Best Baby Affirmations (57 Powerful Affirmations for Babies)

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This article will teach baby affirmations and give examples of effective affirmations you may use for your babies.

Affirmations make your baby’s journey and adaptation to the world easier.

Even when faced with challenging circumstances, using positive statements with your child helps you maintain a good perspective on life.

What Does Affirming a child mean 

Affirmation is a phrase of strong, uplifting words intended to inspire, challenge, and drive you to attain your greatest potential. These statements are the truths you tell yourself even when the situation suggests otherwise.

Similarly, affirming your child entails telling them things that are true about them even when it doesn’t seem like it. If your baby is experiencing an unfavorable condition, affirmations are the way to go if you truly want to see noticeable and long-lasting changes in your child.

Before confidently speaking words of affirmation to your child, you should first be a confident parent.

It takes a confident parent to say positive things about their child, so affirm yourself as your child’s best parent.

Are Affirmations Good For Babies 

Are Affirmations Good For Babies 

Affirmations are an excellent method to help your baby have a bright future.

According to studies, the more words you speak, the more real they become to you.

As a result, speaking positive affirmations to your infant early on helps them develop a positive mindset. It assists in wiring their brains in a positive direction, allowing children to build inner confidence early.

This implies that you should be deliberate and cautious in your words to your child.

Note that negative words spoken to your baby can manifest over time.

Because children learn through imitation, there is a good probability that they will develop the habit of uttering positive affirmations to themselves just as you have.

This way, you are assured that your child will develop a positive self-image, believe in their abilities, and will be able to deal with criticism from the world.

Do Affirmations Work For Babies


Babies, like all other humans, have unique obstacles.

Most babies experience delays in speaking, walking, and comprehending some concepts.

Even while in the womb, most kids face problems such as being in the wrong position or, in rare situations, suffering from an illness.

Speaking positive affirmations to them will assist them in changing any issue your kid is experiencing.

It can also ensure that your infant is not exposed to these conditions.

Positive affirmations are useful in promoting children’s well-being.

You can begin using affirmations for your baby as soon as you conceive.

Affirmations such as “my baby is healthy,” “I have my baby without complications,” “my baby walks at the proper time,” “my baby speaks at the right time,” and so on tell the universe what you want, and these words can become your baby’s reality.

So, whether you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or have recently had your baby, positive affirmations can help create the life you want for your baby.

How Do You Write Affirmations For Babies 

Affirmations for babies are a great method to express what you truly wish to see in your child.

Affirmations are simple to write, and baby affirmations are written in the same manner as any other sort of affirmation.

The following guides will assist you in writing the ideal affirmation statement for your baby.

What do you want to change?

This is most likely the first step to take before writing your affirmation.

You should target your affirmation to a specific area, especially if your baby has a condition you wish to change.

If you want your baby to display certain behaviors, now is a good time to think about it.

It would be beneficial if you constantly praised your children’s intelligence, bravery, fearlessness, attractiveness, or beauty.

Write your affirmation in the present tense.

When creating your affirmations, write and speak them as though they are happening. Use phrases such as “you are brave,” “you are loved,” and “you can be anything you want to be.”

This allows you to believe that the statement is true even though it is yet to be realized.

Make certain that your affirmation is realistic.

Ensure that your affirmation is centered on what is achievable.

Most times, affirmations are based on things you haven’t seen but want to see, so Imagine affirming that your child should be able to form a whole sentence before age one.

That’s absurd; instead, it is more realistic to say, “you speak at the appropriate time” or “you will not encounter delayed speaking.”

Even if the situation is negative, use positive phrases. 

If your child is having difficulty taking their first step, choose an affirmation that is the opposite of that circumstance.

Use affirmations such as “your feet are strong and healthy,” “taking your first step is easy,” “you are courageous,” and so on.

Say your affirmation emphatically.

It is not enough to say affirmations; you must repeat them as though you want this change to occur.

When accompanied by emotional weight, affirmations can be more effective.

As often as you can, say your affirmations aloud until they start to make sense to you.

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Positive Affirmations For Babies 

  1. My baby is secure and loved.
  2. I love my baby, and he reciprocates my feelings.
  3. My baby loves me.
  4. My baby is beautiful, bold, and smart.
  5. My child and I are both healthy and strong.
  6. Every day, my closeness and connection with my baby become stronger.
  7. My baby enjoys being cuddled by me.
  8. My baby is always cheerful.
  9. Mommy and Daddy love you.
  10. Jesus loves you, sweet baby.
  11. It is a blessing to have you.
  12. You make being a mother look so effortless.
  13. We are delighted that God picked us to be your parents.
  14. You shine so brightly in the world.
  15. You exude confidence and strength. You are courageous.
  16. You are our best treasure.

Daily Affirmations For Baby Boy

Daily Affirmations For Baby Boy

  1. Having you is the greatest gift; welcome aboard, son.
  2. Sweet boy, I love you.
  3. My son and I work together.
  4. We’d have a fantastic adventure together.
  5. You’ll be a tremendous and helpful son.
  6. Hello there, handsome; you are more than we expected.
  7. Our lives changed the instant you arrived.
  8. Because of you, my life has a lot more purpose.
  9. You make me a very happy mother.
  10. You are enough.
  11. You are special.
  12. You grow to be a responsible man.
  13. You follow the right friends
  14. You are adorable just the way you are.

Daily Affirmations For Baby Girl


  1. We are grateful to God for giving us you.
  2. I enjoy being your mother.
  3. You’re such a lovely little girl.
  4. The times I spend with you, my darling, are the best parts of my day.
  5. You’re in good hands; mummy and daddy are right here.
  6. You are a good influence on your peers.
  7. You are amazing.
  8. I love you, my adorable baby.
  9. I love you more every day.
  10. You have such a wonderful, caring heart.
  11. You are our miracle.
  12. In your current state, you are lovely.
  13. You are just what the world needs.
  14. This baby girl will make mama proud.

Affirmations For new moms

  1. I will make the best decisions for my baby.
  2. I know how to care for my baby.
  3. I am qualified to care for this child because I was divinely called and chosen to be their mother.
  4. I relax, and my baby follows suit.
  5. I believe in my intuition to do what is best for my baby.
  6. I am a caring and loving mother.
  7. With grace, gratitude, and a warm heart full of love, I welcome the task of parenting.
  8. I permit myself to appreciate this priceless time I spend with my baby.
  9. I was chosen to be the best mother to my baby.
  10. I always do what is best for both my baby and myself.
  11. Every day, my bond with my baby becomes stronger.

Affirmations For babies in the womb 

  1. I consider myself fortunate to be carrying this baby inside of me.
  2. I believe in my body’s ability to bring my baby into this world and the safety of my arms.
  3. Everything I need to care for my baby is already provided.
  4. I let go of my anxiety, tension, and fear of childbirth.
  5. I will have a healthy baby and safe birth.
  6. My baby is in an excellent position to enter the world safely and effortlessly.
  7. Each week brings me one step closer to meeting my bundle of happiness.
  8. My baby is becoming stronger and healthier!
  9. My baby and I are grateful for this amazing journey.
  10. My baby is regularly growing and will be born healthy, whole, safe, and on time.
  11. I am excited about meeting my child.
  12. My baby knows when and how to come forth.
  13. My love for my baby increases with each passing day.


Both born and unborn children can benefit from positive affirmations.

When you affirm your child, you are expressing your desires to the cosmos; over time, this could become the reality for your child.

Affirmations are crucial in raising a child who will demonstrate confidence in his or her abilities and have a positive mindset.

Some of the most powerful affirmations you may use with your child are those mentioned above. Why not begin encouraging your youngster right away?