.

You are not required to remind the universe of your aspirations constantly. It is already conscious. You will raise your frequency and attract your ideal manifestation if you feel good.

In addition, to be clear. There are no “smaller” or “bigger” dimensions in the cosmos.

You and your ideas affix these labels to your manifestation. And when your resistance rises in size in your mind, it becomes “bigger.”

These “bigger” events, on the other hand, provide an opportunity to confront yourself, face your concerns, and demonstrate what matters most to you. So don’t be scared; march on!

Are You Keeping Your Intention For A Long Enough Time?

The universe is always working to supply you with what you want. Always.

If you don’t see results, it’s conceivable that you aren’t committing to your goal long enough.

Alternatively, your ideas on the subject are fuzzy or conflicting (I want that new job, but it may force me to work more hours).

I want to start dating again, but I’m worried it will shatter my heart. This will affect the way you materialize. You can take modest steps toward your Creation, but you won’t be able to enter it completely.

The matter is substantially less dense on other levels of reality, such as in your dreams. Therefore your thoughts may develop far more quickly,” argues Steve Pavlina. Similarly, your thoughts can manifest fast in the higher realms.

Consider the following scenario:

It will take less time for a factory to build a cup than it will take to make a vehicle.

In some cases, delivery timeframes may be longer due to the physical component. Greater energy and density are required for larger physical manifestations.

There is nothing too big for the cosmos and nothing too little for the universe. However, here is where the bulk of us go astray. However, this is usually when we lose our footing and patience and get estranged from the oneness, prolonging the delivery time.

You can’t produce alone; you need to collaborate with the entire universe. Keep in mind that you are the universe, that you are the universe, and that you are in the universe. It’s not a good idea to hurry things.

You must also connect with and experience the cosmos’ rhythm, as well as your own, to create as one with it. You’ll be aware of your manifestation as it approaches, and you’ll maintain your patience and faith in the process.

Continue the process, and it will materialize eventually, sometimes miraculously. Synchronicities can occur. New people and events appear in your life to assist you in achieving your objective.

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