50+ Positive Affirmations For Periods

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Period affirmations are positive sayings that help you get through your periods a lot happier.

Periods are usually difficult for most ladies to handle; they involve emotional and physical changes.

Most persons experience cramps, bloating, mood swings, headaches, and so on while on their period.

However, you can make your period experiences more enjoyable with affirmations.

This article is for you if you experience periods pains or other period-related issues.

Let’s dive right into 50+ positive affirmations for periods!

Can Affirmations Heal Period Pain?

Can Affirmations Heal Period Pain

Affirmations are words, positive words precisely.

Words are very powerful; they can have both positive and negative effects; it all depends on the kind of words you speak.

Speaking positive words will yield positive outcomes.

When it comes to period pain, saying words of affirmation will help you scale through. Here are some benefits you stand to gain by speaking affirmative words;

  • You will feel less pain because you have spoken words to your mind, and your mind aligns with those words.
  • You can motivate yourself to still go about your day. Affirmative words help you push past your pain and still do the needful.
  • It helps you be more aware of yourself; that way, you control how you feel and don’t overreact.
  • Despite whatever discomfort you may be experiencing, it makes you want to smile. Period discomfort doesn’t have to spoil your day. You may put on a happy mood at this period by using affirmations.

Affirmations for Periods


Affirmations are very powerful; repeating affirmative words about your period can help you forget about the symptoms that come along with it.

The following affirmations might improve your mood while you’re on your period:

My emotions are within my control; I am not under the power of my emotions

When your period comes in, your emotions might be all over the place.

You might have mood swings that range from anger to depression. Constantly saying affirmative words helps you stay in check and remind you to take charge of your feelings.

I have a beautiful body; I love my body

Periods come with bodily changes, which usually affect ladies differently.

A common problem is dealing with acne.

Also, learn

You may not like the way you look because of acne.

Acne that comes with periods is usually temporal; it’s relieving to know this.

However, reminding yourself that your body is beautiful regardless can help you feel better.

Say these words frequently; “I am beautiful,” “I love my body, I love to be me.”

 I don’t experience pain; my periods are pain-free

Many ladies experience period pains, which can be a devastating time.

It gets so bad that daily activities are postponed due to period pains.

However, affirmations help; speaking these positive words allows you to move past how you feel.

I accept the fact that I am a woman

Women have many natural processes; you should understand that these processes are normal.

This fact’s acceptance would greatly benefit your mind.

Periods are natural for women and most symptoms that come with periods are completely normal.

Saying these words over and over enables you to accept your feminine nature.

I take responsibility for caring for myself

Recognize that your body is important no matter how you feel at the time.

Make time to nourish and care for your body.

Menstruation time can be devastating sometimes, but remember that self-care is essential. So put on a nice outfit, smile, and go about your day happily.

Affirmations for Regular Periods

Affirmations for Regular Periods

Having regular periods is a good thing; many people have a misconception that affirmations should only be said over negative things.

This is a completely wrong concept.

Even with a good period, you can still make affirmations.

It’s a way to tell the universe that you want the good situation to remain the way it is.

Here are some affirmations for regular periods;

  • My body is in good shape; my body is healed.
  • I do not have issues with my reproductive organs; they are in optimal health.
  • I always have regular periods.
  • I do not experience delays with my periods, every month; my period comes on time.
  • I am very grateful that my period is normal.
  • I am ovulating regularly every month.
  • I have balanced hormones.
  • I live in harmony with my cycle.
  • My period doesn’t affect my daily activities.
  • I have a cheerful look while on my period.

Affirmations for Irregular Periods

Affirmations for Irregular Periods

Periods usually occur in cycles; most persons have a cycle of 28 to 30 days.

However, Irregular periods are situations where your period doesn’t maintain a particular cycle.

This is a concern to a lot of women.

But affirmations help you keep a positive mindset while you seek medical attention.

Here are some encouraging statements you might make if your menstruation is irregular:

  • I do not experience irregular periods; my period maintains a particular cycle.
  • My hormones have no negative effect on my cycle.
  • I receive the energy to exercise regularly to have a regular cycle.
  • I can overcome irregular periods.
  • My body is healing; I am in perfect health condition.
  • I do not experience anxiety and depression due to irregular periods.
  • I maintain a happy state of mind regardless of what is going on.
  • I am patient with the processes my body takes me through.
  • I allow myself experience peace.

Affirmations to Start Period First

Preparation is a great way to overcome whatever obstacles may stand in your way.

Having a prepared heart even before your period helps you develop a thick skin to the discomfort that comes with it.

The following affirmations will get you prepared before your period starts;

  • I am not overwhelmed by my period.
  • I have good days while on my period.
  • I am nice to people while on my period.
  • I eat the appropriate diet before and during my period.
  • I am diligent with my exercises before and during my period.
  • I still have the energy to go about my daily activities while on my period
  • The changes I experience in my body during my period do not make me less beautiful.
  • I acknowledge that seeing my period is normal because I am a woman and enjoy every bit of it.
  • My periods maintain a cycle flow; I have no reason to fear.
  • I take proper care of myself while on my period.

Affirmations to Get Your Period

Several women experience delays with their periods, while others have to wait for a long time before they have their first periods.

If you fall under these categories, knowing that affirmations can help you will relieve you.

Constantly affirming these words help you keep a positive mindset until you get your desired results.

The following are affirmations to get periods;

  • There is nothing wrong with me; my body is in perfect condition.
  • I am not out of place for experiencing delays in getting my period.
  • My period will show up in no time, and I am equipped with all the tools I need to get my period.
  • I am patient now; I have a cheerful heart throughout my wait.
  • I overcome every obstacle that comes my way.
  • My wait to get my period is slowly coming to an end.
  • It’s okay to have to wait sometimes; all things work for my good regardless.
  • I am calm and still; I am at ease while I wait to get my period.
  • I am ready and willing to get my period.
  • I dare to begin, and I dare to go through the process of my period.

Affirmations for Period Pain

Affirmations for Period Pain 

Period pain is the reality of many ladies; this pain can range from mild to severe.

Most persons with severe period pain can’t go about their daily activities while on their period.

Period pain affirmations can help you overcome and work over period pains.

Here are some great affirmations to get rid of period cramps;

  • Period pains do not define me; I put up a good character regardless.
  • I have not limited my period pains but achieved all my daily goals.
  • I am easy on myself; I work at my own pace
  • I eat a healthy and balanced diet that helps reduce period pains
  • I engage in exercises that help relieve period pain.
  • I experience ease in my periods
  • It’s okay to express my pain
  • This pain will end; it won’t continue forever.
  • In spite of my pain, I choose to be cheerful.
  • I am graceful with myself
  • This pain makes me stronger.


Periods are normal and natural for women, and sometimes the pain is inevitable.

However, affirmations can help you overcome pain, mood swings, irregular periods, etc.

These affirmations also help you accept your feminine nature.

What are you waiting for?

Start affirming these words today?