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Divine Feminine Affirmations

What Is The Divine Feminine?

Looking at the phrase Divine Feminine, it comes to the mind that this is related to women. It is one of the biggest confusion regarding affirmations. It is observed and started that these affirmations are not limited to women only. These affirmations have a wide effect and impact on every human being. Hence, these divine feminine affirmations are found in each and every person, no matter male or female. 

In simple and significant words, divine feminine affirmations result from our thinking.

They exist in our minds.

Divine Feminine affirmations exist in our minds.

They make a part of our consciousness.

subconscious brain part

These are related to some of the quite important properties like receptivity, feeling, intuition, etc.

feelings (1)

feelings (2)

intuition (2)

intuition (1)

intuition (3)

Divine feminine affirmations make us taste the flavor of empowerment. 

empowerment (2)

empowerment (1)

The Difference with Masculine Energy:

There is an obvious difference between energy possessed resulting from divine feminine affirmations and masculine energy.

masculine energy

In simple words, the energy that relates to our actions, duties, power to do some work, achievements, etc., is called masculine energy.

This is how we can define masculine energy in simple words.

On the other hand, the result of divine feminine affirmations is feminine energy. This type of energy is significant regarding the process of healing and nurturing.


So, this feminine energy makes us able to nurture and recover. 

Qualities of the Divine Feminine:

When it comes to divine feminine energy, it must be clear that some divine feminine qualities exist.

The quality and quantity of these qualities are directly proportional to the strength of energy.

These qualities energize a person.

There is an interesting fact that I’m some religions people believe in goddesses system. They believe in them and their powers. They worship them as their spiritual leaders.

This system can be seen in India and Roman etc., most obviously.

Hence, the point is clear that there exists some spiritual connection regarding feminine energy.

Different religions present their powerful feminine characters as their goddesses.

This feminine energy has different names depending upon its existence in a different spiritual circle. For example, it is known as “shakti” in Hinduism.

The divine feminine has different moods and emotions may be depending on circumstances. It is thought that divine feminine is loving and supporting.

People think that the divine feminine knows how to love.

But, this fact can’t be neglected that some actions and circumstances can vanish this love and softness. The divine feminine can be fierce and angry.

Different outstanding qualities are entitled as divine feminine qualities. Some of these qualities are as follows;


Qualities of the Divine Feminine (1)

Wisdom and intelligence is the foremost and most important quality. This is thought that divine feminine must be wise enough to cope with all the situations.


Qualities of the Divine Feminine (9)

Kindness is a matchless quality. Kindness is the basis of goodness. Regarding the beauty and results of kindness, it is said that divine feminine must be kind.


Qualities of the Divine Feminine (8)

Being gentle is one of the top priorities regarding divine feminine qualities.


Qualities of the Divine Feminine (7)

Creativity is thought of as a God gifted quality. It may be a skill or talent. Being creative makes a person more strong and more energetic. So, divine feminine must be creative.


Qualities of the Divine Feminine (6)

Forgiveness is a divine quality. Forgiving someone for their sins or harmful actions is not quite easy for anyone. But, forgiving is one of the best qualities. So, divine feminine must be forgiving.


Qualities of the Divine Feminine (4)

Qualities of the Divine Feminine (3)

Being compassionate is supreme quality. The divine feminine must be compassionate to bear energy.


Qualities of the Divine Feminine (2)

Collaboration with others is a significant quality. The divine feminine must be collaborative and supportive.

Some other qualities include being heart-centered, accepting, sensual intuitive, etc.

Application of divine feminine affirmations:

In order to practice divine feminine affirmations, some preparatory steps must be followed before reaching the ultimate goal of affirmations.

It is clear above that some significant qualities must exist in a person to avail the benefits of divine feminine energy.

In order to practice these affirmations, one must be positive and persistently.

Negative thoughts and negative energies must be kept aside.

Negative thoughts and negative energies must be kept aside (2)

Negative thoughts and negative energies must be kept aside (1)

Negative thoughts and negative energies must be kept aside (3)

Negative thoughts and negative energies must be kept aside (4)

One must get rid of limiting beliefs and distracting ideas while starting this process.

The prime step is to be clear about your purpose, aim, or goal.

Once you become clear about your idea, it becomes easy to stick to that.

It would be best if you made inspirational affirmations.

There exist a lot of guidelines for anyone to practice divine feminine affirmations. In order to practice them, you must make them first. 

Important divine feminine affirmations:

There are a lot of affirmations to make and work on. One can make them according to his own choice and purpose. It would help if you affirmed that you are the best, a good, gifted person.

You must affirm that you are a naturally loving and caring person. You must believe that you have much positive energy with creative skills and abilities.

loving and caring person

It would help if you affirmed that you are hardworking, outstanding, and successful.

affirmed that you are hardworking

affirmed that you are successful

You must believe that you are a submissive, trustworthy, and respectable person.



respectable (2)

You must affirm that you are blessed and happy with your life.

love your live (1)

It would help if you believed that you are optimistic about having divine qualities.

It would help if you believed that you are pure and pious having generosity.


You must affirm that you are a cooperative and confident person.


You must own your femininity.

It would help if you believed that you are best in your dealings, relations, and social circle.

It would help if you affirmed that you are sacred.

It would be best if you affirmed that you are loyal and faithful naturally.

You must affirm that you love others without setting any condition.

You must be thankful to the Almighty for all the blessings.

It would help if you affirmed that you could enjoy every moment of your life with full energy.

You must affirm that you have a beautiful voice, face, and personality. It would be best if you affirmed that your thoughts are reasonable and logical.

You must affirm that you are a worthy and matchless person.


You must affirm that you are a balanced and centered person with balanced feminine energy.

You must affirm that you are attractive, sexy, and hot.

You must be able to honor your divine feminine.

You must affirm and imagine that you are flowing.

You must make sure that you are confident sexually.

It would help if you affirmed that you are powerful, valuable, and satisfied.

You must affirm that you are self-sufficient and need no help from others. It would help if you affirmed that you are compassionate, loveable, sensible, and sensitive.

You must own your feminine power confidently.

You must affirm that you have a magnetic, charismatic, attractive, and amazing body. It would be best if you affirmed that you are free, independent, daring, and bold.

It would help if you affirmed that you are a forgiving, humble, and down-to-earth person with amazing qualities. It would help if you affirmed that no one can manipulate and control you ever in any way.

These and such kinds of other affirmations are very important and positive that is considered divine feminine affirmations. One can add more and more affirmations to this list. One can also modify these affirmations according to his purpose. 

Step by Step guide to get Divine Feminine Energy by Affirmations:

You can enjoy feminine energy by practicing on these limited steps. These are quite significant regarding the success of the process.

Reclaim rest: 

This is a very important step in this guidebook. As we know that only the fittest can survive in this universe, hard work is much necessary to make our existence proper and permanent in the long run. The more we do our best, the more we get as a reward.

So, it is crystal clear that if you want to achieve more, you have to invest more and more.

But, working without any break is quite dangerous.

To avail of the benefits of feminine energy, it is necessary to avoid this behavior.

If you want to practice these affirmations, try to make yourself calm and cool.

Sometimes it is better to do nothing. Provide some rest and peace to your body and brain. 

Kaiser says;

“In the power of the pause, we can tap into the divine grace of the feminine.”

So, it is vital to make yourself peaceful.

You can complete this mission by having a break from routine work. You can sit in a dark corner of your bedroom silently. You can enjoy a few minutes’ breaks to make yourself happy and energetic. You can gain positive energy by avoiding any disturbance.

This will help you a lot to get your dream realized.

Embrace your sensuality: 

This is quite necessary to embrace your sensuality.

This is necessary to clear this point that there is an obvious difference between sensuality and sexuality.

One should not mix up these terms together.

Sensuality is, in fact, the result of self-love and self-care.

It refers to the terms associated with physical happiness. It deals with enjoyable panoramas.

It is about self-love and satisfaction. It deals with doing the work that makes you feel happy and satisfied. So, during this process, you should own your sensuality.

Kilkenny says:

“We can embrace it by getting in touch with the feeling side of things.” 

Do anything that makes you feel happy and overjoyed. You can apply your favorite perfume. You can taste your favorite meal. You can play your game. You can perform any action that makes you feel well. You can experience flavors, smells, etc.


It is quite helpful to write down your affirmations and revise them.

Revision and reflection before going within is an important step in order to enjoy feminine energy practice the writing of affirmations.

This practice will boost your feminine energy. There are many techniques to do this. This will also boost your creativity. This practice is vital for the success of the process. 

Practice self-love: 

Kaiser says,

“The ultimate way to embrace the divine feminine is to practice self-love.”

Self-love is an important divine feminine quality. Self-love provides positive energy. Self-love is comprised of self-compassion. Practice the revision of affirmations. Energize yourself by repeating your affirmations. 

Get in touch with your dreams: 

Imagination is key to persistence and positive energy. Dreaming out and realizing that dreams make a connection with the divine feminine. In fact, this reveals your inner thoughts of you. 

Kilkenny says:

“Dreams have a lot of symbolism that can connect with synchronicities and other things coming up with your life. Noticing that, being aware of that, and being present enough to connect to that falls into the category of the divine feminine.”

Incorporate more feminine energy in your space: 

Getting divine feminine energy becomes easy when we incorporate more and more energy in our space. Energy incorporation is a vital step in the process. 

Prioritize “me-time”: 

You must specify some time for yourself. Connection with yourself is very important to understand yourself. You can connect with yourself through mediation. You can also practice this through morning prayer. The afternoon nap is also an important medium. 

Tap into your intuition: 

one of the great ways to connect with the divine feminine is tapping into intuition. An obvious example of this intuition is mother’s intuition. It is all about finding yourself and finding yourself. You do not need to look outside.

Go within before acting: 

it is helpful to make your input more and more powerful to get your output. It is mentioned above to incorporate more divine feminine into your life. You can make a habit of going within and practicing. 

The practice of affirmations:

You can note your affirmations down. You can write them on paper. You can select any of them and try to learn them by heart. Make it your routine to revise them daily. You can also make a script of your affirmations and keep it with yourself. You can keep this script under your pillow. You can paste this script on the mirror. You can do anything to revise your affirmations. This all will give the work of reminder. Patience and persistence are a must.

While practicing, be persistent with positive feminine energy and wait for the results!

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