How To Manifest a Specific Person (Manifest SP)

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This definitive guide will let you know how to manifest a specific person (Manifest sp) through Neville Goddard Techniques & Law of Assumption. Also, learn affirmations to manifest sp.

Stick with us till the end.

What is Manifestation

The word manifestation is a complete phenomenon itself. It is an expression of something theoretical and spiritual as real.

Hence the origin of something becoming real in manifestation is theoretical and spiritual. This something existing in manifestation may be a physical thing, feeling or event, etc. It can cover all the life aspects of a person. It is an amazing phenomenon.

SP Manifestation

As it is well known that anything can be manifested by assumption, a person can even manifest another person, i.e. specific person.

Through SP manifestation, one can assume a special person, a beloved one.

Compared with other things, like a job, car, etc. manifesting a specific person is quite easy and delightful. SP manifestation is all about dreaming about your special one.

Everything appearing, as a result, is created by your mind and sketched in your consciousness. Hence, it is possible and quite easy to manifest a specific person. It is not only a physical thing or event that can be manifested. You can manifest your beloved one, your specific person.

How to manifest SP


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Hence, manifesting SP is a game of consciousness. Strong imagination, positive energy, and affirmation are important ingredients in this regard. If you put these ingredients together, you will access them your way.

In short, one can make and stick to his affirmations to attract that specific person. To do this, the major affirmations must be;

  • Smile after taking a couple of deep breaths.
  • Recite and revise your affirmations about your specific person.
  • Store positive energy in your body by thinking, speaking and listening to positive things about your manifestation.
  • You can also write about your SP and your affirmations about him/her.

Affirmations to Manifest SP:

Strong belief is the key to success in manifestation. The belief is based on affirmations. Some significant affirmations help you to achieve your desired results.

One must have these simple and easy-to-develop affirmations in his/her life while practicing SP manifestation.

One must think he/she already has that specific person in his/her life. One must think that he/she is perfect and that SP is much interested in him/her. There is a wonderful bonding between him/her and SP. One must think that he/she is attractive, SP enjoys his/her company.

One must affirm that he/she has an outstanding relationship with SP and that SP loves him/her more than anything in this universe. One must feel that SP is constantly in touch with him/her. SP is texting and calling him/her. One must think and imagine that SP loves, respects, and praises him/her. SP makes sure to spare time for him/her. SP is possessive about him/her. SP prefers him/her over everyone. One must feel blessed and obliged. This feeling of gratitude ignites his/her soul and induces positive energy. One must think that his/her relation is strong with SP and is growing with time. One must think that he/she is pretty and precious to SP.

Hence, thinking positive and making strong affirmations is important.

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Manifest SP; Neville Goddard’s Guide:

Neville Goddard’s teachings are the best to adopt while practicing this process of SP manifestation as he is the founder of this phenomenon of manifestation. The key steps of his teachings can be summarized in a step-by-step guide as follows. This guide can help a beginner very much.

1) To make a Script:

To practice SP manifestation, one must make some preparations. These preparatory measures are vital to adopt. First of all, one must take a paper to write down his/her desires about SP. One may write the specificities of SP and his/her relations. One may note his/her affirmations on a paper. In this script, one should express his/her feelings and thoughts about SP and detail the present condition of his/her relationship with SP. One must be honest and straightforward in expressing his/her feelings about his/her SP and relationship with him/her.

2) Read and revise the script:

After preparing a script of thoughts and affirmations, one must read it repeatedly and make everything clear to himself/herself. There should not be any confusion, any vague or vivid expression.

One must observe his thoughts. After revision, there should be some ideal affirmations in the script that reflect the existence of an ideal relationship between the two.

3) Discard irrelevant thoughts:

One should cut extra and irrelevant things that are of no use and are not related to the script anymore.

One must be very clear about their SP, and all the questions should be clear. If one asks you about good things in your SP, you must be able to describe them. If one asks you to narrate the story of admiration, i.e. the admiring sentences and style of your SP, you must be able to satisfy him. Likewise, it would be best to satisfy yourself by answering all such questions. One must write these questions and answer them separately. Irrelevant and negative things should be discarded as soon as possible.

4) Construct scenes:

This is an interesting step as it is all about imagining and performing. You have to construct a scene consciously. That scene must show your feelings and thoughts about your SP and your relationship. This scene must be according to the script you have written first.

Off and on, allow your mind to imagine and play some scenes taking your SP as a lead act in it. Feel yourself with SP doing something like playing badminton, having a ride, enjoying tea, etc.

Create moments of your own choice and freely live in them. Feel the beauty of that fantastic moments and enjoy your life. One can practice this all before going to bed to sleep. One can imagine watching a romantic movie with SP and enjoying it. After concluding such kinds of scenes, one must express feelings of gratitude. This increases the quantity of positive energy for the next steps.

5) Practice:

It is a well-known fact that practice makes a man perfect, shows persistence. Repeat the necessary steps again and again until you achieve your goal. As you enjoy creating scenes at night, take your script during the daytime and rehearse it.

Read your affirmations and feel them.

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Manifesting SP is Easy and Natural:

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A desire can easily be an assumption. It is not difficult to assume a person is taking care of you and loving you. Assuming a Specific person is quite a fun and delightful experience. Neville says;

“The reason your life is the way it is right now, no matter how it is, it’s because you have assumed that it is.”

So be sure when you can change your assumptions, you can change your life. Manifesting SP depends on the quality and quantity of the feeling for that person you want to manifest. If one believes it is hard to manifest SP, he will fail in practicing this procedure. Your attachment and affection for SP are of great importance.

One must not think about hate, rejection, and negative things while practicing manifestation.

How to Manifest SP with the Law of Assumption:

One can easily manifest his/her SP by applying the Law of Assumption.

There is a need to understand the Law of Assumption, its requirements, steps, and value.

After having complete knowledge about the Law of Assumption, one can manifest SP by practicing it.

The basic idea is to assume that whom you want in your life is already in a relationship with you. It means you are applying the result in the beginning.

One can apply the Law of Assumption to manifest SP in three basic steps below.

1) Be Clear about What You Want to Manifest:

According to the Law of Assumption, be clear about your choice and desire. Sketch out your SP with all the desired qualities. Be clear about the type of person you want to manifest in your life. Also, answer the questions like why you want to manifest this kind of person in your life.

It becomes difficult to create a sketch of a person with desired qualities when there are many random ideas and thoughts in your mind.

You have to get rid of all worries and random thoughts, which can cause hindrance in the creation of your SP’s sketch. Hence, at very first, be clear about whom you want? Why do you want him/her? And such kinds of other questions.

Before starting the actual procedure, you take your time to clear your mind and be sure of the person you want to manifest, specific to a single idea or person, the key requirement of the process.

2) Recite Positive Affirmations for SP:

After making your choice obvious, move to this step.

The second step to manifesting your specific someone with the Law of Assumption is to recite affirmations for your specific person.

Hence, it is important to change your beliefs and make your thinking positive. Positive thinking provides positive energy to the mind to manifest the desired person.

Regarding the Law of Assumption, some affirmations are necessary, as are discussed above. Similarly, One must have an imagination that SP is calling me, SP is missing me, SP is coming to meet me, SP has bought a special gift for me, SP loves me, SP thinks about me every time, SP dreams about me to have a happy time with me, and SP wants to hug me, etc. One can add such affirmations to his/her script.

Make sure that you are not only affirming you are undergoing these circumstances. It is just possible because of strong imagination.

After setting your affirmations, try to revise them continuously. There must be no negative thought, disbelief, disappointment, and misconception while applying the Law of Assumption.

One must have a strong belief in his/her assumptions.

3) Assume SP Already Want You and Persist on that:

This is the third and last step to manifest SP while practicing the Law of Assumption. This is the most significant step of this all procedure. Here, you must assume that your SP is already with you in a very good relationship. This will lead you to success.

Just assume that your desire is fulfilled and you live the life after its completion.

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A complete step-by-step guide to manifest SP in two ways is given above. One can manifest his/her Specific Person quite easily now.

There must be a question does this idea work?

The answer to this question is, yes, this idea works, but the strict condition is that you must have a strong belief, imagination, and energy to manifest your SP.

You must be clear about your choice, your desire, i.e. your SP, the qualities you want, the type of relationship, the strength of the relationship, and the depth of your feelings. Believe in yourself and manifest your SP!

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