Demonstration of Pillow Method Manifestation: The Definitive Guide

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This definitive guide will let you know how to do “Pillow Method Manifestation” effectively.

Please stick with us till the end; you’ll come to know a lot of interesting facts regarding this manifestation method.


Before going to the details of any method, it is necessary to know its basic facts.

The background of a term is necessary to be known before its explanation.

The word manifestation is not only a word; it is a proper phenomenon. Expression of something theoretical and spiritual as real is manifestation. Hence the origin of something becoming real in manifestation is just theoretical and spiritual.

This something existing in manifestation may be a physical thing, feeling, or an event to happen, etc. It covers all the life aspects of a person.

Methods of Manifestation

There exist a varying number of methods for manifesting something.

One can choose a method according to his will and wish. The Pillow Method of Manifestation is well-known, easy, and friendly among these widespread methods. One can practice this method to live a life of his desires.

Pillow Manifestation Method

It is the easiest and simplest method to perform. That’s why this method is widely used. Using this method, one can make life according to his desires.

This practice is quite friendly and helpful for beginners as it is not much complicated. The secret to this method’s success is its simplicity and easiness.

How does the Pillow Method Manifestation work?

One can perform this practice using a step-by-step guide that helps a beginner very much. Different experts in manifestation give different ideas. These ideas can be summarized as:

writing a desire on a piece of paper (2)

Pillow method manifestation
                              Place the piece of paper under your pillow for a specific no of days

Take a piece of paper and write your desire on it, i.e., make an affirmation.

Place that piece of paper under your pillow for a specific number of days. This should be the last thing you think about before visiting the valley of dreams.

After this, try to sink into your subconscious brain. Be relaxed and experience the Universe delivering your manifestation.

Pillow Manifestation Method (Step-By-Step Guide)

The pillow method manifestation can be explained in a step-by-step method for a beginner.

One can follow these steps to practice this easy and helpful method. Following these instructions, one can enjoy his desired life.

Step 1) Clarify your goal

Clarity is the prior thing while practicing manifestation. One should be clear about his desire. Anything of desire can be manifested by this method, but make it clear what will be. Clarity is the first condition to be fulfilled.

For example, if you desire a car, make it clear what its model should be, what its color should be, what its design should be, etc.

Stick to your desire first.

A vivid and vague idea can not help one’s mind to focus on a specific thing. There should be one specific desire or goal at a specific time. The desire may be from a very small physical thing to a big theoretical event.

Constance Lane Arnold says

Clarity helps in the further process of manifestation. You may take your time to adhere to your goal or desire.

It is necessary to start the manifestation process with a small desire and ask for something small while practicing for the first time for better results.

The secret to success in this process is your direction to the right energetic vibration. The quality of output absolutely depends on the quality of input. What you give, you will get back. So, your energy vibrations should be at a high level to manifest the best.

Step 2) Write your goal down

Using present tense sentences such as I think, I want, I am, etc., start writing your goal on a piece of paper. Something that makes you feel happy must be chosen. In your affirmations, add a timeframe. Write your goal clearly. Your statement must be positive like;

“Thank you, Universe for my new friend. He is a quite loving and caring person. I enjoy his company. He makes me feel special.”

The addition of gratitude in your script puts you in the right vibration. Your goal can be short or long according to your desire.

In short, the three major requirements are;

1) Write in the present tense.

2) Positively state your goal.

3) Include gratitude in your script.

Doing manifestation by having a piece of paper at her heart

Place this piece of paper under your pillow for a couple of days. You may also keep it at your heart while sleeping.

Try not to be rigid to the timeframe if you are trying for the first time.

Different people have different opinions regarding the timeframe.

Commonly it is said that 7 to 8 days are enough for your affirmation to your goal or script under your pillow. It is recommended to be focused on these days until manifestation comes true.

Step 3) Get ready for sleep

Once you have done with your affirmation-making, go to bed for a sound sleep. Make sure after going to bed you will not go to brush your teeth; you will not go to drink water etc.

Be relaxed and loosen your nerves.

Forget all the bad incidents of the day. Forget all worries and cheer up. Lay down in a comfortable position opening your palms that face up.

After this, close your eyes gently and take some deep breaths. This will help you in the manifestation.

Step 4) Gratitude

It helps to feel energetic vibration manifest. Getting yourself into the right energetic vibration is very important.

Jen Sincero says

So, make it possible to express your gratitude for everything that happened in your life or experienced that day. Gratitude is one of the best feelings. Spare a few minutes to think about good things that happen to you all day long. Express your gratitude to them.


Thank you for my ears that listen to sweet melodies.

Thank you for the delicious lunch that made my day etc.

Stick to this routine and repeat it in your timeframe to feel more genuine.

Step 5) Visualize your goal

Exercising Visualization To imprint your desires (2)

Exercising Visualization To imprint your desires

After concluding your gratitude exercise, start thinking about your goal.

Spend a few minutes to visualize your goal.

Sketch your goal in your mind by bringing your goal to life. Now feel how does it look like.

How do you feel?

What do you say?

What do you do? Etc.

Try to imagine your goal as if you have it now; to bring your goal to your life, use all of your senses. Make a sketch or imprint of your desired thing in your mind. Practice visualization 2-3 times for better results.

Step 6) Go to sleep

After practicing visualization, relax. Reserve your energy and let your body sink in the ocean of calmness. Go to sleep!

Start dreaming about your goal or desire. Then the magic of manifestation will start.

Make sure you do not have any trouble while sleeping, like an ailment, pain, etc.

There is no need to write your goal script again and again. However, it is very important to practice gratitude and visualization without any break every night. Until you start manifesting your goal or desire in your life, keep visualizing it.

Pillow method manifestation will work to live the life of your desire.

Other Resources to use in this Pillow Manifestation method

It would be best if you had a writing device, i.e., a piece of paper, for the preparation of your script in the pillow method. The magic of this method comes from you.

The use of resources for this method depends on your own choice.

What you feel is good to use is an important point. If you do not want to use a piece of paper for the preparation of the script, there are many other resources to practice this method.

These resources may bring good luck to you. They are just like a support system that enhances positive energy and strengthens your belief. Some of these resources include:

Crystals & Gemstones

manifestation via crystals and gemstones

They help in the manifestation as well as supporting ones’ entire mind, soul and health, etc. Using crystals in your daily routine may make you feel happy and positive.

One can incorporate gemstones or crystals into his routine during the practice of pillow method manifestation.

They protect and enhance your positive energy and lead to calmness, confidence, and clarity. It seems silly, but it is quite okay to enhance your positive energy vibrations by using these resources. It will not cause any harm or hurt.

One can keep crystals on his nightstand while going to bed after cleansing and charging.

One can use these crystals and gemstones according to his desire. Some of them with different purposes include:

1) Rose Quartz and Rhodonite is used for love.

2) Carnelian is used for creativity.

3) Green Jade, Aventurine are used for success.

5) Citrine and Pyrite are used for wealth.

4) Garnet and Bloodstone are used for health.

One has different choices according to his desire or goal.

Manifestation Oils

A blend of herbs and essential oils makes manifestation oils. These are specified for help in the manifestation of desires.

These oils are used in different ways to get desired results.

One can add a drop of manifestation oil to a piece of jewelry, a photograph or letter, or another object. If the product is safe to use, one can add its drop to his body. A drop of this oil can also be added to the script you have prepared on the piece of paper; after this, place that paper under the pillow.

The usage of manifestation oils helps in enhancing energy. So, one can feel more energetic, positive, and active after applying a manifestation oil. These oils may vary according to desire.

Also, learn

How does this method work?

When one sleeps, his body is relaxed. His physical activities are minimized.

But, his conscious, super-conscious and thoughts go and manifest through his dreams.

Hence, one can practice this method to manifest his goal quickly. While sleeping, the transition from beta/alpha brainwaves to more relaxed theta brainwaves is important. This aids in the manifestation process as one can program his unconscious mind with his own intentions and desires.

It is thought that we do not have the power to choose our dreams. In fact, it is a wrong notion that after going to bed, our dreams happen themselves.

It may be correct to some extent, but it is not a complete fact. We can direct our minds to focus on what we want to exist in our lives. This can be achieved by practicing some proactive steps before going to bed for a sound sleep.

Does this method really work?

Gabrielle Bernstein says

So, determination, faith, belief, and persistence are necessary to get the desired results. Pillow method manifestation has much power to charge your desire or goal with positive energy.

One can use this method to manifest anything, event, or desire. Your belief that this method will work is a necessary condition for the method’s success. If you do not believe and have suspects, you will not have positive energy. Hence, this method will not work. It is all about strong belief and determination.

This is a hundred percent working method, but remember, the conditions must be fulfilled to get the desired results.

Pillow method manifestation; Final thoughts:

Pillow method manifestation is one of those manifestation methods that are the most helpful to beginners. It is one of the simplest and the quickest methods to practice for manifestation. It can become part of one’s night-time routine.

One can start this method with a small goal. Over time, the belief grows, and one can ask something bigger to manifest. Develop your belief system and practice the Pillow method manifestation to live the life of your desire.

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